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Magickal Items

Additional testimonials appear on specific course pages on my website or on my Aziz Shamanism School of Magick online school.


Ultimate Healing Course

“At a time when so many workshops on offer prove to be
insubstantial ‘fluff’, for me, the Ultimate Healing Course actually
delivered even more than it promised, both in terms of healing
therapy and new understanding.

Pretty well all of us are carrying some sort of negative emotional issue – often unknowingly and sometimes larger than we had thought – originating from the ordinary rough and tumble of life, inherited genetically, or from past life events. For those on a spiritual path, there comes a point where a considerable amount
of purification and ‘Knowing Thyself’ is crucial in order to proceed
to the higher or deeper levels of our magical or therapeutic practice effectively and safely.
The Ultimate Healing Course system provided me with this, helping to both identify and transmute the roots of negative emotional patterns which were potentially harmful, as well as providing new perceptions into the workings of human consciousness and the inner worlds.”

Susan from Bournemouth, Dorset

“The summer Ultimate Healing course was the first time I met Peter. I had been wanting to continue my shamanic studies for some time and had been hearing rave reviews about Peter and his work. As we all sat round listening to Peter’s introduction, I found myself crying with gratitude to have met such an amazing, powerful and compassionate healer. I also felt huge relief that my close friend who had just been given a terminal diagnosis would be joining us the next day.

The course surpassed my wildest expectations and prompted me to continue my studies with Peter for the next 3 years. My friend also found the work hugely beneficial and credits Peter and his work as having a major influence on her complete healing.”

S.P. Bristol, UK

Magick – The Faery & Dragon Path

I met Peter Aziz several years ago when my Mother came to him for a healing. Luckily for me she wanted me present during her session and what I experienced blew me away. At that point I already worked with various healing modalities and not only gave sessions but taught others as well, so my aim was to incorporate what I would learn with him into my already fairly formidable arsenal of healing tools. To that end I embarked on his Shamanic studies program.

From the outset it changed me. I started with the aim of helping others but in the process discovered my own woundings and sickness. The techniques I learnt in the first year totally revolutionized my work and put me firmly on the road towards my own reclamation and healing.

The Dragon and Faerie course was incredible – the day that I underworld journeyed with a fellow student and we played tag in each other’s underworlds, with our experiences correlating perfectly when we both came out of trance, will forever stay as a marker in my mind as how real these otherworlds actually are. Using these techniques I helped many of my clients uncover the roots of deep debilitating disorders that were rooted in past experiences that I discovered through journeying with them.

The runic energies and point holding from the first year I use regularly, to create virtual miracles at times, and using the indigenous Magickal allies of our Land, the Dragon and the Fey, have totally and utterly changed everything I do and how I interact with the world.

I would more than recommend this work to anyone in the healing fields or anyone who is looking to work with energy in any way. The potential within this material is breathtaking – thank you Peter for facilitating such life changing work!

S C Devon, UK

After a shamanic session in Glastonbury I was given a copy of South West connection and chose Peter Aziz course Ultimate healing year followed by a year of Magick….WOW Peter truly is without EGO and gives selflessly to his students. Heart mind connected and truly walks 1 foot on this world and 1 in another…the Faery aspect and initiation was life changing. That was nearly 25 years ago I still regularly sit by a tree and merge within it. Rise through the trunk branches stems and leaves and drop out in a droplet in the feary realm. My Faery friend is always waiting for me…and I always look forward to sleeping in the bed he made for me with a flyagarick mushroom hanging over me…The Dragon side equally life changing but you have to EXPERIENCE it to understand…I have been blessed with some great teachers in my time but the ONE that stands out will all WAYS be Peter..another 2 years followed 4 in total training. The personal lessons and knowledge I gained made me the woman I am today…Thank you Peter

Jackie from Malaga Spain xx

Peter’s Work Generally

The Shaman instruction that Peter provides is second to none. I have trained with some of the most renowned Shamanic Teachers in the United States. They have been good but do not give the complete depth of training that I have received under Peter’s guidance during his course work. He does not sugar coat anything. You will face things inside yourself that will make you a stronger and better shaman. I have nothing but respect and admiration for Peter’s magickal skills and abilities which come through strong in his teachings.


