Ultimate Healing Course with Upgraded Body Electronics

Body Electronics (Point-holding) graphic showing energy points and extra dragon power

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Enrol in Ultimate Healing Part 1 Online Next accompanying Live Webinar series runs January to April, 2023.

Find out more and receive a free healing on my upcoming webinar, ‘Introduction to Ultimate Healing’ on Saturday, 21 January, 2023 – I’ll be offering it twice to cater for different time zones:

10am London time (GMT)
8pm New York time (EST)

Details of next In-person Part 2 – Thailand, May 2023 3 weeks. The first week will also be available in The Netherlands in July. Part 1 Online is a pre-requisite for everyone.

Part 2 Online option

In my experience, my Ultimate Healing with Upgraded Body Electronics (also called Point Holding) is the most powerful healing system available anywhere. It releases blocked emotions and trauma allowing the body to heal — the kundalini rises, the body regenerates, bone structures change, calcifications break down to restore nerve supplies and weakened organs regenerate.

This approach is also very helpful to those who don’t have physical health problems but who are stuck in their lives — including emotionally, in their relating or financially. When we understand the cause and remove the emotional blocks, people’s lives change — their relationships go deeper, they make more money and they are able to get on with what they are here to do —create their dream.

The Body Electronics Intensive which I have been running for many years is now part of my new Ultimate Healing Course.

Facing Personal and Global Crisis

My Ultimate Healing Course is designed to address the problems we are facing both personally and globally – problems and challenges that have reached an unprecedented level. The main technique used in the course was created to heal physical health problems but it goes far beyond that. In dealing with the cause of physical problems, we found we have to deal with various emotional issues such as problems with love, money, creating the reality you want, and also how to discreate the things in life you don’t want. Currently, this has become far more important than ever, because what we’re dealing with here is how to show that you are God, how to be in your power. There’s so much in the world these days, that’s taking power away from you, making you feel out of control, trying to bring you into slavery, giving you things you don’t want, bringing you down all the time. And so, by contrast, if we’re going to step into our power and be able to change, this is going to require more power than ever. This need to wake up is becoming very present.

Our Role as Creator

My work centres around our relationship as creator. Awareness does only three things – it creates, experiences, then discreates. When we first come out of Source as pure awareness before we actually form in individuality, our relationship to our creation is one of creator to creation. Once we become conditioned into the animal mind, it’s one of creature to creation – we become the victim of that which we’ve created. You’ve heard many times before that we create our reality – we are responsible for it. Responsibility is the ability to respond – it teaches you how you can change your reality when you choose to. It puts the power back in your hands. You can look at the things you don’t want, and by recognising the emotions inside yourself that hold your creation together, you can heal it all. When you learn to welcome and release your emotions, the situation that these emotions hold in place will change in your life. And then your body changes and heals too.

Body Electronics

The main healing modality used in the Ultimate Healing Course is based on a technique called Body Electronics – something I studied with John Ray in the 1980’s. It involves holding points on the body for several hours which triggers genetic memories, emotions, past thoughts and beliefs to rise to the surface so you can deal with them. It’s an intensely transformative process taking you beyond physical healing because every situation in your life is also a reflection of these patterns you hold inside yourself. See below for more on how the Body Electronics process works.

Changing Ourselves, Our Families and the World Around Us

Our body is only one of our creations. Everything around us is being held together by our consciousness. The people around you are affected by your thoughts about them and how you respond to them. When you deal with these thought patterns, you can change your money, love life, health – your whole world. It also has a ripple effect on those around you. Through this effect which we call morphogenetic resonance, people who have the same genes will change when you change because they resonate. In this course, you go through healing crisis and change – so don’t be surprised afterwards if you find your whole family has changed as well. They’ve all risen in consciousness and released various emotions and become more enlightened.

And it’s not just family members who change – everybody around you who’s close to you is also affected by you. Although we don’t try to change people – we don’t judge people or try to force anything – when you change yourself, you do change them all. So, your attitude towards those around you, your beliefs in them, to some degree will be holding them in place as they are now. When you recognise that you are creator and you see everybody else as God and this force of unconditional love and non-judgement is acting, everybody changes, everybody is more enlightened. In this work, you change yourself and you change your world. This is so important for this time when people are getting pulled down in fear and losing their power. When you are reminded that it is all your creation, you can change your health, your life, and go back to your dreams and create what you want. This is what the Ultimate Healing course can give you.

