Gtummo or Candali Healing & Protection

Gtummo or Candali man covered in flamesGtummo is the Tibetan name for heat yoga, which developed from the vedic Candali; a safe form of kundalini yoga. It is a powerful healing system, which is used in Tibet to cure serious medical conditions, as well as a great occult empowerment and protection.

I have trained in a number of forms of Gtummo and Candali, each of which have four levels of initiation, and so combine them to give you the best of all. Tibetan Gtummo uses a number of symbols; inti api hidup has simplified this system to invoke power easily without needing symbols. Satya Candali adds a few mantras and mudras to use this power for many different ends, such as mind control, destruction of enemies or negative entities, occult protection, wish fulfilment and healing of disease.

It works with the hindu goddesses, Kali and Baglamukhi. The sacred fire is built up in stages. Each stage should be practiced for at least a week before moving on. This system provides all the power of kundalini, without any danger of damage to oneself.



Level 1

The first tan tieng centre below the navel is awakened, and the sacred fire is raised and circulated. The Baglamukhi body protector is given.

Cost: £100


Level 2

The second tan tieng centre at the heart is awakened, and the power increased 100 fold. The mahakali shield is given.

Cost: £100


Level 3

The third tan tieng at the third eye is awakened, all chakras and nadirs are cleared, and the power increased 1000 fold.

Cost: £100


Level 4

(Vajra Master level.) The initiation is completed, and power increased 10,000 fold.

Cost: £100


Once you have practiced the Vajra master level for a while, there are extra powers that can be added:


Level 5

White Mahakala. This level was created to build and protect your wealth. The sole purpose of White Mahakala is to ensure all your material needs are net easily, so there are no worries to distract you from your spiritual path. This is a high power that makes manifestation of abundance easy.

Cost: £150


Blazing Phoenix Gtummo

This adds the power of the phoenix, which increases the fire of kundalini further.

Cost: £75


Etheric Weapons



This is a kind of umbrella often seen over various deities. It keeps the space around you clear, and expands perception in a way that will stop you getting entangled with other people’s problems. It provides protection in many ways.

Cost: £75


Trishul Katvanga.

This is Kali’s weapon. It will be installed into your heart and your dominant hand, where it will enable you to call upon Kali’s power in an instant with just a hand gesture. It is a great amplifier. Any intention can be projected instantly with great force. It can be deadly.

Cost: £75


Zhug Dorje.

Zhug means dragon, and Dorje is a thunderbolt. This is another strong power that is installed in the heart. When called upon, it destroys any negativity or demon very fast. No darkness can resist it.

Cost: £75


Advanced Attunements



This increases the power a further 10 fold above Vajra master level.

Cost: £200



One of the Mahavidyas, or Wisdom Goddesses, Chinnamasti possesses the lightening bolt, and destroys instantly. This quickens the Candali energy, enabling one to heal, manifest or destroy much faster. By increasing the flow of prana, it also creates longevity, regeneration, extended youth, and reverses aging.

Cost: £150



The darkest of the Mahavidyas, Dhumavati is the ultimate devourer. This power dissolves any energy or form into nothing. She is the ultimate weapon against the most stubborn demons, samskaras or rigid patterns.

Cost: £150




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