Shamanism Training Calendar

Workshops, events and ongoing shamanism trainings in the UK (mainly Devon) and overseas by invitation.


Abundance Course

27th & 28th May, 2017
Assen, Netherlands

Individual Healings

29th May – 2nd June, 2017
Assen, Netherlands

Crystal Magick

3rd & 4th June, 2017
Assen, Netherlands

The Shining Ones

10th & 11th June, 2017
Buckfast, Devon, UK

Body Electronics – Ultimate Healing Intensive

13 – 18 June Body Electronics intensive
19 – 24 June Cranial Intensive
The Netherlands

Confluence of the Magicks: Gateways to the Mystical Other

8th & 9th July, 2017
Buckfast, Devon, UK

Ultimate Healing Intensive

17-22 July, 2017 Body Electronics Intensive
24-29 July, 2017 Cranial Intensive
Dartmeet, Devon, UK

Crown Chakra Course

11 – 16 September, 2017
Dartmeet, Devon, UK

Tethatu Shamanic Healing Training

10 weekend training starts September 2017
Devon, UK



Ultimate Healing Intensive

February: dates tba
Koh Phangan, Thailand


If you are interested in a training or workshop which is not yet scheduled, please contact me.