Manifestation and Discreation

In this course, I teach the art and science of manifestation, and equally important, I also teach you how to discreate what you don’t want. Everything around you is created by your past – memories and thoughts are still holding situations in place because you haven’t finished fully experiencing them – perhaps because they are too painful or uncomfortable. When you learn to welcome these feelings and release them, those unwanted situations in your life go, they change. The problem is, every time we try and create something new, it causes old creations to reassert themselves and this manifests as doubt which disable our ability to manifest. Before creating something new, we need to be able to discreate anything that is getting in the way.

This process of discreation is very simple but it takes a while to really get – that’s why people need guidance. When you start to welcome your emotions rather than judge them, and you expand through your creation, recalling memories to a point where you see the whole thing from the outside – it’s no longer you. You recognise this isn’t me, it’s my creation, and you let it go. With this, the whole situation in your life changes, the problems end and they don’t come back. This is a process of permanent transformation in our health, our consciousness and in our life. It puts you back in a position of being creator, where you can then create the life you want and discreate all the things you don’t want, both personally and globally. At this particular time in history, this is needed more than ever.

Course Structure

The Ultimate Healing Course is comprised of two parts:

Ultimate Healing Part 1 – Self Healing Online

This is a pre-requisite for anyone wishing to join Part 2.

The next annual  Live Webinar Series (with hot seat coaching) runs 28 January to 29 April, 2023 (included in the cost).

Note: If you have participated in a previous in-person Body Electronics Ultimate Healing Intensive (as it was called prior to 2021) with me, Peter, you will need to complete Part 1 online in order to participate in Part 2 in-person. Please contact me letting me know the year and location of your previous Intensive and you will be sent a discounted link where you can purchase Part 1 online for a third of the regular cost.

Ultimate Healing Part 2 – In-Person Body Electronics Intensive followed by Aftercare, Integration & Further Study

The next Ultimate Healing Part 2 In-person Body Electronics Intensive will be in Chiang Mai, Thailand in May 2023.

Note: There is also an option of an online adaptation of Ultimate Healing Part 2 if you are unable to travel to an In-person Intensive.

There are further Advanced Pointholding Courses for those who have attended Ultimate Healing Part 2. These courses can be taken in any order and are not currently scheduled. However, the Manifestation Centre is also available online.

Ultimate Healing Part 1 – Self Healing

This online course contains core teachings and exercises which will also be revisited in Part 2. Attunements are included which give protection against negative energies and disease and which also speed up the release of blocked emotions. Part 1 can be taken as a standalone course.

There are 8 modules, containing a number of guided meditations on mp3 audio files. You will be guided to welcome and release emotions, take back power, release shame, mature ego, embrace shadow, master the art of creating everything you want, as well as dis-creating everything you don’t want. Your journey through these modules will be supported with an online, live webinar series where some of the information will be covered in more detail and you will be given the opportunity to ask any questions that you might have related to the content you have completed.

In this home study section, we do everything except the point holding. You will learn to heal yourself very deeply, remove all kinds of emotional blocks, manifest your desires, dis-create situations you don’t want, and generally master your life. This is essential ground work before attending the in-person courses.

In Part 1 we look at:

  • How emotions affect your health
  • Releasing emotional blocks
  • Taking back lost power
  • Levels of healing
  • Dis-creation
  • Releasing past choices
  • Nutrition & healing crisis
  • Manifestation & future causality
  • Mastering ego & shadow
  • Healing physical ailments
  • Overcoming weapons of control & veils of perception
  • Candali initiations

