Advanced Javanese Magick

magickal self defense with tenaga dalam empowermentContinuing with the Javanese Magick initiations to a higher level of power over 5 weekends. We still work with basic powers of magickal self defense or invulnerability, power strike, charisma, love etc, but these powers become greater at each level. We also add some other high level spiritual initiations, to take you into oneness with God, and the highest spiritual wisdom. If you wish to receive these initiations remotely, please contact me.

Note: You will need to have completed the initiations levels 1-5 from my Javanese Magick Course before you are able to progress to these more powerful advanced initiations. Please contact me to arrange to receive these earlier initiations remotely (or in person) if you wish to join the Advanced Javanese Magick course.

6) Invulnerability (Magickal Self Defense)

  • Power punch
  • Be respected and feared
  • Love spell
  • Cahaya Langit (light of heaven. Brings great blessings)
  • Rajah Kala Cakra 1. This starts a very high protection power, which builds a vortex of light in the heart, which no negative force can penetrate. The sacred name of Vishnu is inscribed in the heart chakra. There are 5 levels.


7) High attraction power

  • Power palm.
  • Daya Sejati (oneness with God)
  • Rajah Kala Cakra 2


8) Invulnerability to fire

  • Prevent crimes
  • Safe travel
  • Subdue enemies
  • Great munujad power (Allah fulfils any wish)
  • Rajah Kala Cakra 3
  • Rajah Pumangkas Jagad 1 – Power to create talismans


9) Destroy black magick

  • Charisma
  • Prosperity
  • Guardian angel
  • Rajah kala cakra 4
  • Rajah pumangkas jagad 2- more talismans.
  • Pusaka Tumbak Wesi Kuning (high protection and blessing power)


10) Highest love spells

  • Protection from negative entities
  • Protection from supernatural attack
  • More talismans, for healing, fertility, impotence, charisma
  • Rajah Kala Cakra 5

Please check my Calendar for details of my next course.

Times: 10am – 5pm.

Bookings to: Peter Aziz

Tel: 01364 643127


£50 deposit required


Distant and catch up sessions

We have some options for those who are interested in the course, but can’t make the first weekend. Please note that as the initiations are progressive, the level 6 initiations in the first advanced module must be taken before you can receive the higher level initiations.

1) Distant attendance. If we have your names, instructions can be sent by email, and you can receive the empowerments distantly during the course. You just need some time to meditate over the weekend to receive the empowerments. Cost £125

2) Distant attunements can be arranged individually at a time to suit you. The charge for this will be £160, as extra time is taken.

For any of these options, contact me

Angelic Khodam initiations are an integral part of this course. For more information, please read my article on Angelic Khodams.

For more background information, please see my article Javanese Magick – Origin and Specialities


A recent testimonial from one of my students

Hi Peter
I had an opportunity to use Javanese magick a couple of days ago and I feel like sharing it with you:
I was at my friend’s house when a big family fight happened between her family members, with her as a main subject of a discussion, but not directly involved in the discussion! It was a big family turbulence as one of the member’s intentions, filled with hate and jealousy against my friend, was exposed in a dramatic manner in front of the last person in the world she would like that thing to happen. Not being able to play his hidden game anymore and being exposed in front of others, that person (who seems to be a powerful person) directed immediately all his hate and hostility against my friend. She was in the other part of the house and started having a strong headache and feeling of terrible pulling on her third chakra. After 10-15 min she started vomiting too. Meanwhile I got my Javanese magick writings and I decided to use Qulhu Sungsang from Level 2. I chant a mantra 3 times, as it is supposed to be done, after that I start praying to creator that this attack stop. After, I think, not even 2 min. my friend felt strong anger (she told me that later), she stood up from the floor and said “No way that I gonna suffer more!”
Qulhu Sungsang worked immediately!!!
Vladan, Italy

(Qulhu Sangsang empowerment puts a stop to black magick.)

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