Reiki Grand Master Attunements

reiki grand master attunements

Like many people, I took Reiki in its early days, then left it behind for more powerful modalities. A few years ago, I spent time on mount Kurama (where reiki began) and was re-awakened by the deities of the mountain (pictured above). I am an 18th degree reiki grand master, and have come back to teaching the higher degrees, as I have had deeper insight into the importance of these special energies.

Each higher degree covers a different kanji, which unlocks a universal energy. Here is a brief description of each level.

Reiki 1-3 are well enough known.

Reiki 4

Teaches us to connect to Source and get ourselves out of the way so that God can work through us more clearly.

Reiki 5

The Great Harmony. This kanji heals ones relationship with the Universe, to see it as a friend, so that you can get everything you want from it.

Reiki 6

The Great Separation. This kanji allows you to separate from all that is not good for you, including people, possessing entities etc.

Reiki 7

The Great Freedom. This kanji creates a close relationship to our Creator, so fulfilment comes directly without any need. This heals all forms of addiction or dependence.

Reiki 8

The Great Peace. This kanji brings complete inner peace through trust in God.

Reiki 9

The Great Happiness. This kanji brings happiness through self love and loving others unconditionally.

Reiki 10

The Great Hope. This kanji restores hope through understanding the divine plan.

Reiki 11

The Great Force. This kanji provides great power to overcome stubborn obstacles.

Reiki 12

The Great Love. This kanji overcomes fear through the recognition of the great love of the creator, and opens up ways through our problems.

Reiki 13

The Great Teacher. This kanji awakens our inner spiritual teacher, bringing guidance and wisdom.

Reiki 14

The Great Eye. This kanji opens clairvoyance.

Reiki 15

The Great Way. This kanji shows us our true path.

Reiki 16

The Great Revelation. This kanji brings understanding of our future path and World changes, and the true meaning of what is written in Revelations.

Reiki 17

The Great Temple. This kanji connects us fully to the spiritual world.

Reiki 18

The Great Wisdom. This kanji brings enlightenment; a true vision of our oneness, which leads to full understanding of all spiritual teachings.

All attunements, to any level, cost £10 each. Attunements can be done distantly, but we need to arrange a mutually convenient time. I will then send you the appropriate kanji with explanations.

Full 18th degree grandmaster PAK  (Attunements 4 – 18)

Prerequisite: Reiki Levels 1 – 3.

Cost: £150

Individual Reiki Attunements (Choose Your Next Level)

Cost:  £10

Level :

(If more than one Attunement is desired, click above button multiple times to choose the applicable levels.) 

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  1. Do you have to get the attunements in chronological order or can you skip to different steps with the Reiki Attunements?

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