Shamanic Community Power

If you would like to join in our regular global linkups, which use magick and shamanic healing techniques to help accelerate positive global changes, send me an email.

I recommend that you read my article Alignment: Light vs Dark which gives some background on why it’s important to work together to co-create our world rather than fall prey to apathy and despondence as we witness the destruction on and of our planet.

Please see also my other articles under Sacred Activism for more on how we can work together magickally and shamanically to combat corruption and other evils.

You might also be interested in developing your magickal powers with the help of various Distant Empowerments or by joining my Magick Course.

The best place to start is signing up for my free Take Back Your Power course which includes an audio file of a guided meditation. Check out also my Underworld Journeying e-course which helps you get started with shamanic journeying if you don’t have prior experience with this.

Free Distant Empowerments

I occasionally offer free global distant empowerments such as the Karomah Kabah. Check my Calendar for the next dates. Please make sure you have signed up to my general mailing list where you will be notified of future free empowerments and will also receive the Take Back Your Power course.

The Karomah Kabah is the most destructive of Islamic powers, and you will be able to work with others in the group distantly to destroy the forces of corruption in the world. It takes 4 hours to do this empowerment, so I don’t do it very often, and it is free of charge. If you want to join in, email me with Karomah Kabah as the subject line, and I will contact you with further instructions when we are all ready. This empowerment will be given in April 2020. For those of you already initiated, I will email you about further group meditation sessions.

The Virus Inhibitor Field is an energetic field that will bond with the human energy field to inhibit the transformation of bacteria into harmful viruses. It’s a kind of upgrade to our immune systems. Anyone interested, please email me, and once I have a list I will set a time for this group attunement.

If you would like to help spread my work – for example by sharing my links on Facebook and other social media or by writing a testimonial, please click here for some suggestions.

Thanks for joining Shamanic Community Power.


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