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who is planning to participate for the first time in the Ultimate Healing Part 2 – In-Person Body Electronics Intensive
  • Anyone looking to accelerate their spiritual development
  • Those looking for a positive change in their life
  • Those looking to heal from long term physical issues
  • Those who have tried countless other approaches but still can’t shift their deepest issues
  • Anyone feeling disempowered, shamed or unable to forgive
  • Those prepared to embrace their shadow
  • Those wanting to step into the power and sovereignty to bring healing to themselves and the world
  • Anyone looking to add a powerful new healing technique to their healing practice
  • Those new to shamanism and healing and those with experience
  • Those who have previously participated in the Body Electronics Intensive and would like to review the material and update with new teachings (discounted access)

Some of the benefits from following this course

  • Release emotional blocks and limiting beliefs
  • Learn the fundamentals of manifestation
  • Learn how to work with the 7 levels of healing
  • Receive attunements to protect against negativity and disease and to release blocked emotions faster
  • Learn how to handle crisis
  • Recognise the waking up potential in negative states
  • Reclaim your power
  • Understand and eliminate shame
  • Learn keys to forgive yourself and others
  • Learn the process of dis-creating unwanted thoughts, emotions and experiences
  • Understand and make better choices
  • Discover your True Will
  • Learn how to use future causality to bring about desired change
  • Dissolve the myths that keep you playing small
  • Understand and embrace your shadow
  • Learn how to deal with trauma, habits and addictions
  • Understand how nutrition supports healing
  • Online private group and message access to me
  • Qualify to participate in the Ultimate Healing Intensive Part 2 (in-person Body Electronics)

Ultimate Healing Part 2 – In-Person Body Electronics Intensive


In this part of the course, you will join us in-person for the powerful method of sustained point holding that is used to access memories stored in the body at the genetic level, and by releasing emotion and stored trauma, leading to the healing and regeneration of the body as well as inner transformation. You will also receive a number of magickal attunements to amplify your power to heal, transmute and transform. See more details below.

Following the In-Person Intensive, you will receive support and guidance on what to expect after the point holding, how to best look after yourself and fully embody all that you have experienced, as well as how to look forward to the future. This will consist of online follow up webinars and a supporting manual. You will also be guided towards further study to help deepen your practice and evolution. 

Healing systems used in this course include:

Included Attunements and Empowerments

The In-Person Body Electronics Intensive is a synergy of Body Electronics, continually updated with the most powerful spiritual and magickal empowerments found all over the World. It becomes more powerful each time I run it.

During the Intensive, I will give the higher levels of Candali which is a Tibetan system of raising Kundalini in safe stages. This is what has expanded the Body Electronics to a new form so I can now call it the Ultimate Healing Course. I’ve taken John Ray’s work further, made it more powerful by mixing these Eastern teachings. The high levels of Candali which are very secret and that I am privileged to have are now part of this work. Each day in this course, you’re getting new transmissions to raise the Kundalini higher. So, the work gets easier – as consciousness raises, you’re more able to be creator, see your problems, welcome your emotions and just discreate them all. Transformation becomes very rapid and powerful.

In July 2019, I added my 8-level Tachyon Attunement at no extra charge (normal cost is £220). I added level 8 in response to the threat from 5G which is currently being rolled out around the world and in space. Read my article Protection from 5G and other Modern Threats to Health To protect you from 5G, you would tachyonise your home to level 8. This neutralises all harmful effects of EMF.

Other additions in the last 3 years include:

– The Silver Shree Yantra Empowerment which helps you to release limiting beliefs and tap into your intuitive powers – something which is particularly important when you are dealing with serious health conditions. It also helps heal ancestral patterns and enhances your ability to manifest what you want in your life.

– Astras (legendary magick missiles) used during the sessions to make the healing even more powerful.

– Dragon energy specifically to help break down the oppressive Christian egregore (collective group consciousness) and general restriction of freedom so prevalent in our culture.

Peter talks about Body Electronics (Point Holding) during a small workshop in Germany

Body Electronics

The Body Electronics (point holding) method is easily learned, so by the end of the course you will be confident in healing all kinds of problems, and will have addressed and healed any major issues and problems from your own life. During the Ultimate Healing Part 2 In-person Body Electronics Intensive, you will be working on each other every day, receiving the empowerments, and observing incredible changes. You will heal and release physical and emotional problems, mental blocks, limiting beliefs, and become empowered to attract abundance, love and manifest your desires.

