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Magick: The Faerie and Dragon Path SERIES

These powerful courses takes you on a series of shamanic journeys and initiations into faery and dragon magick. They consist of recordings of the weekend Courses on Magick, with written notes, and all necessary attunements and empowerments. The series is currently being upgraded from a Home Study version to an Online version with more comprehensive manuals and additional audio and video recordings. 

They are also special packages, designed to make real magick available at an affordable price. Each course includes £200-£300 worth of empowerments. As the recordings are live, they are not the best sound quality, but workable. I tend to focus on the magick rather than the packaging, and live recordings help capture the magick. What you get are magickal initiations and profound occult knowledge not found anywhere else.

I keep the prices low because I wish for people to be able to afford the full training. The courses are progressive. By the time you finish you will be greatly transformed and will have a much deeper understanding of your place as creator. Such understanding will benefit any magickal or spiritual path.

Each course was designed to be taken over a weekend, but you can now do them in your own time. The courses include very large sound files that consist of discussion, guided meditations and journeys, and distant empowerments.

This series is suitable for those who have some previous experience of shamanic journeying and meditations. For those without previous experience, my home study ‘bridging course’ called Underworld Journeying is also available.

I suggest that you take the courses in the order that they are given for maximum benefit. Please note that some of the courses have prerequisites.


Underworld Journeying

Underworld Journeying

This course introduces you to the essentials of shamanic journeying in the underworld where we are able to remove unconscious blocks to success. When entering the unconscious, all our impulses and instincts are seen as a form of living things. In dealing with these beings we can make profound changes in our behaviour patterns and in our lives.

The course includes various techniques for entering the underworld, power animals, artificial elementals, soul retrieval and disease entities. It includes an audio file with drumming and my voice guiding you.


Dragon Magick Course

Dragon Magick

This course creates a strong bond of co-creation with incredibly magickal and powerful beings. Dragons represent the fully risen kundalini; the source of all spiritual attainment. You will meet your personal dragons, as well as be attuned to some Universal Dragon spirits.

There will be initiations and attunements to open you to dragon power, dragon runes and spells, and guided journeys, including a journey to the beauty that sources all creation. This will open you to a magick that can work every time. Dragons provide unmatched protection and can overcome all obstacles. You will be given spells for manifestation, de-manifesting unwanted realities, protection, healing, enlightenment, abundance and ecstasy. You will also gain deep understanding of how we create and dis-create.



Faerie Magick Course

Faery Magick

This begins with a discussion of what faeries are, and are not, to clear up any misconceptions.  You will then journey into the ethers and connect with elementals, and then go further into the faery realm to develop your unfamiliar senses and gain a deeper understanding of magick. You will learn the faery runes, spells, and some rituals to dance your desires into manifestation. You will also connect to the spirits of herbs through dance. This will take you far beyond the limits of the rational mind, and build a profound connection to all nature, and to magick itself.


Darkness Course

Darkness Course

This course deals with the ego and the shadow, and teaches you to explore the depths of your own darkness to gain full mastery of your own inner power. You will find and break the dark laws that have imprisoned your power.  When this is done, major blocks vanish from your life, and transformation and manifestation of your dreams can go forward at an amazing pace. You will also deal with your personal Nemesis; which is at the root of self limitation. You will meet and work with the dark elves, to help break down illusion and limitation. There will be powerful journeys with the dark elves to break down all the blocked and stagnant energy built up from past failure, hopelessness and cynicism. You will also learn their runes, which can produce great transformation and open up hidden power.


Ritual and High Magick Course

High Magick and Ritual

This is a series of initiations, guided carefully and backed up by spiritual helpers, that will take you through and beyond all limitations, to enter the imaginal realm; a realm of wild, unharnessed creativity where magickal power is unlimited. The journey takes you into the ethers, and into the underworld –  deeper into shadow, to the deepest shame –  to find what is unforgivable and finally forgive it. This leads to restoring the ultimates of drive, desire and need, which propel your magickal growth to new heights. There are initiations to open up these magickal realms. Once in the imaginal realm, you will find the magicians lair, which has long been shut away by the ravages of chauvinism in his world. From here, you can work incredible magick.

Launch offer – save $30 until 23:59pm UK time Saturday 11 June.



Faerie Initiations

Faery Initiations

This is a journey to the 4 cities of initiation in the faerie realm, Fineas, Faleas, Murias and Gorias. You pass initiations of fire, water, earth, then air, to gain mastery of magick. By working with the faerie realm, you learn a magick beyond human methods, which harness the pure power of creation. You meet the muses, glamours, ancient ones and shining ones, and receive your magickal tools. This confers on you the power of a true master. It is a deeply meaningful journey which unravels and heals the deeper emotional and mental blocks that hold you back in life. Faerie magick is a magick of transcendence and being. With it you can achieve more than human magicks alone.

