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What is a Shaman?
The traditional meaning is master of inspiration and ecstasy. It generally refers to one who has mastered ancient indigenous spiritual disciplines to a high level, and applies this mastery to help solve people’s problems. This includes healing, both physical and psychological, as well as various magickal powers to solve the various problems of life.

What is Shamanic Healing?
Shamanic healing is a form of natural and spiritual healing, which can include herbal remedies, energy work, regression, exorcism, inner journeying, and the working of magick to make fundamental positive change in one’s life and health.

What is the best way and time to contact you to arrange a healing session?
Initially, by email, as it can be hard to catch me when I am free, as I work all day with healing clients. The best time to catch me on the phone is around 5 or 6pm. See Contact.

Do I need any previous experience in Shamanic practice to attend your courses?
The Tethatu Shamanic Healing course is suitable for beginners. The Magick-Faery and Dragon Path course is designed for more advanced students, or those who at least have experience in meditation and inner journeying.

I am not sure what type of healing session I need. What should I do?
Start with a Shamanic Healing  or Distant Healing session. Once you tell me your issues, I will select the best combination of tools to suit your case.

How can I pay for my session or workshops?
I accept cash, cheques or Paypal payments. The latter is preferable for distant healing and attunements.

I would like to work with your flower essences. How do I know which ones to choose?
First of all, read the Flower Essences descriptions, and think about which ones match any current issues you are experiencing. It is also good to look at pictures of the flowers, and notice if any call you intuitively. My book “Spiritual Allies from the Plant Kingdom” is an excellent resource, as it has clear photos of the flowers as well as further explanations. You are also welcome to email me with your concerns and I will select suitable essences for you.

I am interested in working with a deity/god/goddess. How do I start?
You should be intuitive, and respond to whatever deity calls you. It can help to read up on their myths, so you start feeling a rapport with certain deities, then notice if any start coming into your dreams. Once they come into your dreams, that is a clear sign hat they want to work with you. Read the article “Preparing for Initiation” for the next step.

Do you do remote healing?
Yes, much can be done at a distance. Healing done in this way is known as remote, absent or distant healing. All I need is to see your photo. We would arrange a session as normal, where you lie still for an hour at an appointed time, and I work on you from the astral.

Please contact me with any additional queries.

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