There are many reasons for participating in this intensive. Some people take it to improve the healing they give to others, some to heal themselves of difficult ailments,  some to accelerate their spiritual development, and others because they need a positive change in their lives. Some come back just for the wonderful boost it gives them on all levels.

Body Electronics is a powerful method of sustained point holding, developed by Dr John Whitman Ray, largely influenced by Kahuna (Hawaiian  shamanism) teaching. It is used to access memories stored in the body at the genetic level, and by releasing emotion and stored trauma, leads to the healing and regeneration of the body as well as inner transformation. The methods are based on a thorough scientific understanding of how thoughts and emotions are stored in the body, and how they affect our health and development.

The Science of Body Electronics

DNA strand
DNA strand

The body is like a three-dimensional hologram, where the patterns stored in the endocrine system are repeated in the DNA of every cell in the body. On the nucleus of each cell, the DNA spirals down into the nucleus seven times, then bends at 180 degrees and spirals back up seven times. This structure is known as a caducean coil. All sensory experiences pass through this coil. Because the coil acts in both directions at once, the resultant field has no direction, but information is stored as a scalar wave.

All suppressed experiences are stored in the caducean coils of every cell in the body, where the scalar wave will gather into it a melanin-protein complex to form a kind of organic computer chip. These crystals will constantly perpetuate their own pattern and distort other information passed through the coil, so that one no longer experiences reality but reacts automatically according to past experiences.

By beginning with correct nutrition we restore the minerals and enzymes which will clear the mucoprotein congestion and give access to the cellular level of memory. Then by applying enthusiasm to the emotional body, we access the mental body and find all its dualities. All suppressed experience begins with a judgement which means choosing between two sides of a duality, and we heal this by encompassing the duality without judgement.

Practically speaking, we face each emotion with enthusiasm. Many therapies reach the emotions, and yet wallow instead of transmuting them because they do not understand this law. When we intensify an emotion with enthusiasm we push it up the scale, so grief leads into fear, which leads into anger, then pain, etc. We handle each of these with the same enthusiasm, without resistance.

corpus callosum
Corpus callosum
Mobius strip
Mobius strip

When we do this, the scalar wave in the caducean coil can move out through the Corpus Callosum of the brain, which is in the form of a mobius strip. The wave then undergoes a 180 degree phase change and cancels out the wave that is stored in the coil. A hormone-like substance produced by the pineal gland during enthusiasm will then break down the melanin-protein complex. At this point the person will experience a burning in the body which can only be explained as a kundalini experience, which will totally regenerate any weakened areas of the body. Provided the body is nutritionally prepared, there is no limit to what the kundalini can heal.

In Body Electronics, we apply these principles through a powerful system of point holding and visualisation, after following through a nutritional program.

These are the levels we work through

1. The Glandular System

  • Endocrine Gland System
    Glandular System

    Gonads – unconsciousness, anesthesia, drugs, entities

  • Spleen – apathy, failure patterns, giving up, limited thinking, hopelessness
  • Adrenal, Solar Plexus, and Pancreas – grief, victim pattern
  • Thymus – fear, shame
  • Thyroid – anger, guilt, control issues
  • Pituitary – pain, separation issues
  • Pineal – enthusiasm, experience of oneness

2. The Spine

We will work down the spine, clearing each vertebra of calcifications, with its corresponding thought patterns and emotions, creating a free channel for the kundalini.

3. The Cranium

The sutures of the skull are decalcified, and the cranial bones move into their perfect configuration. The skull now acts as an amplifier, capable of amplifying one’s thought projection up to 10,000 times and  making your metaphysical work far more powerful and effective. Here you’re dealing with deeper issues – childhood and prenatal patterns – all the emotions you can’t even remember, all the instinctive patterns that have conditioned everything else from a very deep level.

With the cranial work you move beyond dealing with memories one at a time, to recognising whole patterns you discreate at once. Here you really become the Creator – your manifestation is fast, your discreation is fast, you become far more aware that as creator you can change anything in your life. This is critical in these times –we need to wake up so we can deal with the problems that surround us.


