Vedic Spiritual Empowerments

These spiritual empowerments come from the Indian Vedic tradition which is part of my heritage on my father’s side.

Ganesha Empowerment

Vedic spiritual empowerment - Elephant god GaneshaThis will fully attune you to Ganesha, and activate his mantra and bija, to remove all obstacles from your path, and create abundance.

Cost: £10

MahaLakshmi Seichim

Vedic spiritual empowerment  - Indian goddess Lakshmi sitting in a lotus flowerThis is a long and thorough empowerment that takes one hour. You will be fully connected to Lakshmi, and your path to abundance cleared and activated. Includes empowerment of the Srim seed mantra, MahaLakshmi’s mantra and the MahaLakshmi Astakam Stotram. The most powerful abundance empowerment available.

Cost: £60

MahaKali Empowerment

Vedic spiritual empowerment  - Wrathful statue of KaliFull attunement to Kali, her mantra and Yantra. This provides a powerful force of purification, transformation and protection.

Cost: £50

Kamadev Empowerment

Kamadeva Empowerment

Great for attracting love and improving ones sex life. The fulfilment of love and sex is Kamadev’s gift. After this empowerment, the mudras and Kamadev gayatri can be used to improve confidence, raise sexual magnetism, and create fulfilling relationships.

Cost: £40

Mahamrtyunjaya Empowerment

Vedic spiritual empowerment  - Graphic of the Indian god Shiva
After many years of intense Sadhana of the Mahamrtyunjaya mantra, Shiva can be used to heal all ills, remove all negative attachments, release karma and bring in divine grace.

Cost: £60

Shree Yantra Empowerment

Vedic spiritual empowerment  - shri yantra

This empowerment is a result of years of intense Sadhana to Tripura Sundari, as well as empowerments from Indian and Indonesian adepts. The Shree yantra is the divine blueprint of creation. Once empowered with it, it will restore your body and soul to its perfect structure, as before it had any karma. It can be used in healing, and food put over its image will also be restored to a perfect structure, even correcting genetic damage. The empowerment, which takes an hour, also cleanses the base chakra and increases abundance.

See also my article Sexual Energy & the Mystical Shree Yantra.

Cost: £60

Silver Shree Yantra Empowerment

Silver Shree YantraAn advanced version of shree yantra that brings one more into the Goddess energy, overcoming limitations of the rational mind and opening to greater magick and intuition. This also increases the possibilities with healing. It can be used to reshape the body, correcting physical distortions and structural problems.

See also my article The Silver Shree Yantra – Advanced Tanktrik Power.

Cost: £60

If you would like to undergo initiation with a particular deity and work at a deeper level, please read my article Preparing for Initiation.

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  1. I have tried the Ganesha empowerment which I found very powerful I prepared myself the night before and about 15 mins before receiving the distant empowerment by chanting the mantra provided by Peter the experience was great and left me feeling very high for a long time after and I have started to notice results in my life I highly recommend this if you are feeling a bit stuck in life and need to blast through any obstacles and open up a road to abundance. Thanks for your good work Peter will be using your skills again.

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