“I’ve been searching really actively for knowledge for 4-5 years (in this life 🙂 ), before that I was just reading and praying for years. I did a lot of courses where I met teachers and shamans from Italy, Peru, Siberia etc. They all were, and are, wonderful, caring people that helped me, taught me, gave me joy and showed me their own beautiful way of living. I am very grateful to them.

Then, last year I met you, Peter!!! You are Shaman that “makes a difference”, do instant healing (not giving just techniques that need time to be effective) you journey between the worlds and you are connected with Gods! You do magic and are teaching others in a great and easy way! You are a Shaman like I always felt shamans should be! You showed me what real, I think unconditional, love is and what it means to really care about others. I also felt a real joy which comes from you that I became contained within. I think that just by being with you for a week my life changed.  Also with the teachings (not just by healing) on a course we did in Holland, and from your website, I am changed a lot. I grow. Right now the world has a totally different frequency, smell and taste… Thank you.”

Vladan, Italy

I received my first distant healing session from Peter 13 years ago. I had not met him in person, but was amazed to see him on the astral and facilitate in a healing session to remove any blocks at that moment. The energy was so powerful, I could release a lot of old emotions. I was intrigued and kept on studying with him , reading the vast amount of articles on his blog and attended the first body electronics in 2010. For me Peter is a great example on how to live and work with integrity in shamanism. Although I judge myself often, he never does and that truly touches me and creates openings for healing on deeper levels.

I have worked with many shamans, mentors, teachers, but never have I met someone like Peter who is so skilled at what he does and offers and who wants to give others the tools to improve their quality of life…and it is not that he does it for you, but he facilitates and helps you pointing the finger to those places that you have not seen yet…or suppressed so that you can learn to take responsibility for ALL the things happening in your life ……besides that he offers empowerments that are beyond comprehension but work effectively to help you move through any obstacles. It happens often in healing circles or schools in shamanism that one looks up to a teacher or a shaman and in a way gives their power away , but he is the only one that I have come across that does not walk away with it, but gives it back to you straightaway. He is an example for me also not to take myself too seriously as humor and playfulness you will always find in his workshops.

Gwen, 47, teacher, The Netherlands

Peter Aziz is more than a regular shaman, he is truly a miracle worker, I came to him with huge problems, being tormented by evil spirits, curses, and negative entities, I was being tormented so badly I couldn’t work and peter worked with me for free sending me empowerments, and koramah kabah to destroy the evil that was tormenting me. I can truly say that I am able to work because of the sessions from peter, he is able to handle more than most shamans, and brings miracles into each session. I truly want to thank him for saving my life! if you are in any need at all, I would HIGHLY recommend peter for a long distance session, it will truly amaze you.


Your Nur Quadrat Rizki Semesta empowerment is amazing. I just got
hired to my dream job just this past thursday and can’t believe that I
got the job.I have always wanted this job but was elusive. Thank you
so much and to the Holy Spirit as well.


“I met Peter in February 2011 in Amsterdam.  I’m very happy about that. Since that time my life is totally changed. Peter protected me against black magic, later on he taught me how to protect myself and others against black magic.

Peter taught me since February 2011 and lead me to my full potential. I know what my mission is. All obstacles I met on the way to my full potential, he healed them or taught me what to do to get rid of them. He gave me insight in former lives. He taught me how to heal my clients and how to pass on attunements and giving people protection. All this you can learn in his courses. Every course, whether it is Abundance, Protection, Underworld journeying, everything helped me to grow to my full potential!! Peter made it possible for me to have a very close connection to the Creator.

I would like to learn much more from Peter and I can recommend him to you all. Thank you so much Peter!!”

Gerry Ubels, Executive Intuitive Coach, The Netherlands

Have worked with Peter in person , remotely , read articles and his books. Strongly recommend his work for personal growth and  esoteric learning.

Rachel, 41, Artist/Therapist/Parent, Bath, UK

Why chose Peter?  You are the most compassionate, powerful, wise and pure teacher I have ever met!  On countless occasions whenever I had a problem, I turned to you; you have instantly seen the root cause of every issue, with a few simple words, speaking the truth. You are a force of nature with a heart of gold, in your presence all pain quickly comes to the surface to be released, you have exposed all the false identities and the corruption with down to earth, no bullshit, humorous, core-splitting honesty of a true master!

