Aghora TANTRIK Empowerments

Aghora Empowerments are dikshas to the highest Tantrik powers, which can only be given by an Avadhuta; one who has given his life totally to Kali. It is the total surrender to Kali and the removal of all blocks and inhibitions that opens the Avadhuta to the free flow of power from Kali. Aghora empowerments are a huge boost to your development of Tantrik powers. For more about the path of the Aghora, read my article.

As these empowerments are Tantrik, you will need to be naked to receive them.

Note: The minimum pre-requisite for all these Aghora Empowerments is the Kali (Mahakali) empowerment, and Candali to at least level 4.

Please Contact me to arrange to receive these empowerments remotely.

Fire Orb

Fire Orb - Aziz Shamanism
This empowerment is the captured energy from a Bhairavi homam, formed into an orb that will repeat itself whenever invoked. Put fire power into any ritual or meditation you wish. It can be used in healing, manifestation and purification rituals, Tantrik sex, kundalini meditation etc.

Cost: £50

Kapala Bhairav Shield

kapala-bhairav shield Aziz Shamanism
This gives you a shield that causes anyone approaching with hostile intent to be repelled with a splitting headache.

Cost: £75

Herbal Sakti

Herbal Sakti Aziz Shamanism
This empowerment bestows upon you all the secret magick hidden within the plant kingdom. It will allow you to access the full healing power of herbs, as well as their legendary magick, when using herbs as ritual components. Also allows you to channel the healing power of any herb.

Cost: £60

Vasuki Empowerment

Vasuki Empowerment - Aziz Shamanism
Attunement to Shiva’s snake, this will give you immunity to all forms of black magick, as well as the power to curse.

Cost: £75

Demon Armour

Demon Armour - Aziz Shamanism
A strong psychic shield, like tenaga dalam but without restrictions on practice. This will permanently protect you from harm, physical or magickal.

Cost: £100

Karma Purification

Karma Purification - Aziz Shamanism
This power was gained from Lord Shiva as a result of long and intense sadhana and dietas with bilva leaves. You can use it any time on self or others .Each time this power is used, it will work down to the depths of your being, removing all negative karma from all lives, and cleansing you of all negative attachments.

Cost: £100

Twin Blades of the Destroyer

Twin Blades of the destroyer - Aziz Shamanism
A powerful gift from the Dragons that places great destructive power in your hands, that can be used to destroy any negative entity or obstacle.

Cost: £100

Shatru Maran Putli Tantra

Shatru Maran Putli Tantra - Aziz Shamanism
The killing tantra. This can give one the power to kill through the use of mantras. Mantras are given.

Cost: £200

Dakini/ Daka Guardian Pair

Dakini/ Daka guardian pair - Aziz Shamanism
The highest form of guardian spirit available. A Dakini and Daka in perfect tantrik union, which have achieved greatly amplified power through their union. Stronger than a khodam, and also looks after your sexual needs. Provides very high level protection, healing, enlightenment, purification and draws lovers or a soul mate.

Cost: £250

Dream Healing Orb

dream healing orbDreams are an important part of our well being. They provide healing, fulfillment, stress release and spiritual upliftment. Our dreams often get blocked through making life too real. This empowerment heals our ability to dream. You will start having more lucid dreams that fulfil your inner needs and provide guidance.

Cost £60

Shatru Nashak Shankh

shatru nashak shankhThe conch for destroying all enemies. As its name suggests, this Shankh destroys all enemies, known or unknown, very quickly. You will need a very large conch shell to hold the empowerment

Cost £200

Soul Retrieval Orb

soul retreival orbThis enlists the Nagas, who have greater mastery of all realms of the underworld than any human being. Each time it is activated, the Nagas will spend an hour retrieving lost power and missing pieces of the soul

Cost £100

Ultimate Djinn Protection

ultimate djinn protectionThis gives you the protection of Al Gaum, the ancient pre-Islamic Djinn God of protection, the original source of safety sciences. The highest level of protection ever.

Cost: £250

Crystal Palace of Love

crystal castleThis empowerment builds an etheric crystal palace around your aura totally attuned to love. It will keep you growing on the path of love, and make sure those who won’t love do not stay in your reality.

Cost: £60

Enemy Burning Fire

Paradoxically, this is the perfect accompaniment to the crystal palace of love. However committed we are to love, there will always be enemies, and we have to allow space for them in our reality. The burning fire is the perfect place for those who refuse to love and insist on maintaining hostility towards you. It takes care of them automatically.

Cost: £75


astrasAstras are legendary magick missiles, described in the Vedas. They are traditionally provided by Shiva after long and difficult spiritual disciplines. Rather than use in war as the old writings describe, we see this as symbolic of conquering inner demons. I cannot pass them on directly without sadhana being undertaken. If you are willing to perform the Sadhana, which involves 125,000 repetitions of a mantra over a number of days, I can give you an astra. I first give you empowerment of the mantra, then after completing the Sadhana, I can give you the astra, which you can then unleash at will.

At present, I offer two astras:

Ultimate Exorcism Astra

This is unleashed into a patient during healing. For an hour it will spread through their subconscious and unconscious minds, destroying every negative entity or curse in its wake. A very thorough cleansing indeed. Requires Sadhana of the Mahamrtyunjaya mantra.

Cost: £150

Shame Release Astra

Shame is an energy that gets passed on from others. As it has been passed down through many generations, it is often so deeply ingrained that we don’t realize that we operating through it. This astra, when released into the patient during healing, spreads right back through the generations, casting back the shame to its source, which is often the leaders of false religion that first spread shame. Shame is such a heavy problem that it may take several treatments to remove it all. When shame is healed, you are left in total celebration of your self expression. Requires sadhana to Chinnamasti.

Cost: £150

For those who would like these treatments on themselves rather than perform a Sadhana, they can be done during distant healing.

Poverty-Destroying Orb

Poverty is not just a lack of abundance. It is an artificial creation that was there first, before wealth was defined. Nature is over-providing. Lack was created by the greedy, and has been conditioned into us, and is maintained by beliefs, shame, lowered expectation and habit. This orb will clear all these causes of poverty, and clear the channels to abundance, while attuning you to Lakshmi. After 41 days the conditioning of poverty will be gone forever, and abundance will be the norm. It comes with a full course, with meditation sound files.

Cost: £300

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