Vajron – A New Concept in Destroying Evil

A bit of background on sub-nuclear particles:

Tachyons were originally a purely hypothetical particle, but now they are widely used and their impact undeniable. Quarks were originally a mathematical convenience, but once they were invented, they were then observed. We should never forget the ultimate power of consciousness. These particles exist because we say they do. The invention of a particle seems to be an important grounding step in the use of any energy. The observable universe exists as an end product of this process, as a wave needs to be observed for it to localize as a particle. There are vast spiritual powers that are not yet fully manifest, simply because we rely on our scientists to invent particles, and they do not work with spiritual forces.

Flaming vajra; in troducing the vajron - a new concept in destroying evil

The Vajra is such a spiritual power. It is a powerful weapon against negative forces and is extremely effective in destroying evil. It is used in many Eastern healing practices as a protection and to destroy enemies, demons or negative forces. The vajron is the name I have given to the particle that grounds this power into our reality. It was grounded through me during an intense and powerful Sadhana, in which I was gifted this amazing spiritual power from the Mahavidya Goddess, Chinnamasti. The vajron is now transmissible, so anyone can have the ultimate power to destroy any opposing force that hinders or harms them in any way. Small objects can be turned into vajron antennas and worn as a supreme weapon to destroy any harmful energies around oneself. I have also folded time and space to multiply the density of vajrons, in order to create much larger antennas, just like I did with tachyon. This way a building or tower can be vajronized, so that it destroys all evil and corruption in the environment. In its presence, any corrupt organisations that are against the overall good will fail. We are a long way from changing the world, but wouldn’t you like to do this for your own area?

Like tachyon, there are seven levels to this attunement. This differs from tachyon energy in that it is less effective as protection against electromagnetic pollution, but far more powerful and aggressive in destroying corruption. It is as if vajrons manifest the will of the Gods in putting a stop to corruption. By this I mean any force, entity or person that goes against the overall good of all, through greed, selfishness, control or pure malice.

Vajron Levels for Destroying Evil

Vajron 1

This is used to make small vajron antenna that can be worn as a personal protection against negative energies.

Cost £20.

Vajron 2

At this level, the intensity of vajron antenna is increased 6 fold.


Cost £20.

Vajron 3

You can create antenna of 14 fold power.


Cost £20.

Vajron 4.

This increases the power dramatically, another 9 times over level 3, so you can effectively create antenna up to 126 fold power. This is suitable for larger objects to protect a large building.

Cost £20.

Vajron 5

This enables you to vajronize buildings and towers to clear corruption in the whole area. Cost £20.

Cost £20.

Vajron 6

This enables you to vajronize several towers at once, so you can easily clear and protect the whole town.

Cost £20.

Vajron 7

This level is so intense it creates an opening in time and space. This will actually open a portal to Chinnamasti, the holder of the Vajra, so her power will watch over the environment, destroying all that is evil.

Cost £20.

Vajron 8

This level was created to clear the darkest and most stubborn forces.

Cost £30.

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  1. What happens to any entities that are in an area that is treated say at levels 5 through 8 . I am interested in a solution for the area that I live but must not have any casualties in the process

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