Shamanic Healing with Suchi-karma

fine gold needles used in Suchi-karma shamanic healing

Suchi-karma is a form of shamanic healing and is the fore-runner of acupuncture, which originally developed in Northern India. It concentrates far more on the generation of divine energy, than merely knowing a set of points. Chinese doctors will also agree that the effectiveness of treatment is dependent on the strength and quality of the doctor’s chi, and a good Chinese doctor prides himself more on how long he has been meditating than on how long he has been practicing acupuncture.

In Suchi-karma, the practitioner must go through many years of purification and spiritual development. Intense Sadhana’s are performed so that divine energies can be generated and used in healing.

Fine gold needles are used, and highly charged through spiritual ceremony, or a special wooden wand containing a powerful tree spirit. During treatment, appropriate vedic chants are used according to the cause of the patients problems. This transmutes all negative energies and karma at a very deep level. This makes healing more profound and permanent.

Cost: £45 for an hour

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