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Learn Shamanism at Home

These shamanism Home-Study courses have (in the main) been created from audio recordings of my live workshops and are suitable for both beginners and for those with previous shamanic experience.

The courses are all downloadable with the exception of the Shamanic Empowerments course where course materials are mailed to you over a 10 month period.

Shamanic Empowerment

Moonlit owl and shaman black and white drawingWhatever your present circumstances, you will be guided month by month to come into your full power, release all guilt, shame and restricting beliefs, develop a powerful self-image, and learn shamanic skills that will enable you to change every aspect of your life. You will also develop your intuition so that you can always make positive choices… LEARN MORE

Shamanic Healing Professional Course

Shamanic Healing Professional CourseThis is a full practitioner training, recorded from 6 weekends of my Tethatu shamanic healing course. It contains written notes, books, videos, soundfiles and distant empowerments. It includes pranic activation, attunement to the Runes and Reiki grandmaster levels as well as a number of tulpas for healing, soul retrieval and exorcism… LEARN MORE

Magick: The Faerie and Dragon Path

Dragon Magick - Tethatu spiritual empowerment - dragon fire - Dragon head made of flamesThis powerful home study course takes you on a series of shamanic journeys and initiations into faery and dragon magick. It consists of recordings of the weekend Courses on Magick, with written notes, and all necessary attunements and empowerments.… LEARN MORE

Javanese Magick Initiations

javanese magick initiationsA series of powerful initiations received remotely which bestow occult powers including invulnerability, wealth attraction, angelic protection with khodams, love spells, exorcism and dragon curses  – up to Advanced Levels …LEARN MORE

Atlantean, Lemurian, and Sirian Magick

Atlantean Magick with trident emerging from the seaThis Course in Atlantean, Lemurian and Sirian Magick provides a detailed description of the races of Sirius, the land of Lemuria, and some powerful initiations to open you to a current of magick that can change the World and manifest your dreams… LEARN MORE

Attract Wealth Shamanic ecourseThis course looks at the meaning of wealth and the energy behind it. A guided meditation is given to open you to abundance. Included in the course are abundance symbols, an abundance mantra, and an abundance talisman. A sound file of a guided meditation comes with the course… LEARN MORE

Egyptian Healing and Magick (E-course)

Eye of Horus paintingThis is a very powerful crash course in Egyptian healing and magick that I put together after gathering the power of the great pyramid and temples of Egypt. This has been connected to a radionic symbol, which will give you the same energy as if you were working in the temples and pyramid. Added to this is initiation from an ancient Egyptian lineage. Includes attunements… LEARN MORE

Djinn Magick (E-course)

Djinn MagickThis course contains 5 empowerments, with full instructions, to build your power and command of djinn, from basic jinn bindings, to Tuyyuls and then Muwakkils. With these empowerments you can master djinn invocations and bindings faster than ever…

Advanced Djinn Magick (E-course)

advanced djinn magick

This is a much longer course, with many initiations, that will take you to the highest level. Gaining these initiations has taken me a lifetime and cost me many thousands of pounds. It will build your power step by step, as you master djinn, demons, devils and dragons, and become like a god. You will be able to invoke spirits quickly without complex rituals…

Vodou (E-course)

Vodou Course with Shaman Peter Aziz

Vodou is a very practical and effective form of magick that gets fast results. In this course you will be introduced to the spirits that are willing to work with you, learn how to do full service to the spirits, open sacred space, perform various spells, how to draw vevers, and the songs to call the spirits…

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