Tulpa and Orbs of Life

Tulpas and Orbs of Life

What they are

A Tulpa is a Tibetan concept but is much like the western idea of egregores, artificial elementals and servitors. It is basically an artificially created but intelligent being, that is given power to perform a particular task. Whenever a lot of energy is focused into one desire, it will begin to develop a life of its own, and an astral being is formed for that one purpose alone. There are various occult methods for making this process more powerful. What I want to focus on is something we call an Orb of Life.

Many people are aware of the concept of sending healing or attunements in a chi ball. This allows the receiver to call it in when they are ready, so exact times do not need to be fixed. The Orb of Life combines this creation with the Tulpa, to create an orb that can reproduce itself. The value of this is that we never have to create the same orb twice. If a particular healing or empowerment is going to be repeated, an orb can be created from it, that then will multiply, so that the same healing or empowerment can be sent out again without having to make the same effort. You simply send out new orbs as they multiply.

Types of orbs

Although healing is very individual, there are some common processes that everyone needs, so having these orbs running in the background frees more time to work on the individual patterns. For example, one orb I always set up at the beginning of a session is a meridian clearing orb. For this, I set up hundreds of herkimer diamonds, one for every acupuncture point, and channel healing through them for an hour. This is not like an acupuncture session, as individual points are not being selected, but it sets a powerful background for the meridians to be cleared easily and thoroughly.

I have other orbs I activate once I have diagnosed which points are needed. The one I use most is one I created from a set of acupuncture needles from a Taoist master. These were his main tools for focusing his healing power and had built up a strong power of their own. I had witnessed him clear a village of a plague by waving the needles in the air. He allowed me to copy these needles energy into a Tulpa. I set one on each point that needs treating. This gives a very powerful acupuncture session, even done distantly.

The other orbs I add at this point are made from channeling rune energies. As each rune can be associated with a meridian and helps to transform the psycho-spiritual issue behind the problem, running the rune energy in the background makes it much easier to heal the cause of the problem. Once these are set up, I can focus on the individual needs of the patient. This way huge transformation can be facilitated in one session.

There are a few other orbs I have made to run in the background, as this can get to be a hobby; always finding extra healing modalities to add to make the healing more and more powerful. I have made an orb from an hour’s worth of an Egyptian healing prayer, that brings overall renewal for the life force. Then as I have had many exorcisms to do, I set up an orb of all the mantras and kundalini raising I use, so this can be triggered at the beginning of a session, making it easier to remove all entities and curses. So, by setting up a number of orbs to start the session, the patient gets a full meridian balancing, exorcism and renewal of life energy, as well as working on their individual issues. Needless to say, this makes for very powerful healing, and should only be sent when they are lying down in a receptive state, and not done while driving!

How to create tulpas and orbs

These particular orbs I pass on to my students on the shamanic healing course, so they can all do such powerful healing.

So how does one create a Tulpa? The simplest method I learned from Franz Bardon. You cast your mind across the vastness of the Universe, then begin to visualise the energy of the Universe shrinking and condensing. As it shrinks, it becomes denser and more concentrated. You can visualise this as light glowing brighter. It gradually condenses towards our galaxy, our solar system, then the earth. Then continues to shrink until it’s a super-concentrated ball of light in front of you. Give it a name, shape it into a form, give it a lifespan and a purpose. Then you can send it out to perform its tasks. As our creations get more complex, there have been some attunements passed down from Javanese and Tibetan magick to make the creation of living orbs easier. The Orb of Life is one that can reproduce itself. I will be passing this on in the Shamanic Healing course.

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