Cranial work also releases the muscles of mastication, which are the bio-computers of neuro-muscular physiology, and store 47% of all anger and pain. Another effect of this work is the restructuring of the pterygoid hamulus, a tiny bone which can act as an antenna for picking up messages, thereby aiding psychic development.

In this video, I explain how Body Electronics works and the effects it can have.

Watch the complete Body Electronics interview series

Listen also to my Day 1 Talk from the 2015 course.

Note: The information covered in the daily talks I gave in previous intensives is now included in Part 1 of the Ultimate Healing Course – available online only, giving you more time to integrate before starting the bodywork.

The combination of healing systems used in the Ultimate Healing Course produces an incredible tool for removing the blocks to anything you want, be it health, wealth, love, spiritual power etc. The synergy of these systems can remove all inner causes of problems, and totally heal physical conditions. Function is restored to organs, cysts and growths dissolve, and nerve pathways are restored to paralysed areas of the body. Furthermore, the inner transformation occurs at a very deep level, producing miraculous changes in the lives of participants.

Structure of the Intensive

The course is practised in a three-week intensive involving one week of Body Electronics (focusing on the glandular system), one week on the spine, then one week of Cranial.

Body Electronics is the primary technique which is taught and practiced daily by participants in small groups or pairs. In the first week, we focus on releasing the emotional blockages held in the glandular system. In the second week, we work on the spine – clearing each vertebra of calcifications and its corresponding thought patterns and emotions and creating a free channel for the kundalini energy to flow. In the third week, we work on the cranium (skull).

Ultimate Healing Handbook - Part 1Each day starts with a recap of the elements covered in Part 1 when I talk about the Body Electronics healing system and the nature of creation, experience and dis-creation. Magickal transmissions to enhance the healing potential may also be given at this time.

This handbook will give you an introduction to the principles we work with — download free in English, German or Japanese.

At the beginning of the week I will give each participant an eye-reading (an integral part of Body Electronics) to ascertain the primary organs and issues needing healing and will put people together in groups for the bodywork sessions. The sessions involve holding specific points on the body (through clothes) to generate a powerful flow of healing kundalini (often experienced as a burning sensation in the fingertips of the giver) together with visualisation techniques and sometimes mantras. We will progressively work through the glandular system, clearing blocks and bringing healing to the organs and their associated emotions and issues.

This work is now more powerful than ever due to magickal healing transmissions given throughout the course which allow participants to channel spiritual energies that greatly speed up and ease the release of conditioning from all levels of their being.

Nutritional Preparation for the Intensive

Throughout the course we will be taking enzymes and minerals which greatly enhance the efficacy of the Body Electronics healing. We are using body electricity and for this to flow effectively there needs to be a good supply of ions (provided by the minerals). These ions are used up during the healing and need to be regularly replenished. Similarly enzyme supplements are used as catalysts for change in the body. You are also highly recommended to eat a substantially raw diet during the course.

Recommended Supplements:

Enzymes: I recommend NOW Plant Food Enzymes (UK) (or buy from US).

Minerals: You can use any multimineral, preferably in colloidal form. I use Enzymes International Co-enzyme minerals in quart bottles i.e. liquid form (1 quart = 32 fl oz = 946 ml) – these are wholesalers so may not be easy to obtain.

In order to obtain maximum benefit from this course, you are highly recommended to start a raw diet and take supplements for a month prior to the course. If this is not practical for you, please do for as long as you can – even a few days will be of benefit. During this time, please also stop or cut down on your consumption of sugar, refined foods, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs. Please also drink plenty of water.

If you have any questions about the content of the Ultimate Healing Course, please contact me at peteraziz.ultimatehealing@gmail.com

Testimonials and excerpts from previous Intensive participants:

“The Body Electronics course provided me with incredibly valuable knowledge, transformation, and awakening that I will take with me throughout my journey as a healer and human on this planet. I received so much more than I possibly could have anticipated before going into this training. My ability to manifest has increased exponentially. My mental, emotional, and physical health became much better. I feel more connected to myself, my power, and spirit than ever before. Working with Peter opened me up in a really big way. He has been the most profound teacher and catalyst for growth that I have crossed paths with so far in my life. I can’t put into words how grateful I am to have joined this training and for all of the teachings and guidance Peter has provided me with.”

