Body Electronics Advanced Pointholding

Peter Aziz holding skull used to demonstrate points in Body Electronics Advanced Point Holding CourseThere are further pointholding courses for those who have attended the two-week Body Electronics intensive:

Please see my Calendar for the next scheduled dates for these courses which can be taken in any order.


Third Eye Course

This course focuses on clearing and fine-tuning the third eye and psychic gate, which will free you from interference from any outside influences, while developing your clairvoyance and powers of manifestation. You will learn to make fluid accumulators and magick mirrors for developing psychic ability and work with an incredibly powerful manifestation technique that removes all resistance to getting what you want so that you can consistently manifest success.


Crown Chakra Course

We spend six days clearing the crown chakra,which clarifies one’s relationship to God/Goddess/All That Is, aligns one to their true will, clears any blocks to fulfilling one’s desires, and opens one to abundance. This produces a real sense of fulfilment. An empowerment is given to connect you to the raw power of creation. All spiritual and magickal powers are increased.


The Manifestation Centre: Beyond The Crown

On this course we focus on clearing the manifestation centre, a subtle chakra that is essential for manifesting one’s desires. The integrity of this chakra can be tested, and it is found that one’s level of abundance is directly related to the health of the manifestation centre. We heal it through new transmissions, point holding, and a rare Tibetan herb called “spirit buster”.

Upcoming Course

Date: 22-26 March, 2021

Venue:  Koh Phangan, Thailand

More venue and accommodation info  here.

Cost: £350 – not including food and accommodation

What to bring – camping mattress & blanket, cushion or meditation chair if you wish.

For further information and to book, please Contact me.

Cost: £350


Higher Psychic Centres

Through a combination of point holding, meditations and new transmissions, we will heal and develop the higher psychic centres which give clairvoyance, telepathy, telekinesis and other psychic abilities. Included in this course are the powerful Tethatu transmissions of Releasing Limitation, Opening to Miracles, and Higher Guidance.


Sexual Mastery Course

A five day point holding course concentrating on sexual empowerment, designed to remove all sexual blocks and unleash ones full power, for seduction, manifestation, and greater orgasmic potential. There will be a number of tantrik empowerments given, for sexual power, magnetism and orgasmic touch. The purpose of this course is to allow everyone to reach complete sexual fulfilment.

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