Healing course: Body electronics or point holding graphic showing purple figure lying down with dots representing energy points

Ultimate Healing Course – Day 1 Talk

Healing course: Body electronics or point holding graphic showing purple figure lying down with dots representing energy points
Body Electronics (Point-Holding) with additional dragon power

At the start of each day of Peter’s point-holding courses, he gives a talk on what we will be covering that day and gives participants a chance to ask any questions before getting down to the bodywork.

Below is a recording of Peter’s talk on the first day of the 2014 Ultimate Healing Course.

Click here to hear the talk


Below are a few highlights of the talk noted by one participant.

We store memories in our body because we don’t want to experience things. What’s stored in the cells is what we haven’t yet allowed ourselves to experience. It is stored as a scalar wave in the DNA – as an organic computer chip. The process is holographic and happens in every cell of the body – so it makes no sense to cut out a diseased organ.

The suppression of experience happens in layers – if we are less than enthusiastic about something, we start to suppress it – it’s first felt as pain. (See also The Seven Levels of Emotional Healing articles).

It takes 33 seconds to visualise something via visualisation.

The key to healing is ENTHUSIASM!

There are two reasons why we suppress emotions:

  1. We identify with them
  2. We judge them

We keep creating the same old problems as we haven’t fully experienced them.

Dis-creation – expand to welcome the emotions of our creation, no judgments.

The glue which holds illusions together is seriousness. The answer is appreciation – really appreciate someone’s amazing creation.

The pituitary gland can cause new nerve pathways to form.

Anger is stored in the thyroid and can lead to arthritis.

Immune deficiency diseases have shame underneath – something is wrong with me.

If you’re ill and you’ve never rebelled, get out and rebel!

Nagas bring back the missing bits of the soul.

Do you want to be good or do you want to be powerful?

The easiest way to control people or control the sex drive is to tell them not to be angry – then they can’t assert their boundaries.

Shame is often passed on – give it back to the person. Give shame back to the saints.

Job, relationship and home are the three main focuses of life

Stop resisting and the pain will go.


There are so many gems here, be sure to listen to the audio (probably more than once) to get the benefit. Talks from the other days of the Ultimate Healing Course are accessible by participants only.

Join Peter on his upcoming Ultimate Healing Course on 6-11 July, 2015

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