Magickal Flower Essences

Habundia magickal flower essencesThis section is for those on any kind of occult or metaphysical path and is very much concerned with effective shaping of one’s reality, manifestation of desires, psychic development, protection, shamanic journeying, astral projection and ease of contact with other realms. Magicians will find something here to help with any magickal goal.

Magickal Habundia Flower Essences Listing

NOTE: I am no longer able to send flower essences, so I can only do the flower essence attunements.  I will just do the attunement for the whole set – see

Black Tulip

Clears the third eye. Brings clarity, perception, vision, and originality.

Black Hellebore

Re-establishes the barriers of the mind, and clears out invading energies from the mind.

Cuckoo Pint

Protects the spirit from invading entities, and quickly rebuilds vital energy when it has been lost. A great ally in soul retrieval.

Deadly Nightshade

Powerful third eye stimulant and psychic purge. Clears one from psychic interference. To be used as a single dose when required.

Dittany of Crete

Attunes one to positive astral forces, and opens one to help from the spirit world.

Early Purple Orchid

Makes one fully aware of one’s desires, and one’s ability to manifest those desires. Strengthens desire.

Enchanter’s Nightshade

Acts on the unconscious, so that you draw towards yourself that which you need, particularly spiritual needs.

Four-Leafed Clover

The essence of magick. expands awareness into new dimensions. Aids connection to nature spirits.

Five-Leafed Clover

The essence of the magical dynamic of fire. Will, direction, inner strength, purification. (Caution: this essence responds to your thoughts. Always take it with a clear intention in mind).


Helps one let go of the material plane, of anxiety about one’s material situation, or what is to come. Aids transition into other planes. Good for trance work, inner journeying, and astral projection.


For understanding death and exploring its realms. Prepares one for death initiations. Connecting with spirits of the dead.


Brings out hidden powers from the unconscious. releasing inhibitions and restricting dogma.

Ivy-Leafed Toadflax

Breaks down inertia on the astral that builds up through desire for power.


Strengthens and clears the aura, particularly the psychic gate. A good protection remedy, it produces a vibration that casts out psychic parasites and external forces.


Cleansing and renewal. Removes old, unwanted energies from the person.


Connects one with that which is eternal and indestructible within them, and therefore builds confidence by overcoming the illusion of powerlessness.


Restores power, will, and the knowledge of who you truly are.


Gives control of the astral plane, and trust in the unseen. Helps creative visualisation and the positive use of dreams.


Prevents energy leakage and re-centres one after astral experiences. Focuses energy and prevents dissipation.

Penny Royal

A powerful purifier. Activates the crown chakra, earths spiritual energies and unconditional love, and overcomes judgement.


A very initiating essence that should be taken with clear motivation. Helps movement between different planes of consciousness. Breaks limitations in the mind. Seeing beyond life and death.


Control of power, and of one’s mind. Strengthens visualisation and will. Helps awaken latent psychic powers.

Yellow Archangel

For understanding and accepting the balance of light and dark. Puts one in touch with hidden realms, and helps accept all that one may find in these planes.

Viper’s Bugloss

Understanding primordial powers, and helping them evolve. Helps with the stresses that are due to the emergence of unconscious forces.

Wild Thyme

The essence of feminine power. Creativity, intuition, clairvoyance, and psychic power.

Please note that these essences are not meant as a substitute for medical help.

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