Shaman Books by Peter Aziz

shaman book - Shamanic Healing by Peter Aziz

Working with Tree Spirits in Shamanic Healing

A practical guide to developing your Shamanic powers, which will teach you to communicate with Tree Spirits, Plant Spirits, Animal Allies and Spirit Guides, develop your clairvoyance and healing abilities and to see the cause of health problems, so that you can heal mentally, emotionally and physically. It is based on a system of Thirteen Sacred Trees that act as initiators and guideposts on our path to power. A powerful shamanic book to start you on your shamanic journey.

Paperback: 139 pages (illustrated)
Publisher: Points Press (1994)
ISBN: 0 9524358-0-2

Price: £7.95

Spiritual Allies from the Plant Kingdom

A flower essence book with a difference. Peter Aziz describes how the Shaman works with plant spirits to produce powerful shamanic healing and transformation. This is an in-depth guide to the spiritual power of plants and how to gain their co-operation and is drawn from a tradition that has not previously been published. With 32 colour photos.

Paperback: 96 pages (illustrated)
Publisher: Points Press (1997)
ISBN: 0 9524358-1-0

Price: £12.95

Ultimate Healing Handbook - Part 1Ultimate Healing Handbook Part 1

A free e-book that explains how emotions are crystallized into the body, and how they cause various types of disease. It has plenty of practical information on the chakras, genetic templates, and gives advice on how to release the stored emotions and thought patterns to heal physically, emotionally and mentally. This is the handbook for my Body Electronics – Ultimate Healing Course.
A fuller version is published by Silversnur in Germany – see below.

Click Here to Download the free e-book

Click here to Download the free e-book in German

Pointholding - Die Neue Heil Methode

Pointholding – Die Neue Heil Methode (in German)

My Ultimate Healing Handbook in German is available on Amazon in Germany and the UK. A limited supply is also available from me – please contact me. This is the handbook for my Body Electronics – Ultimate Healing Course.

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