Remote Healing

Black & white drawing of owl in a tree logo for remote healingRemote healing is also known as absent or distant healing. Much of a standard Shamanic Healing session can also be done remotely via a photograph. This is ideal if it is not practical for you to visit me for a session – for instance due to geographical location or you are too unwell to travel.

How a Remote Healing Session Works

Since spiritual powers operate beyond time and space, healing can be done at a distance as effectively as in person. During the session, you lie still, as you would if receiving healing in person, while I connect with you via the astral plane. All energy healing, exorcism, soul retrieval and other metaphysical work are effective through this method. You will feel energy shifting in your body, and may go very sleepy as your unconscious is changing. During this healing I will look into your unconscious and subconscious minds, where I will be able to find limiting beliefs, laws, contracts, attachments, entities etc. All these problems can be released and healed from a distance.

N.B. All of the Empowerments that I give can and generally are given from a distance. Some of these may be suitable to help restore you to health at all levels – I will be able to advise you which particular ones may be of most benefit to you.

Please contact me to arrange your healing session.

Cost: £50 for an hour

One thought on “Remote Healing”

  1. Hi Peter,
    I have just ordered two remote healing sessions, one for me and one for my mom.
    My mom’s email is:
    I shall tell her to expect a message from her. She is having surgery on her ankle on Thursday to correct previous errors made on her broken ankle.
    For me, it is just general, but I was particularly triggered to contact you regarding getting my dreaming going (Perhaps a dreaming orb would be good..). (I’d like to see the quality of my connection to Intent too perhaps). I haven’t really been dreaming for 10 years. Prior to this I used to dream regularly. I follow the teachings of Don Juan (Castaneda) and have done so for nearly 20 years. I do a lot of yoga. So, that’s me in a nutshell. Nevertheless, I shall be happy with whatever you find as I don’t really need. I just would really appreciate your input. Look forward to hearing from you. Regards
    Joanne Clifford

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