What is karma? How it arises and how it can be released

What is karma?

KarmaTo begin, we need to clear up some popular misconceptions about karma. We are not punished or made to pay for past mistakes, or rewarded for good deeds, nor has it anything to do with cause and effect. So what is karma? Karma means action, and is the process by which our thoughts shape our lives. It consists of the many different thought patterns and imprints on our consciousness that are creating the events of our lives. Below are listed the various categories of karmic influence, and the ways to clear them.

Karmic influences and ways to clear them

1. Beliefs

These are basic raw materials out of which we create our reality. They affect our actions, our thoughts, and tend to become self-fulfilling prophecies. They are never formed by one event alone, but form in stages. In infancy, when our minds are formative, we are observing the events in our lives in order to form a map of what life is about. Very early events sensitise us to the possibility of beliefs that might form. A second event will be used to test a belief, and a third event to prove it, before it is stored and used to measure our lives.

We create a belief by the meaning and significance we give to each event. Beliefs will not be changed just by affirmations, as the subconscious requires sensory experience to test and prove the belief. We need to remember the initial sensitising event, the testing event and the proving event, and give a new meaning and significance to those events. This can be done through regression therapy.

2. Choices

Some of the deep choices we made early in life are still affecting us, even though we may have forgotten what those choices were. Choices made in great emotional intensity are stored deep in the subconscious, and if we push down a traumatic experience so we don’t have to feel it any more, we cannot access and change the choice that was made at that time. The power of the choice depends upon the intensity of emotion in which it is made.

For example, suppose that in your childhood you had been struggling to get what you want, and after being slapped down, in a moment of humiliation or disappointment, you decide to settle for less. Later in life, when you are trying to build success, love or happiness, you are always settling for less than you could have. The old choice is colouring every new choice that you make. Once the old choice has been accessed, it can be superseded by new choice, provided that the new choice is made in the same intensity as the old. This means going back to remember the event in all it’s intensity. Regression and emotional release therapies can help here.

3. Personal Laws

In early childhood, we all go through a stage when we need to make sense of the chaos, in order to lessen the confusion and pain, so we tend to make a law defining the limits in our lives, and having given ourselves a satisfactory explanation, we can be at peace. Some of these laws can be very restrictive. For example, if we are having to work while we see other children receiving good things, we might make the law that we are here to serve rather than to enjoy ourselves. We can have laws that forbid us love, wealth, power or expression, or hold us in various limited roles. We cannot break these laws without punishing ourselves.

Laws are held more deeply than beliefs, as they are formed as part of our survival instinct, and are formed in the unconscious, beyond words. For this reason they cannot be reached by normal counselling. They have a form in the unconscious, that can be broken down shamanically, if you can find where they are stored in the underworld. This depends on having the right kind of allies. The most effective allies to do this work are dark elves. The underworld journey, with the assistance of dark elves, is the most powerful method for erasing personal laws.

4. Futures

At any moment, there are many possible futures trying to happen. They all compete for our attention, as that is the food they need to grow, until they can manifest. Each future is having impact upon us, as it tries to draw us towards it. A negative future stimulates negative thoughts and feelings in us, whereas a positive future tends to produce positive thoughts and feelings. Regardless of which futures actually manifest, they are all having impact on you now. It is therefore important to destroy the negative futures and redirect our mental energy into the positive ones. A shamanic journey can be used to weed and cultivate our futures.

5. Imprints

Although we create our own reality, we have impact on each other, and energies we pick up from others interferes with the life we are creating. Our subconscious tends to be sticky, and picks things up easily and stores them. Our auras are often full of old thought forms, that begin to imprint on our subconscious, so that we gradually take on the thoughts and feelings we pick up from outside. We are imprinted with negative conditioning from others since early childhood, and often have other peoples shame dumped on us.

These imprints vary in strength from simple thought forms that come from emotionally charged statements, to deliberate curses, controlling spells, and entity possession. What all these things have in common is that they are not a part of us, and therefore we don’t need to process them all individually, we just need to clean them all out of our energy fields. Our energy system has the means to do this: The raising of the kundalini will purify us of all these influences. It can also be done through shamanic purification rituals.

6. Karmic Webbing

Our etheric bodies consist of a kind of vital web. We each have individual web patterns according to the individual expressions of our life force. As soon as we enter incarnation with a destiny in mind, we create the unique web-pattern that will best enable us to express our unique talents and live our chosen destinies. However, as our destinies change, old webbing from a previous expression can remain, and if that kind of expression no longer agrees with how we live our lives now, the old webbing interferes with our present life expression. For instance, if our last life was about serving and now we are trying to be a warrior, the karmic webbing of serving makes it very difficult to express our power as a warrior.

Old webbing will be burned away by the raising of the kundalini, if you have done sufficient spiritual practice. The other way is through etheric weaving, a healing technique learned from faeries, and performed by the Tethatu shaman. Through faerie magick, we gain the perception to see the etheric web, and the ability to reweave it. The old karmic web can be dismantled, and any damage to the vital web can be repaired.

7. Samskara

This is a sanskrit name for a particularly heavy kind of karmic imprint. Any action you repeat for long enough becomes imprinted on your etheric body. For example, if you read a lot all your life, reading is the easiest thing for you to do. If you suddenly decide to become an athlete, you find that you are not built for athletics. It is not just that the body lacks the conditioning; your energy body is also shaped by your actions. Note that this kind of habitual imprint is not stored emotionally; it is purely etheric, so no amount of psychotherapy will shift it. If you do the same thing for seven life times, the imprinting has become really fixed and is called a samskara. It is as if you have made this expression of your life force into your permanent identity.

As an example, suppose that you had seven or more celibate life times. If you now wish to manifest a relationship, your etheric body cannot hold the resonance, and so you never succeed in love, and nothing you do changes that. A samskara is too dense to be released by normal techniques; it requires divine intervention or high magick. The tethatu shaman is trained to channel such powers to dissolve the samskara from a patient.


Next steps to release karma

I hope the above gives you a greater understanding on what is karma and the ways in which it arises and can be released. On our courses you learn to deal with all these aspects of karma. The first five types of karmic influence you can learn to release for yourself at home by using the tapes in our Home Study Course, but the last two types of karma require more magickal training, which is given on our Magick Courses. If you wish to be sent details of future courses, please join my mailing list.

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