You have helped me heal my body from the damage of chauvinistic abuse and entropy, and awakened far greater love and connectedness to my real self..  It is this endless discovery of pure communion with all of nature and spiritual allies, that for me is unparalleled in its power to heal every wound and fill every lack. I feel so blessed that you are my teacher as you tirelessly guide humanity on a clear path of reclamation of true spiritual power. To me this work is the deepest spirituality of our time.

Miriam, 47, Healer, UK

Shamanic Healing Sessions

Since July last year I have been getting distance shamanic healing from Peter. The first few sessions he removed psychic parasites from my energy field, which had me feeling more lighter and brighter within myself. Then he moved on to clearing my chakras and I got the chakra attunement which made everything around me again seem brighter, more colourful and I had more energy. I remember looking around wondering why everything seemed more magnified and realised the attunment had kicked in.

After each session with Peter more stuff would rise to the surface that needed to be healed. So the shamanic healing went deeper and deeper with each session. Slowly revealing each layer in me that now called to be healed! Recently he worked on my lower chakras that have been damaged by childhood sexual assault. They were completely stagnate and weakened as my personal power and boundaries had been violated at a young age. Thanks to Peter they are now a lot stronger and I have been doing further healing/inner work to move on from the abuse. I no longer confuse sex with pain and hold the animosity i had towards men.

The last session I had with Peter he healed holes in my auric field that were being used as a way in for psychic attacks by jinn, which I had also had a problem with from a young age. I have not been attacked since and have no worries I will be again. Each time I receive a healing session I can feel his energy pulsating through my body! He has helped me more then he knows and I consider him to be a vital part in my healing journey. I have recommended him to friends and anyone open to shamanic healing and few of my friends have also got healing session from Peter :D!

Demi, 29, London UK

I have only known Peter for a bit more than a year, after casually discovering his work online. I was immediately struck by  the power of an exercise he was presenting, addressing personal blockages in relationships. At that time I was doing an online workshop with another mentor but I decided to let it go and pursue Peter’s teaching instead.
After reading his articles on his website, I asked him for a remote healing and I was not disappointed: I had never experienced anything so powerful and immediate! At first the effect was not a positive one, but he reassured me that it was a normal reaction to the clearing and it would soon pass, which it did. As an ME sufferer, my level of energy and muscle tone is very low but the day after the healing I felt and incredible relief, strength and vitality coming back to me. He explained what had happened: the clearing was in relation to my parents and laws I had made. It all made sense, and it was quite revelatory!

I have had a few more remote healing sessions with Peter and took different online courses which helped to progress and empower me further. The most astonishing one, for me, was the removal of an entity from my head. I had thought it had actually been removed a long time ago but the previous healer had left roots in, and it had regrown! This was very destructive and impacted on my ability to function. The change in me was noticed straight away by my friend and acquaintances.

Before meeting Peter, I was not new to shamanism, and I had worked with different practitioners but, according to my experience, Peter’s teaching and healing capabilities are on a different level!
In my view, many are his qualities: an incredibly vast and deep spiritual knowledge matched by an authentic passion for the Truth; desire to help and empower his fellow humans; clarity and simplicity in presenting his wisdom; honesty and integrity in action; a rare availability and generosity; originality in his approach…

As a result of working with Peter, I regained a lot of my health back, and know that the reason I am not completely healed yet is for causes that I have understood and am currently working with.
It’s always an inspiration to hear his monthly lectures and Q&A, which never fail to provide me with renewed  determination and willpower to persevere on the journey.
I have personally gained a lot in meeting Peter, am tremendously grateful and would not hesitate to recommend him.

Elisabetta M, 66, UK

Hi Peter,

What a fabulous article, [re Miracles Beyond Your Imagination] there seems to be a new eloquence and power flowing through your writing…as you express these truths.

I am due to thank you once again for enabling me to reach such abundance of miraculous experiences in my own life this year, and also that of my grandchildren.

