General Flower Essences

Marigold flower - example of general Habundia flower essencesThese flower essences deal with the common challenges of life, that can apply to everyone, such as shyness, anger issues, fears, communication skills,self image, personal power etc. They can be treated much like the Bach remedies, used in therapy or simply self-chosen according to your needs and circumstances.

General Habundia Flower Essences Listing

NOTE: I am no longer able to send flower essences, so I can only do the flower essence attunements.  I will just do the attunement for the whole set – see


Strengthens the root. Self-worth. Honouring and communicating your needs. Earthing.

Aloe Vera

Soothes emotional pain, shock and emotional traumas, new or old.


Develops the heart. Giving and receiving. Generosity, trust, magnetism.


For feelings of weakness, helplessness, impotence and emotional exhaustion, after devastating experiences or long, drawn-out emotionally painful situations.


Teaches us to approach love with respect.

Butterfly Orchid

For speaking one’s own truth, rather than impressions picked up from others. Clears the psychic gate. Sometimes used to strengthen the tongue and spine.


Being happy with yourself, so you don’t need to seek approval from others, and do not attract ‘draining’ relationships.


For letting go of the past, and flowing with new impulses.


Strengthens the solar plexus and comforts and uplifts the emotions. For when you are feeling vulnerable.


For healing childhood deprivation.


Centering. Understanding one’s emotions and the cause of one’s reactions. Helps release hatred and resentment.


Strength of character and vital energy to complete goals.


Quiets and calms. Lessens the ego and fears around one’s vulnerability.


Overcoming judgement towards matter. Loving material existence and seeing it as a vehicle for spirit.


Provides the quiet vitality that allows one to build health. Wards off psychic invasion.

Ground Ivy

For rebuilding when you have given out too much.


Faith in oneself and one’s own judgement. Guards against giving away power and authority to others.

Hedge Woundwort

For healing deep hurts and tapping a source of inner strength.


Maintains peace and beauty amongst stressful surroundings.


Patience, strength, stability, rooting. Links one to the Earth Mother.


For finding peace, rest and recharging in the darkness. Overcomes fear of darkness, and judgement towards that which is dark in ourselves.

Lily of the Valley

Safety, by enshrouding the negative tendencies of the subconscious mind that could draw in trouble.

Madonna Lily

Opens one to joy, and releases all shame and judgement towards one’s sexuality.


Vitality. Provides a greater flow of life force.


Security, safety, self-esteem. Heals the shock of the umbilical cord being cut too soon.


For those involved in therapy and self-discovery, Papaya helps assimilate experiences faster, and brings out memories and deep feelings.


Brings clarity when there is great emotional stress, loss of trust or confusion.

St John’s Wort

Believed to protect and strengthen the emotional and etheric bodies.


New hope. Helps one deal with rejection by finding nourishment within.

Solomon’s Seal

For disappointment. Restores courage, hope and the will to live.


Becoming really still inside, so that you grow more easily.


True enthusiasm and balanced masculinity. For disconnectedness to the feelings, stress and deprivation.


Increased flow of life force. Fertility on all levels.


Causes you to look at yourself and examine your motives, while providing some protection against outside influences.


Gives courage to shy, sensitive and nervous people. Also offers protection on the astral when breaking through into new dimensions.

Wayfaring Tree

Cleansing and rebuilding the sexual chakras.

Wild Rose

Bringing out the beauty of your wildness. Overcoming limited conditioning and beliefs. Love and appreciation of all life, including self.


Strengthens the aura. Protection. Over-identification with other people’s energy.

Yellow Iris

Understanding commitment in its true sense, i.e. keeping one’s vision, and working towards it with constancy.

Yellow Poppy

Calms emotions and brings clarity of mind. Helps to memorise, synthesise and adapt.

Please note that these essences are not meant as a substitute for medical help.

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