Underworld Journeying

Underworld Journeying

Underworld Journeying

Underworld Journeying – Removing Unconscious Blocks to Success

This home-study course on Underworld Journeying  introduces you to the essentials of shamanic journeying in the underworld and includes an audio file with drumming and my voice guiding you.

90 percent of our brain function is outside conscious awareness: we are largely controlled by unconscious processes. Psychology then is rather inadequate, as it deals with thought processes that only make up 10 percent of our consciousness.

The unconscious mind is not rational, and our usual rational processes will not touch it. It consists of primordial forces, instincts and survival templates, and tends to give everything a form and a life. When entering the unconscious, all our impulses and instincts will be seen as a form of living things. In dealing with these beings we are able to make profound changes in our behaviour patterns and in our lives.

This course covers the following:

Entering the Underworld – various techniques

The Power Animal – When we reclaim the animal in us, we regain personal power, individuality, purpose, drive, assertiveness, intuition and responsibility. To reclaim this animal power, we must find the animal we left in the underworld and bring it back with us.

Artificial Elementals – An elemental is a being that has only one side to its nature. Artificial elementals are beings we have created unconsciously. Any strong thought with emotion, if given form into an idea, has a life, and will try to perpetuate itself. Habits have an elemental life, which is why you can’t break them by reasoning around them. When you destroy the life form, the habit is no longer there. Automatic reactive emotional patterns, traumas which continually repeat themselves and runs of bad luck all have artificial elementals behind them. Two people in a personal relationship also have an elemental. If the relationship elemental is weak, damaged or absent, the relationship fails.

Soul Retrieval – Sometimes, during unbearable trauma, a piece of the soul can leave, in order to escape. This is why there are total or partial memory losses surrounding some traumas, or a numbing of feelings. Signs that a part of your soul is missing are a lack of feeling, low energy, or a sense of incompleteness; never being happy as there is always something indefinable missing in one’s life. Soul fragments can be retrieved and integrated during underworld journeying.

Disease Entities – When soul loss has occurred through childhood illness or vaccinations, these soul fragments can be reclaimed with the help of your power animal.

Practicing Underworld Journeying

The accompanying audio file contains a guided journey into the underworld, guided by a drum, the traditional sound that carries you across the threshold. Gradually work through the above stages, finding your power animal, releasing all the negative elementals, and retrieving any lost fragments of your soul. This will empower you in many ways no other method can achieve. Once all the negative forms have gone, you will be ready to start building the positive life you want.

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If you have any questions or problems, please contact me. I can offer distant attunements if required which will ensure your success with journeying.

N.B. If you wish to use this course to meet the pre-requisites for my Magick – The Faery & Dragon Path course, you will need to practice journeying several times and can ask me for feedback prior to attending the Magick Course.

Underworld Journeying Home Study Course


***NEW*** Now also available in German

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  1. I’m interested in your Underworld Journeying course. I’d like to know in which form is the teaching material. Do I receive written material through the post or do I have access to written material through the internet. I hope to hear from you soon.

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