Tachyon Devices for Cleansing & Healing

Tachyon devices for cleansing, healing & raising vibration

Tachyons are hypothetical particles that travel faster than light. Just as it would take infinite energy to accelerate a particle to light speed in our universe,
mathematics shows that it would take infinite energy to decrease a tachyons speed to the speed of light. The speed of light is the boundary between our universe and the tachyon universe.

Many metaphysical powers have the quality of being faster than light, and seem to open a portal to the tachyon universe. The effect of this is to bring in a very cleansing energy, that greatly increases the vibration of other energies. Tachyon devices are popular to carry for cleansing, protection, and raising of spiritual vibration. There seems to be a standard level of tachyon power that comes through when any of these devices is made. Larger devices have less concentrated energy. However, by folding space-time, I have learned to amplify this basic energy over and over again. I now offer 8 levels of tachyon power, which can be passed on through distant attunement.

Attunements to Create Your Own Tachyon Devices

**Limited Time Special Offer**

Package of all 8 levels of attunement for only £150, a saving of £70 on the regular price of £220.

Cost: £150

Level 1

This will enable you to turn any object into a tachyon transmitter in 15 minutes. This level is suitable to make small portable tachyon devices for personal use.

Cost: £20

Level 2

This increases the power, so that you can produce 6 fold tachyon power devices. This is useful for making larger devices to impregnate or protect a room.

Cost: £20

Level 3

This increases the power to make devices of 14 fold tachyon power. Useful for stronger protection, for healing rooms etc.

Cost: £20

Level 4

This really pumps up the power, and increases the power a further 9 fold from level 3, so that you will produce tachyon devices of 126 fold tachyon power. This will make larger devices for strong protection of large properties.

Cost: £30

Level 5

This goes beyond personal use, to give you the power to cleanse and protect the land for miles around. It is designed to be used to tachyonize large towers, such as mobile masts, to not only negate the harmful radiation, but to overcome the mind control technology that these towers are often used for.

Cost: £30

Level 6

This will enable you to tachyonize a number of masts at once, to help free the population from mind control and other harmful waves. You can tachyonize as many masts as you can visualise. The only limit is your imagination.

Cost: £30

Level 7

This increases the tachyon power to a level where it can overcome the harmful affects of Haarp technology. ( High frequency Active Auroral Research Project). Haarp uses a much higher level of power, so requires a very high power to overcome. Tachyonizing towers used for Haarp will neutralize the harmful radiation, and reduce its ability to be used as a weapon, for mind control, weather control, or creating earthquakes.

Cost: £30

Level 8 (New April 2019)

To protect you from 5G, you would tachyonise your home to level 8. This neutralises all harmful effects of EMF.

Cost: £40

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  1. I applied tachyon energy to my flu like symptoms early hours of this morning after about 15 minutes and as I fell into complete relaxation I came around as I felt the shift in my energy field and like water down the drain the symptoms left. Right nostril only a little runny, sore throat gone all concern gone. Message stop eating dairy and eat slower so I will 🧘‍♀️ As I applied the 15 mins to my kneckless to raise the vinyl ration of my being I also tacyones my house and all 4 G towers in Great Britain.

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