Spreading my Work

Spreading My Work

Hi everyone

Spreading my WorkI’d like to ask for a little help in spreading my work. Most important at the moment are testimonials. Anyone who has done any of my courses, I would really like to have some testimonials about your experience of them. You could also help by sharing my information with friends. And of course another way is just to tell people about me and the effect working with me has had on you.

Sharing my information

You could do this to a group of people e.g. Facebook Friends or you might prefer to do this person by person to people you think might be interested in the content. It’s more effective if you can also add a few words of your own as introduction/comment – perhaps about your own experience with me. Here are some suggestions.

My emails:

I generally send out a mailshot/newsletter by email once or twice a month. You could forward this to a friend and also suggest they go to this link to sign up for future newsletters and to get my free audio course “Take Back Your Power”. Pretty much everyone would benefit from this course.

My articles/blogs:

The best way is to Facebook Share (instead of or in addition to Liking) the post on the blog itself – though it’s also helpful if you Share, Like & Comment on the FB post linking to the blog too.

N.B. When you click the FB Share icon, you can choose if you want to share the post on your own timeline, in a group, on one of your FB pages or individually to selected FB Friends.

You can also share my blog posts using the other Share icons at the bottom of my blogs e.g. Tweet, LinkedIn, Google+ or Email them to a friend. Or you can simply post a link to my blog (copy the address at the top e.g. https://www.azizshamanism.com/are-fairies-real/ anywhere you like where it will get seen!

It’s helpful if you can leave a comment or ask a question in the Comments on my blog. This also encourages other people to interact.

My Facebook Page

The most effective way is to Share the post using the Share link below the post. Also helpful is to add a comment and Like the post.

Affiliate Programme for my Online Courses

Earn an affiliate commission by recommending and sharing selected courses on my online Aziz Shamanism School of Magick. Learn more and apply for my Affiliate Programme here.

Other Ways

You can also connect with me and share my content on:

Writing a Testimonial

This is really valuable for me and helps build trust for people who would benefit from my help but who might be nervous about seeing a shaman or for people wanting to train in shamanism but are rightfully cautious about picking the right person to train with.

I have a few testimonials here and a few on individual course pages on my website but could really do with some more. You could write a general testimonial or one specific to a particular training, workshop, empowerment, healing session or magickal item. It could be one or two lines or several paragraphs.

What is helpful is if you give some indication of the issue you came with and the changes you noticed through working with me. It’s best if you don’t mention any physical illnesses specifically as the advertising standards authority can create problems about this.

Please give your testimonial here let me know how you would like to be credited.
Best is first name, profession, age, city, country. If you prefer not to give your name, your initials could be used instead, or alternatively you could leave out other details or be completely anonymous with no name or other details given.

Thanks for your help in letting people know about my work.


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  1. Is your book “Working with Tree Spirits in Shamanic Healing” still available. I am trying to purchase one and cannot find a reasonably priced one. Available at Amazon
    “Working with Tree Spirits in Shamanic Healing
    4.7 out of 5 stars (2) Reviews
    Format Paperback
    $ 113 77 “

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