Unlimited Potential Chakra Attunements

Chakra AttunementsAnother new empowerment for this time of ascension. Each chakra will be attuned to higher frequency to bring them to full development. Unleash the full potential inherent in each chakra.

There are seven empowerments, which work through the chakras:

The base chakra will perfect ones powers of manifestation.
2nd Chakra will open up and enhance creativity.
3rd Chakra awakens powers of healing, for self and others.
4th chakra enhances love and self-love.
5th chakra builds communication, both with people and with higher spiritual beings.
6th chakra perfects ones connection to the universe, creating a sense of oneness.
7th chakra brings about purification, and a clear channel to one’s higher self.

These empowerments have been given by Indonesian adepts in response to the approaching bifurcation point.

See also my article Higher Vibration Chakra Tune Up.

This empowerment can also be bought as part of my High Vibration Ascension Package.

Cost for the series: £50

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