If you are interested in the themes of Aziz Shamanism, you may be interested in these sites too:

The VODOU Page
My initiator in Haitian Vodou. Arranges genuine Vodou services from high-ranking Houngans and Mambos in Haiti.

The Naked Shaman
Another serious Aghora like myself, offers training in the mysteries of Kali.

Rainforest Herbs
Really pure high quality herbal medicines straight from the rainforest.

The Foundation for Shamanic Studies
Michael Harner’s site. A good resource.

Sacred Hoop
UK’s first Shamanism magazine.

Shaman Portal
Comprehensive international shamanism forum.

Island of Salvation Botanica
Another highly recommended Vodou priestess

Astral Magick
One of my associates on Java gives access to the services of high-level Javanese adepts.


Note: these links are for interest only, and I do not necessarily agree with any content of these sites, and bear no liability for any of their content.

2 thoughts on “Links”

  1. Hello, Peter,

    Hello, Sir,

    Some years ago my aunt (Barbara_C) recommended trying distance work with you, which was appreciated.

    Hmmm. Clicking the provided link for the Vodou page (Roots Without End) seemed incorrectly to connect with a rather unsavoury sort of website. Another of the links did not work, too.

    May good energy flow properly through life if not weblinks!

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