Shamanic Empowerment – Shamanism Training at Home

Become powerful and create the life of your dreams from the comfort of your own home! This is a step-by-step shamanism training and is probably the most empowering home study course you will ever come across. Whatever your present circumstances, you will be guided month by month to come into your full power, release all guilt, shame and restricting beliefs, develop a powerful self-image, and learn shamanic skills and healing techniques that will enable you to change every aspect of your life. You will also develop your intuition so that you can always make positive choices. Meditations are provided on cassette tape, containing sacred sounds and spells that ensure you are able to alter your state of consciousness and awaken your power.

The course runs for ten months, with a lesson sent once a month. Your personal tutor, Peter Aziz, is a renowned Shaman who has helped many people come into their power and make dramatic changes in their lives.

The ten lesson shamanism training will contain the following material:

Lesson 1: Removing All Shame.

Regression to childhood experiences that have produced shame, with powerful techniques for healing and releasing it.

Lesson 2. Claiming Your Missing Power.

You will learn the many ways in which you have given away power, learn how it has been taken from you, and learn how to take it back. A past-life regression tape will guide you to take back power lost in past lives as well.

Lesson 3. Underworld Journeying.

You will be guided on a shamanic journey into the underworld, firstly to gain a spirit ally, and then to release unconscious blocks to your success, before being brought back.

Lesson 4. The Raw Materials of Creation.

You will uncover deeply routed beliefs and powerful choices made in the past that are shaping your present life, and change them, thus reshaping your future.

Lesson 5. Image.

You will understand how your self-image was formed, and then release it and build a more powerful one that will help you create a successful reality.

Lesson 6. Healing.

Releasing emotional blocks.

Lesson 7. Entering the Causal Plane

Manifesting Your Dreams. You will be guided on a shamanic journey to the causal plane where you can manifest your desires, and release whatever blocks stand in the way.

Lesson 8. Opening the Door to Money.

You will understand what attitudes limit your ability to make money, and release the strongest restrictions.

Lesson 9. The Art of Change.

You will learn soul resonance and the art of self-reflection, to change anything in accordance with your will.

Lesson 10. The Continued Development of Intuition and Power.

The course ends with exercises you can use to continuously develop your power and intuition.

The cost of the course is £250.

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