Requires prior completion of Faerie Magick Course.

Cost: £100


Crystal Magick

Crystal Journeys

The human race is still on the threshold of learning about crystals. Last century was all about science mastering the crystal. This age is for the magician to awaken to the deeper magick of crystals. You will learn to connect with, and build strong alliances with, the spirit of crystals. Both you and your crystals will learn together. You will then use crystals as dimensional doorways, and through them connect to places of power and transcendence. You will learn to work with crystals to focus, amplify and change energy, and through crystals, access vast amounts of energy. They will become powerful allies of co-creation. You will learn to program them to work on your behalf, taking all the hard work out of magick. They can be used to manifest, draw abundance, heal, or break down any blockages, with little effort on your part.


The Shining Ones

Shining Ones

The Shining Ones are beings of light that transcend form or function. Being in touch with them changes you at the level of soul, and makes your truer self more than it has ever been. You will work with the archetypes, and then encounter different types of shining one. Each encounter will be an awakening and transformation. You will learn to co-create with the Shining Ones to work a magick greater than ever before.  It includes Tarot archetypes, Tuatha du Daanan, and Shining Ones from Sirius.

Requires prior completion of Faery Magick & Faery Initiations courses.

Cost: £100


Confluence of the Magicks: Gateways to the Mystical Other

Confluence of the Magicks

This is the final course that draws together all the power of the other magicks, to create a synergy that is far more powerful than the sum of its parts. You will enter the faery realm again, and learn of the mystic mill, and how this has been used to connect with the magicks of many other dimensions. You will learn how to work with the mill to draw together many magicks into a greater whole, and work miracles. There will be discussion on miracles, and what opens us to the miraculous. Finally, there will be a simple ritual for triggering miracles.

Requires prior completion of Faery Magick, Faery Initiations & The Shining Ones courses.

Cost: £100

Advanced Dragon Magick Course

Advanced Dragon Magick

For those who have completed the Dragon Magick course and want more. This course is a series of higher initiations to increase your Dragon power 1000-fold. Practically, this means stronger protection and therefore feeling of safety, increased confidence, and faster manifestation of your desires. The spells that are included deal with the darker side of Dragon Magick i.e. destruction and taking your enemy’s power.  Destruction spells are designed to be used on egregores and the causative forces of suffering, rather than on people.

Some of the attunements included:

  • Dragon’s Eye Attunement – gives power of the Dragon realm
  • Dragon Lineage Attunement – increases your power 1000-fold by initiating you to my family Dragon lineage
  • 3 levels of Tenaga Dalam Chakra Naga – Tenaga Dalam is an Indonesian art of building inner power. This is the Dragon version which is the most powerful.
  • The Destroyer Dragon – the dragon form of Kali
  • Earth and ley line healing with Dragon Magick

Having completed this advanced course, you will find all the spells in Dragon Magick Part 1 course are now much more powerful.

Requires prior completion of the Dragon Magick course.

Cost: £150


13-Initiation Advanced Dragon Magick Package

13 Initiation Advanced Dragon Magick

There are 13 further Dragon initiations that would complete your Dragon power, apart from the extra Dragons advertised on my website. I have put these together into a package, at a very special price.
  • Daya Naga Pamungkas (Ultimate Power of Dragon), which increases power to the maximum.
  • Daya Naga Pandito, which increases protection and charisma.
  • Dragon heart Flame. Upgrades the heart chakra  for more power and life force.
  • Mahkota Cakra Naga, increases intuition and psychic abilities.
  • Mustika Mata Naga, further increases psychic ability and connection to Higher Self.
  • Pusaka Naga Bumi, Earth Dragon, for protection and Wealth.
  • Pusaka Naga Geni, Fire Dragon, for purification and destroying black magick.
  • Raga Naga (body of Dragon) for protection and invulnerability.
  • Tenaga Dalam Naga Langit, for increased inner power, the power punch and power shout, that can disarm enemies from a distance.
  • Tenaga Dalam Segara Naga, further increases inner power, plus gives a Dragon king, with thousands of dragons, as your guardian.
  • Tenaga Dalam Upas Naga Geni (poison fire dragon) for protection and deadly attacks.
  • Trishula Naga (Dragon trident) a powerful etheric weapon.
  • Master and grandmaster levels of Tenaga Dalam Cakra Naga.

Requires prior completion of the Dragon Magick and Advanced Dragon Magick courses.

Cost: £350

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  1. Hello, can you please tell me how long it takes to complete each of your fascinating courses?
    Blessings, Tammy Fish

    1. Hi Tammy. These courses were created from recordings of my weekend workshops so you could complete each one in 2 days or you may prefer to take it more slowly.

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