Spiritual Empowerments

To help those who can’t get to workshops, I am offering these as distant attunements or spiritual empowerments.

I offer a wide diversity of spiritual empowerments which bestow various powers such as magical protection, healing, attracting love and wealth or gaining psychic or spiritual powers. For those less experienced at healing, it is recommended to work through the higher levels of reiki before moving on to the more powerful Tethatu empowerments, as these are extremely powerful, and your power should be built up in stages.

Contact me to arrange a mutually convenient time for any attunements. Please let me know which empowerment(s) you would like to receive and indicate your general availability – day and time – when you will be able to be in a quiet space to receive the attunement/spiritual empowerment.

Metaphysical Empowerments

Spiritual Empowerment - pranic ernergy activation - image shows a warm light coming from a human figureThese come from high level adepts on Java. Raise kundalini, and develop legendary mystical powers.There are empowerments for enlightenment, as well as occult powers which give you control of your life, give invulnerability, wealth, love etc LEARN MORE…

Reiki Grandmaster Attunements – 18 Degrees

Like many people, I took Reiki in its early days, then left it behind for more powerful modalities. A few years ago, I spent time on mount Kurama (where reiki began) and was re-awakened by the deities of the mountain.  I am an 18th degree grandmaster, and have come back to teaching the higher degrees, as I have had deeper insight into the importance of these special energies. LEARN MORE…

Vedic Empowerments

Vedic spiritual empowerments - Indian goddess Lakshmi sitting in a lotus flower The Vedic Empowerments have 6 Empowerments – Ganesh, MahaLakshmi Seichim, MahaKali, Kamadev, Mahamrtyunjaya, and Shri Yantra Empowerments. LEARN MORE…

Egyptian Empowerments

Eye of Horus paintingThe Egyptian Empowerments has six activations… Eye of Horus Activation, Mantra Activation, Ahara, Isis Seichim, Sekmet Seichim, and The Goddess Attunement. LEARN MORE…

Tethatu Empowerments

The Divine Blueprint in two levels plus the Dragon Fire Empowerment.



Harness the power of hypothetical Tachyon particles which travel faster than the speed of light. Create your own Tachyon devices to help cleanse yourself and your environment and to greatly enhance the vibration of other energies. LEARN MORE…

Vajron – A New Concept in Destroying Evil

The Vajra is a powerful weapon against negative forces. It is used in many Eastern healing practices as a protection and to destroy enemies, demons or negative forces. The vajron is the name I have given to the particle that grounds this power into our reality…  LEARN MORE

Aghora Empowerments

Fire Orb - Aziz ShamanismAghora Empowerments are dikshas to the highest Tantrik powers, which can only be given by an Avadhuta; one who has given his life totally to Kali. It is the total surrender to Kali and the removal of all blocks and inhibitions that opens the Avadhuta to the free flow of power from Kali. Aghora empowerments are a huge boost to your development of Tantrik powers.


2 thoughts on “Spiritual Empowerments”

  1. Dear Azizs I m impressed with all the empowerment course you offering. Very wise and superior knowledge. Wish to absorb some of the concepts and able to release in the environment. I love the Egyptian course and the Tachyon. I do not know if can get more but I realise is better with little so I can learn alot. Thanks for you existence to help take power back to humanity. You are blessed

  2. Hi Mr Aziz, you are the most reliable, kind and powerful spiritualist I have ever met in my life. You took me through many different distant healing and attunements services regardless of my geographical location which endowed me special protection against both physical and spiritual harm thereby making me untouchable in this world. Many of my enemies who attacked me spiritually suffered from their own evil work as their magical attacks were reversed back to them leaving me unharmed. There were instances where four powerful spiritualists Lost their lives for casting death spells against me which backfired sending them to their graves. I infact write this testimony in appreciation for such powerful attunements i received from you. I look forward to working with you for attunements to the India wealth deities and empowerments that will enable me create and consecrate spiritual tools. I forever owe you a gratitude for your most valuable services offered me far away here in Ghana which no money or any material thing can quantify. I am grateful. God bless you. Michael, Ghana.

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