Khodam (Guardian Angel) Help & Protection

khodam or guardian angel

Khodam is an Arabic word meaning assistant or guard. They are seen as angelic beings created specifically to help and protect human beings, and help fulfil their prayers. In the Kejawen tradition of Java, they are seen as “Perewangan”, occult creatures that generate strength and supernatural power and give miraculous help to human beings.

The conjuration of khodams is an ancient secret of Ilmu Al Hikmah, passed to adepts of the Marifatullah (divine gnosis). This is a very high spiritual being, which once bonded to you, will overshadow you, constantly watching over, protecting and guiding you. It is much higher than a genie.

The khodam I offer is called Asmak khodam. It will be sent in water, which you drink and repeat some simple mantras so that it bonds to your auric field. It requires about 20 minutes of mantra repetition a day for the first week, then less than a minute a day afterwards to maintain it.

Once bonded with you, the khodam will provide the following virtues:

  1. Invulnerability against sharp weapons.
  2. Invulnerability against poison.
  3. Invulnerability against any kind of black magick. Any enemy genies or khodams will not be able to touch you. No matter how high your enemies powers, all attacks will be bounced back.
  4. Problems in your life start to solve themselves.
  5. Guidance, your decisions will be wiser.
  6. Mental, physical and spiritual strength.
  7. Your psychic and intuitive feelings will be enhanced.
  8. Ability to heal
  9. Ability to wake up unconscious people.
  10. Ability to protect other people or places.

Cost: £120

After gaining the powers of the asmak khodam, one can be initiated to the master level, which will increase these basic powers and enable you to pass on khodams to others.  This can only be taken after the basic initiation.

Cost of the Master Level is £400.

Khodam Malaikat

This is a higher level angelic khodam. It has greater protective powers, but requires daily mantra chanting of about 20 minutes to maintain its power. This is sent in water, with instructions.

Cost: £140.

Supajagad Angel

This is an angelic khodam king. Apart from giving great protective and healing powers, it will also enable you to conjure khodams quickly, for self or others. It requires more intense prayer chanting. The initiation prayers take about 4 hours, and need to be repeated at least every 100 days to maintain the power, and up to once a week to build the power.

Cost: £140

Angel Qanyail

This is a high level khodam of an angel of one of the beautiful names of Allah. Its name means “The glory of God”. Simple prayers are given, which will enable you to summon Qanyail for all kinds of blessings or intervention.

Cost: £120

25 thoughts on “Khodam (Guardian Angel) Help & Protection”

  1. Do me a favor Houngan, ask the Baron Samedi about purchasing people’s ancestral spirits, even if you didn’t initiate them, and without them knowing a thing. Also ask him about the encrypting of information beyond just your own initiates. Ask him also, about his ability to rip out souls and kill people. Ask the Baron about the hidden secrets beyond what you were taught in the Djevo. You might be surprised and if you ain’t, then you already know about these things or whoever initiated you is manipulating you.

    1. yes, these things are very possible. thats why we need such high level protection. In fact, it was the need to deal with Vodou curses that led me down this path.

  2. Dear master
    I would like to manifest jengglot or any kind of small materials like stone or kris.
    What should I take khodam or jin please advise

    1. it takes a while to gain the power to manifest objects. start with khodam, and also take my djinn magick course. this will give you far more than just having one djinn.

      1. I would like to obtain khodamn to manifest objet which khodam I should take . And is it by distance attuned
        Can I pay with credit card thanks

      1. Dear Master,
        i brought a stone ring few day ago. the seller told me was empowered by his Khodam master and told me this can help me in my work and my income to support my family. after wearing it i feel my head pain my 3eye is heavy. i dont know what is going on?
        i went to search in website saw your website,
        please guide me.
        With love of gratitude

  3. Hi master peter aziz i like to a high level khodam and please can you help me ? And please can you reply to my email and thanks

    1. khodam sciences are built up in stages of power. you would start with asmak khodam. if you have that, you could go up to Supujagad angel. i have higher ones, not advetised, if you want to go further after that.

  4. Hi Peter, I have just had my vaccination and it closed my crown chakra, but which I have been lucky , it has now opened again.
    I feel that my body needs a healing to get rid of the toxins that have gone into my lungs liver and stomach, possibly cells.
    My greatest wish is to become psychic, unfortunately I have found out that I am a self Sabotager, and Ive done this for most of my life. Could you help me with these two things.? I e done a lot of your online courses over the years, thank you in advance Joan

    1. first take a dose of thuja 30 to help clear out the toxins from the vaccine. To become psychic, i recommend the pranic activation, then the 72000 nadis activation. Best thing to overcome self sabotage is the Darkness course. it will guide you through many blocks, such as your dark law and your Nemesis.

  5. Hello,dear Peter:
    I want to know if the khodam in your service is the spirit you provide remotely?I really hope to learn how to communicate with the spirit(Asmak khodam and Malaikat khodam) through rituals by myself.Will you teach these in the service?Instead of you sending your spirit to me, I just keep it.
    Second,how long will you maintain the website and service?I may purchase your services in four years. Will you still provide these services at that time?
    Thank you for your answers,hope you are lucky all days!

  6. I would like to order the *Asmak Khodam*, how will I see it, is it by “*conjuring it through the mantras that you will send*”. Also the *Water will you be sending it through “DHL” for safety*.

  7. Hi,Peter.I want to know what is the difference between khodam and muwakil?What is the relationship between them?Thanks your answer!

    1. Muwakkil are the higher level khodams. Khodam just means server; there are different kinds. Muwakkil are like the angels and demons of the djinn realm. There are Nur Muwakkil, made of light, and Naari Muwakkil, made of black flame.

  8. What are some of the requirements to become a Khodam master? Can you spell out the level of commitment in devotion/prayer ? I am interested in knowing in more detail, please.


  9. Hello,

    I’d like to purchase the Asmak khodam. From what I’m understanding, I pay £120, and you ship the water to me along with the Mantra that I repeat for 20 minutes for 7 days and then for a minute every day thereafter, correct?
    There’s nothing else after that?
    If I want to acquire additional Khodams, it’s the same process?

    I was lead here by Spirit, I think I should have a Khodam on my Spirit team.

    1. i no longer need to send water; its done by distant attunement, so we can do it immediately. After the week of initiation, there is just a short prayer every day to maintain it, taking less than a minute.

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