Tethatu Spiritual Empowerments

These spiritual empowerments are extremely powerful and are used in my Tethatu Shamanic Healing training and also in my Body Electronics courses.

Divine Blueprint. This has two levels.

Level 1

tethatu - spiritual empowerment - divine blueprint - isis ankh

Level 1 comes from Isis, and is directed by the symbol of the Ankh. It is a magickal energy that reminds one of their divine blueprint; the plan of the perfected energy body before there was any karma, Adam Kadmon, perfected man. It allows one to easily shed their conditioning and helps the body and mind to rebuild.

Cost: £60

Level 2

Level 2 comes from Tripura Sundari, and includes the empowerment of the Sri yantra. This attunes one to the divine source and causes a total restructuring of ones energy field. It will even restructure the DNA, and can be used to heal hereditary problems, or to heal gene manipulated foods.

This attunement will take an hour.

Cost: £80

Dragon Fire

Tethatu spiritual empowerment - dragon fire - Dragon head made of flamesDragon Fire is a powerful purifying flame that dissolves all negative programs, destroys possessing entities and causes fast evolution. This is not gentle; expect a healing crisis.

Cost: £50

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