Your teaching and healings given have brought me back to health and renewed life, and my understanding and empathy with all things has re-established itself again, from the places where it had been so lost. My 13 year old granddaughter’s life is greatly changed since you gave her a distant healing… the chains from historical, familial and societal slavery are now broken with all sorts of magical events occurring in the life of her Jamaican and St Lucian grandparents, which has affected her profoundly.

It is interesting to me that both she and her Mum experience the same ‘opening’ when you bring healing to them – A white lightening flash, then into a swirling vortex. My granddaughter came to a golden gate through which many multi-coloured geckos were coming and going busy with the gate, whereupon she found an enormous great Lion asleep with his head gently resting on his paws… and more, from which she has taken strength. Also her younger brother who’s Dad has been such a pain, is freer now and growing in the light, since you stopped his Dad being abusive to him.

Thank you for all, (too much to blah, blah in an email) apart from that I am integrating Makuto Nogososro well, and have synthesised my experiences from the wild time spent in the Pyrenees hills with the wild and beautiful beasties. Living without my customary ‘fear’ is delicious, thank you for shifting it.

With love, P


Khodam attunement
I have always seemed to be a target for psychic attacks by jinn since a young age. Being born a medium I’m used to seeing all kinds of spirits. Jinn tended to attack my throat chakra and solar plexus. Recently after becoming more aware of them I know when they are attacking. It seemed each time I was about to spiritually level up I would be targeted. After Peter healed the holes in my auric field which they were using as a way in, he recommended the khodam attunement as further protection.

After getting the attunement and reciting the mantra that comes with it, my body went into a healing crisis as the khodam merged with my energy field. I’m a fan of healing crisis as I know I am going through a transformation. I now feel more spiritually protected and had a dream last night in which I was being shot at by enemies but they were baffled as to why their bullets kept missing me, in this dream I intuitively knew it was the khodam. I took it as a sign it has now fully merged with me. My intuition has heightened since the attunement and I have noticed it is not allowing me to dismiss myself as I have done since a child after being ridiculed by family for my clairvoyance.

Demi, 29, London UK

Work with magickal items

Tree Spirit Necklace

At regular times my paralysed mother was fearful, in panic and disorientated during the night and sometimes I had strongly the impression that she was possessed by an entity or some other thing because she acted as if she was a other person; correction: “she didn’t act, at these moments she was another person!”

We tried different kind of therapies to help her but none really worked.

Than I ordered a “tree spirit necklace with Khodam” from Peter Aziz and … yes, after carrying this necklace for a few weeks her behaviour changed completely. Now, at night she is calm, sleeps very well and she does not have these strange changes of personality, even things that irritated her before during the day have much less impact on her now.

Thank you Peter this really is healing, healing on another level.

D B, 46, Belgium

Breast Growth Potion

I am one of these lucky women who has always had nice firm breasts, however as I approached forty they weren’t quite as perky and full as they once were. As a lover of all things natural, I abhor the idea of surgery, drugs or chemicals, and although exercise had done a wonderful job it wasn’t enough. However although I may be a natural kind of a girl, I don’t see why nipples around my waist should have to come with the territory so was determined to find a solution!

The first solution I tried was an oil infused with the herb Motherwort and charged with a growth spell. For a month, morning and evening, I persuaded my ‘poor hard done by’ partner to massage it in for for me… The result was wonderful. The skin and muscle tone became younger and they definitely became perkier. But I wanted something more.

At a C cup my breasts were reasonable enough, but I had a yearning for something a little more seductive and womanly, so, I tried the Breast Growth potion. All I can say is WOW! I took it for a month, in fact I still have about a third of the bottle left. In that time I grew a full cup size, full, perky and absolutely painless! I was delighted. However, it didn’t stop there. 18 months later I have just had a fitting. They actually increased by 2 sizes, however are in total keeping with me. I have had people comment (close friends) and others actually try the potion themselves, just on the basis of the effect it had on me. I feel sexy, womanly and YOUTHFUL, which is what started my experiment in the first place.

All I can say is’ Thank you Peter!’ for this wonderful, safe option.

S C Devon, UK

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  1. Divine Pearl Empowerment

    Peter has really helped me in the past, and I really wanted to get the Divine Pearl Empowerment. I have to say that about after a day, I am noticing a huge difference in my life. Thank you so very much Peter!

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