Spiritual Flower Essences

spiritual Habundia flower essencesThese flower essences are more for those on a spiritual journey and deal with more subtle aspects of consciousness and spiritual goals such as intuition, faith, love, ease of connection with spirit guides, sense of true purpose etc. These can safely be chosen by yourself for whatever spiritual qualities you would like to develop.

Spiritual Habundia Flower Essences Listing

NOTE: I am no longer able to send flower essences, so I can only do the flower essence attunements.  I will just do the attunement for the whole set – see https://www.azizshamanism.com/habundia-flower-essence-attunements/


Provides the urge to all spirituality, and realigns our dark urges.


Balancing beauty with power. Gives security in showing your inner beauty.


Trust in the source of all abundance. Joy, spontaneity, connection to Pan.


Overcomes fear of death. Trust in what is beyond material life.


Good for meditation. Enlivens the spirit, aids connection to one’s higher self, and allows faster spiritual growth.


Opens the crown chakra and attunes us to the highest vibration we can reach. Brings trust in spirit, and helps us know our destiny and true will.


Wisdom to rise above apparent opposites and encompass dualities. Overcomes judgement. Recognising the importance of all things, each in its own place.


Aspiration. Helps break through into higher dimensions.


Builds power and vitality within, while overcoming the urge to give it out too soon.

Pyramidal Orchid

Develops a warrior spirit and urges us to follow our true will.

Scarlet Pimpernel

Strengthens and nourishes the navel chakra and etheric body. Brings out resentments. Replenishes creative and sexual energy.


Opens one to take joy in receiving.


Develops a higher octave of the heart chakra, to universal love. For growing out of repeated patterns.

Stinking Hellebore

For breaking out of conditioning and outer pressures to conform, while maintaining a strong, loving heart. Freedom and individuality.

Stinking Iris

Withdrawing for spiritual transformation and vision. Makes you unreachable to those who drain you.


Spiritual value. Trust in spirit. Maintaining one’s spiritual integrity in spite of undermining company.

Tree Mallow

Develops the spiritual heart chakra. Allows rapid growth through adversity.

Water Lily

Provides a sense of space. For detachment, stability and safety, while providing inner nourishment.

Wild Garlic

Enhances one’s projections of power in such a way that they are able to put a stop to any negative energies in their environment.

Wild Pansy

Develops a strong, loving warm heart. Heals traumas of love, and overcomes feelings of being undeserving.

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Please note that these essences are not meant as a substitute for medical help.

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