Co-create your future

Removing Blocks to Success Part 2: Weeding and Cultivating Futures

Co-create your future

Before Newton, the mechanical view of the Universe was unknown, and it has been disproved time and time again. Modern science sees cause in the future (Google Future Causality or Retrocausality for some references). Every experience is a double quantum wave between here and a future. If something doesn’t have a future, it can’t be experienced. This is easier to understand in terms of motivation. Every act is motivated by a future result. For example, the reason you leave home in the morning is to get to work half an hour later.

Our astral environment consists of many futures competing to happen. These possible futures compete for our attention. Attention is the food they need to manifest. Attention is energy; that’s why we talk about “paying” attention. These futures seeking our attention cause us emotional responses that are the cause of much of our behaviour. We see the double quantum wave; we create the future and the future is creating us.



Self-reflection has four components:

  1. attention
  2. intention
  3. action
  4. image

First, we look at what our attention is on, then the intention behind focusing on that thing and feeding it. We then look at our actions around this thing, which reveal our true intention. As an example, suppose I want to improve a difficult relationship. I first note what my attention is on. Is it on the good things, like the love, tenderness and giving, or on the negative, such as arguments, misunderstandings, feelings of neglect etc. The aspect I focus on is what will grow. There is an intention behind making this grow, which is revealed by my action. What do I do when I focus on the difficulty? I might say I want to improve the relationship, but if my action is to shut off from the other person and be alone, it shows my real intention is to be alone. From this I derive my image, which in this case might be a recluse.

Change begins with going through the layers of intention, by asking “why do I want this?”. Rather than intellectualize, feel your way through this. In the above example, I might feel that I want to be alone to find peace. I continue asking the question “why do I want this?” until I have gone as far as I can go. Why do I want peace? It may be to give me the space to discover myself, so I can find my power, so I can create love. When I get to the bottom line, which we shall call the luminous intent, we let a new image arise from it. Now I am no longer a recluse, but a seeker or a lover. This will change what I focus my attention upon, and change the future I am manifesting.

This is just the first step. It is not enough to try not to focus on the negative, as there is already a future trying to draw our attention. We have to actively disengage the future we don’t want. We do this through a process I call weeding and cultivating futures.


Weeding and Cultivating Futures Meditation

I suggest doing the self reflection on paper first. Then further insight can be gained in meditation.  Here is a meditation process that can take you through the entire process of change:  Begin with a few minutes of deep breathing and meditation to get yourself into a relaxed and lucid state. In your mind, you will go to a valley of reflection. See the valley around you, smell the air, hear any natural sounds that are there, feel its temperature etc. Here you meet your Higher Self. Let them come in human form to make it easier to communicate, although you realize they are far more than human. Tell them what you want to change, then start going through the reflection process again, telling them where your attention is etc, as there is magick in the telling. Once you see clearly your luminous intent, walk to the edge of the valley, where there are large gates; the gates of perception. To open them, you have to activate your mind, separate from your brain. You do this by appreciating beauty, appreciating courage, and making choices. Stop to appreciate the courage of admitting your real motivations, the beauty of the journey, and then make a clear choice to manifest the positive future that comes with your luminous intent. The gates swing open.

As you go through the gates, your Higher Self gives you a stick, which you use to trace a circle, clockwise, on the ground in front of you. Into this circle pour all the negative feelings you have when focused on the negative situation. All the frustration, apathy, sadness etc fills the circle. Then step into it and sink, until it seems to cover your head, and you fall out the bottom, into a river. This is the river of time. Begin to float and let the river carry you into the future. Your Higher Self will still be around somewhere. As you float along, watch the river bank change, as you go from day to night, then see the dawn of a new day. At some point the river stops and you stand up. You climb ashore, and see there the negative future, with your future self in a state of sorrow, frustration etc. Now suck the life out of this future, like a vampire. Your future self may fight or beg for mercy, but be merciless and drain it until it vanishes.

As this future fades, the other futures that were getting less attention start to become clearer. See the most positive future, with your future self being happy and successful. Pour into this future all the energy you took from the other possible future. It grows clearer. Then spend a little time just watching this positive scene.

After a moment, your future self will notice you watching them. They put everything on hold and come up to face you.  Begin to synchronize your breathing. As you breath together, your heartbeats gradually synchronize as well. When this happens, then together on a big in-breath, draw together as one; you become them. Now as your future self, go back to living and enjoying this future.

After a few moments, your Higher Self will hand you a stick again. Draw a circle on the ground, and into this circle pour all the positive feelings you experienced in this future. Step into it, sink, fall into the river, now flowing in the other direction, and be carried back to the present, watching day turn to night and then to day again. Climb out of the river, back into the present and exit the meditation.

If you do this self reflection process on a number of different situations, you may find that your luminous intent is always the same. This is very close to discovering your true will, which cannot really be defined, but you touch upon it here. Notice how your energy has totally changed, and how you start moving towards a positive future. Also, blending your energy with that of your Higher Self changes your whole range of possible futures.


We will be exploring other ways to co-create your future as well as working with the Weeding and Cultivating Futures Meditation in Part 3 of my Tethatu Shamanic Healing Training which starts 9-10 September in Devon, UK

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