Larkin, 22, USA

“Both Peter and the Body Electronics course were recommended to me by a very close friend. I was very keen to experience working and healing with a Shaman. My intention was to improve the quality of my life, clear blockages and gain a sense of fulfillment. I had no idea what to expect or the intense level of impact this course was going to have on my life. Since working with Peter in general, and attending the body electronics, my life has shifted dramatically in a direction I never thought existed. My awareness and knowledge of the world of magick and healing has increased, I have tools I can use multiple times a day to help me continue to clear, heal and evolve.

“My level of consciousness has spiked, my clairvoyance abilities have opened, my life path has unfolded. It’s safe to say that life will never be the same again and I don’t want it to. I’m happier, healthier, calmer, fulfilled, challenged, aligned and looking forward to the future. Those who attend this course can expect radical shifts in their mindsets, health and perceptions if they embrace the process during and after the course and allow the magick to work. Peter is the most genuine, supportive, compassionate and authentic teacher I have ever experienced. I highly value and am grateful for his contributions to the world and what he strives for.”
Carrie Brightwell, 40, Holistic Healer, UK

“I have participated in Peter Aziz’s Body Electronics: ultimate healing course for two years in a row and I am planning to keep coming back to it. The depth of healing and extent of transformation that takes place in this course combined with the wealth of information presented, was life changing for me. I was able to release blockages, negative patterns and emotions that were holding me back my whole life. Working with and learning from Peter is a joyful, expansive transformative magickal journey. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking for real healing and growth in both their spiritual but also scientific understanding of reality.”
Eirene Shamma, 38, Architect, Thailand

“I have done a few courses with Peter, workshop and home study as well. I enjoyed Body Electronics workshop it was great experience, and healed my life in deep level. I`ve started believing myself and I was able change my diet for healthier one. Inspired me to study Iridology. I recently did Psychic protection course, and Abundance course, and my business is picking up more. Thank you Peter”
Magdolna, 60, Detox Specialist, UK

“After trying many healing modalities and workshops, I have to honestly say that the point holding course I did with Peter has been the most transformational 3 weeks I could have ever imagined. It was at one moment a few months after the course that I suddenly noticed how much my life had improved in such a short space of time since completing the course.I would highly recommend this to anyone and do regularly.”
Chris, 34, Retired, Thailand

“I first did the Body Electronics course a few years ago, and not only did I learn what was literally the most powerful hands-on energy healing technique I’ve ever heard of (by far!), the way I understood how energy, magic, and reality in general all worked was transformed, and my approach at personal development evolved immensely. It was such an incredible experience that I came back to do the same course again several years later. Peter is the genuine article. I have met a lot of Shamans and gurus over the years, but no one like him. Trust me, you’ll come out of this workshop with a lot more than a simple healing method. you’ll leave with a whole new understanding and perspective of reality and how true healing really works, you’ll understand it at its core!

“P.S. If there are any other courses being offered at the same time (which there usually is) I HIGHLY recommend participating. All of Peter’s courses are more than worth it!”
Tyler Strasser, 33, Massage Therapist, USA

“Body Electronics is without doubt the deepest healing , changing things permanently and uncovering the shadow you could never know existed. The way Peter holds these intensives is incredible, the dissertations are like rewriting your life guidebook , the attunements and teachings are a solid foundation for healing yourself and others in the future and the wealth of insight and wisdom Peter freely gives is invaluable. The healing received from the Body Electronics has proven itself to be lasting and life changing ….I can only really say it has changed my world. I’m grateful to Peter for holding these courses with the highest level of integrity and shamanic ability in such a unique and joyful way.

“There is no way to know what will come up in the sessions whether it is clearing apathy ; which I’ve never seen addressed in other healing but has been a huge cleanup for me, or releasing shame, bringing back power I’ve given away or going into past lives and redressing the issue in this lifetime. The clearing of conditioning has been so ultimately freeing…..and met with inspired enthusiasm and joy however uncomfortable it may feel.

