High Level Magical Protection with Ilmu Hakikat Zat Tubuh

Hakikat Zat Tubuh is a very high defensive power or magical protection
Ilmu Hakikat Zat Tubuh is a very high defensive power or magical protection, that is taken after Tenaga Dalam, Candali and Rajah Kala Cakra. It is based on the idea of metaphysical Iron. When this is raised, it makes the body invulnerable to external iron, and thus to sharp weapons. Once raised, it is with you forever, and cannot be removed. This power raises your metaphysical potential to the maximum. It has the following benefits:

  • Invulnerability to weapons, and to magickal attacks.
  • Builds immunity to disease.
  • Strengthens all tissues, muscles, bones and organs, regenerates and maintains youth.
  • Increases inner beauty, attractiveness and charisma.
  • Breaks the magickal powers of your opponents.
  • Improves stamina, health and sexual strength.
  • Gives healing power.
  • Cleanses you of all negative entities, negative energy, black magick etc.
  • Increases wisdom and intuition.
  • Increases self confidence.
  • Brings one closer to god.
  • Improves finances, and solves all kinds of problems.
  • Opens the third eye.
  • Develops or enhances all metaphysical abilities.

There are three initiations to attain this highest level magical protection:

  1. Besi Kersani. This resides in the soul of the right foot, and during initiation, is raised to the solar plexus, and its power circulated through the body. This is the centre for metaphysical iron, and creates invulnerability.
  2. Besi Kersani Bulan. This is stored in the soul of the left foot, and is raised to the third eye. This adds the power of attraction.
  3. Serat Kalam. This is the strongest generator, and increases the power of the other two. It is stored at the third eye. During initiation it is distributed to the body and stored at the heart centre.

Initiations are given a week apart, and there are simple meditations and breathing practices to perform daily for three weeks to integrate the power.

There are two power levels:

Basic Practitioner Level: £300

Special Practitioner Level.

This has extra power, and is about 2.5 times as strong as the basic level: £600

Pre-requisites: Tenaga Dalam, Candali and Rajah Kala Cakra.

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