God Vibration Mastery Sequence

God VibrationA series of cleansing attunements to prepare all the chakras for higher vibration in this time of ascension. There are two levels. Working through them will expand your chakras to allow all the higher vibrations possible that are coming into the earth now, to bring you higher levels of spiritual power than have ever been possible before.

These attunements will clear all negative energies from the environment, while helping to realize “God” within. There are a number of empowerments which gradually remove blocks and raise vibration, bringing about a very strong and clear sense of love, happiness, joy, peace, prosperity, wisdom, spiritual growth, harmony, miracles, magick, healing, power, romance, courage, freedom, inspiration, intuition, strength and understanding.

See also my article Higher Vibration Chakra Tune Up.

Level 1: £50

Level 2: £50

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