Tenaga Dalam – Invulnerability or Magical Protection

Tenaga Dalam is an Indonesian magickal art of invulnerability or magical protection. It is Islamic in tradition, and develops great occult power and invulnerability to strikes, blades and black magick attacks, through faith and connection to Allah. Some of these initiations are also given in my Javanese Magick and Advanced Javanese Magick courses.

One does not have to be Moslem to learn these arts, although a few simple Islamic prayers are used. All it requires is acceptance of One God, or supreme force that rules over any other power in the Universe. This does not negate poly-theistic religions, but rather sees all Gods as emanations of the One. We still work with other God forms, as their images are powerful symbols to unlock hidden powers within us, but seek union with the One, of which all others are an expression. It does not really matter what you call it, as the experience of Union is the same in any tradition. This union, which is the Ultimate spiritual initiation, has been called the Divine Gnosis, The Marifatullah, and the vision of Isis unveiled. The empowerments of Tenaga Dalam draw power from this experience of God, whatever you want to call it. There are three initiations.

Demonstration of magical protection against knife blade with Tenaga Damal empowermentTenaga Dalam

This empowerment will be sent in water, for you to drink. There will be prayers and breathing exercises to practice for a week, to fully integrate the power. This magical protection develops more through continued practice. It confers invulnerability to sharp weapons and strikes, protection against black magick, healing, charisma, and increase in all spiritual powers.

Cost: £100

Tenaga Dalam Ilahiah.

Celestial prana. This takes ones powers a step further. This stage is free of any religion, and only requires breathing exercises to develop it. As well as invulnerability and healing, it gives the power to lock an opponent so that they can’t move, lock an opponents magickal powers, bounce an attacker away without touching, and have ones prayers fulfilled.

Cost £100

Tenaga Dalam Raja Wisa (King of Poison)

This is a form of tenaga dalam particularly geared to increasings one immunity to poison. This is becoming increasing important with the level of environmental poisons we are having to cope with.
prerequisite: Tenaga Dalam

Cost £55

Ongoing Tenaga Dalam Development

For those who wish to keep developing their inner power, i am offering regular upgrades. There are many forms of tenaga dalam, too many to list here, for increasing ones invulnerability as well as adding other magickal abilities, such as power punch, strength, magnetism, charisma, healing, wealth, clearing negative entities, psychic ability and spiritual development. This will be donation, as you can afford. If you wish to take advantage of this, set up a monthly payment plan, and i will send out new initiations weekly.

Tenaga Dalam Api Ilahi or Sacred Sun

This art focuses on healing and spiritual development, rather than invulnerability or martial arts powers. It has 4 levels.

Level 1:

Develops healing power, spiritual cleansing and protection. It also helps raise the kundalini and develops the third eye.

Cost: £20

Level 2:

Develops these powers further, and brings in cosmic Bliss.

Cost: £40

Level 3:

Develops more power, and adds Angelic Consciousness and Supreme Unity. This gives a very profound sense of connection to God.

Cost: £50.

Level 4:

Adds more power for cleansing and removing astral parasites, and includes initiation to planetary energies and dragons.

Cost: £55

*One should practice each level for at least a week before moving on to the next.

Ultimate Exorcism Empowerment.

This is a very powerful and advanced spiritual transmission. One should have worked through the above initiations, and Asmak khodam first. Empowerments are given of the Al-Falak and Al-Ikhlas verses (Islamic), which increase Union with God, and will remove the darkest and most powerful forces in existence, even the Qlippoth.

Cost: £100

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