“I have attended BE now for 10 years and also taken many other courses with Peter Aziz and have found all his work to have profound lasting effects. I can completely recommend Body Electronics and his multitude of other work …. A true master and the real deal.”
S.R. Healer, Thailand

“…the Ultimate Healing Course actually delivered even more than it promised, both in terms of healing therapy and new understanding.”

“The course surpassed my wildest expectations and prompted me to continue my studies with Peter for the next 3 years. My friend also found the work hugely beneficial and credits Peter and his work as having a major influence on her complete healing.”

“I participated in the Ultimate Healing Course with Peter in the summer and I feel that great healing occurred on many levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). I stopped using my thyroid medication and I feel much better, powerful and restful. My hormonal system is much more in balance.”

“I can freely say that the Ultimate Healing Course with Peter was the most powerful course I ever did!!! Far beyond the highest and most optimistic expectations I had!!! It was enormous healing on all levels; a big big trigger for spiritual progress that I wanted for many years…”
“I cannot adequately express in words my gratitude for the amazing courses and for all you shared with us of you wisdom, generosity of heart, patience and love. It is without doubt the most powerful and wonderful experience we have had together. The course has changed our perspective on life immeasurably and irreversibly (dramatically for the better, of course) – and on top of that we are noticing how wonderful things are continuing to unfold effortlessly for us.
With much love, light and healing to you.”
Robin, Software Architect, London

“Peter’s Ultimate Healing Intensive courses have given me the foundation for my healing that I use pretty much on a daily basis. Peter is very generous with his encyclopaedic body of knowledge that he shares freely on every course, and has tremendous love for his students. I’ve done most strands of the Intensive, some multiple times, applied these techniques on myself, and have seen consistent progress in my emotional and physical state, major improvements in post-surgery scar tissue pain and trauma. His knowledge is very empowering and helps to begin to see the illusion of the human conditions and create faith that one can create their own reality with sufficient release of old patterns and energy. So far I have not seen a more efficient technique for this, which does not require taking external substances.” I.A.,32, UK

“Ask and you shall receive. Well I was preying for strength to change and Peters shamanic course manifested. His intensive healing techniques brought about the the beginning of a transformational change, increasing consciousness, changing patterns of behaviour and removing life times of emotional blocks. It has given me the strength, the courage and enthusiasm to change, to believe and learn to love life again from a heart centred place. I had reach a place of hardship and stagnation, and now there is hope, light and excitement. Thank you.” Shepali

Read more participant testimonials.

Read my articles related to Body Electronics.

Upcoming Courses

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Ultimate Healing Part 2 – In-person Body Electronics Intensive

Please note that all participants of the Ultimate Healing Intensive will need to have completed Part 1 online prior to starting Part 2.

You can book for just the first week and decide later if you’d like to continue – most people do!

  • Glands: 8-13 May, 2023
  • Spine: 15-20 May, 2023 (Glands is a prerequisite)
  • Cranium:  22-27 May, 2023  (Glands & Spine are prerequisites)

Venue: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Cost £407 per week – includes raw lunch and dinner; accommodation and breakfast not included.

If you bring a friend with you (who has not worked with me before) you can get a single discount of 10%, which will be refunded to you at the start of the course.

*** See Ultimate Healing in Thailand page for more payment details and practical information. ***
*** For general inquiries, timings, bookings and payment inquiries please contact peteraziz.ultimatehealing@gmail.com

Note: I will be offering a Dragon Magick workshop at the same venue in Chiang Mai on 30-31 May, 2023 costing £200 excluding food and accommodation.

The Netherlands, near Assen

Ultimate Healing Part 2 – In-person Body Electronics Intensive

Please note that all participants of the Ultimate Healing Intensive will need to have completed Part 1 online prior to starting Part 2.

  • Glands: 17-22 July, 2023

More details for The Netherlands can be found here.

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  1. I love Body Electronics and I studied with Robert Tennyson Stevens. a student of John Ray in 1985, 1986, and again in 1998 to 2000 in Asheville N.C. and I consider BE to be the most intensive and radical approach to healing I have yet experienced. I salute you for offering!

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