Angelic khodam

Khodam: The Mysterious Truth Revealed

Angelic khodam

Khodams, Angels & Djinn

Khodam is a word from Al Hikmah (Islamic Magick) that’s means a server, or helper. Also known as Hafadoh Angels, they are between the Djinn (Genies) and Angels. Unlike the Djinn, they are always good and beings higher in spiritual power, can always overcome problems caused by evil Djinn. Where as an angel is seen as a universal power rather than a personal one, the Khodam is the personal equivalent. You can compare this with the more popular notion of a guardian Angel. Khodams provide personal protection, and cause spiritual growth and enlightenment. They are powerful beings of light provided by Allah for the sole purpose of protecting us, fulfilling our needs and aiding our growth towards enlightenment. As such, Khodams are something no-one on a spiritual journey should be without.

Magical Protection or Invulnerability given by a Khodam

A very important part of Al Hikmah deals with providing us with these spiritual helpers. There are time tested methods for invoking a Khodam. The power is passed on from Master to student in the Al Hikmak tradition. The process can easily be demonstrated. For instance, after a Khodam empowerment, it is customary to test ones invulnerability by striking oneself with a machete, leaving no cut. A slightly less courageous way is to try sticking oneself with a pin; it should not be able to penetrate the skin. This form of protection is very popular in Indonesia, as it gives one invulnerability against sharp weapons. Knife fights are the main dangers there. The invulnerability is also effective against fire, poison and black magick.

Over here in the West, the protection may manifest differently, according to needs. I have found that after a Khodam empowerment, confidence tricksters and false friends are quickly exposed and plots of hidden enemies are undone. Others have reported being unscathed by accidents, not even sustaining a cut or bruise after violent impact. Also, bad luck quickly changes around.  Another very useful benefit at this time is immunity to radiation.

Working with a Khodam

Apart from protection, Khodams also provide guidance, spiritual growth and healing powers. Guidance often comes through an inner voice, through dreams or you are unconsciously led into beneficial situations. The power of a Khodam also enables you to heal and protect others, and to exorcise demons and remove black magick.

Receiving a Khodam as your spiritual helper is easy. The power is passed on by a Master of the Al Hikmah science, and there are just a few simple prayers for you to perform daily for you to maintain it. The prayers are generally in Arabic, but short enough to learn easily. Though if you wish to become a Master and pass on Khodams to others the discipline is far more intense.

There are different levels of Khodam. The highest Khodams cannot be commanded, but work automatically to protect you, guide you and uplift you to enlightenment. There are other Khodam helpers that can be requested to perform particular tasks or grant wishes. They are said to carry your prayers to Allah and ensure that they are heard. Incidentally, you don’t have to be Muslim to acquire a Khodam. They adapt to any tradition, and will help anyone who is on a spiritual journey.

Khodam Empowerments

You will experience the Khodam empowerment in many ways. First, your whole body buzzes with spiritual energy. You feel generally happier and more positive, more energetic, and health can improve dramatically. You find your mind clearer, so intelligence increases and you make wiser choices. Dreams become clearer, and often provide guidance. As clairvoyance develops, you may begin to be aware of the Khodam communicating with you. Alongside all this, you will find your luck improving, more positive opportunities coming your way, and problems being resolved. Of course, really difficult problems may take more time to resolve, and it is then helpful to repeat the prayers more intensely until the problem is over.

If you do tend to have huge problems to overcome, you can always have more than one Khodam. You could have a general Khodam helper as well as a high level angelic Khodam. For extra power, you could have an angelic Khodam King, but this requires intense prayers to maintain. If you are willing to do the spiritual disciplines, the sky is the limit.

Anyone who wishes to receive a Khodam empowerment may contact Peter Aziz, who is an experienced Al Hikmah Master.

Angelic Khodam inititations are included in the Javanese Magick Course and Advanced Javanese Magick Course and also my online  Psychic Protection Course: Protection at Work and at Home

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45 thoughts on “Khodam: The Mysterious Truth Revealed”

    1. Khodams don’t generally try to communicate, otherthan subtle urges through your intuition,to guide towards the right directions in life. They only leave if you keep acting against your own conscience.

      1. I have had three Khodams come to me. The most certainly speak and have no problem being direct to the point. The odd thing is I am Irish Protestant. I knew nothing of Islam & it’s entities untill I met Khodam & Jinn.

  1. What should i say to my stone of the khodam to activate its power. I have a mantra but I don’t know wat it means

  2. Please what is the difference between the khodam empowerment that will be sent in water when ordered and the khodam initiation given during the Javanese magic course.

  3. I really like to know more about khodam….i mean i really need spiritual guidance… Cause i always make wrong decisions…

  4. i really like to know more about it… I’m a christian.. And i’m always having this wrong things in my life… I mean i mostly see bad dreams.. Destruction… And all… I dont know why… Maybe its because i’m watching too many violent movies.?

      1. asa. Ahki is it possible for you to bless me with a kohdam because I’m in prison in the USA and don’t have funds right now so I’m asking for a blessing from the heart. I have a way to get what you send just let me know asa. Ahki

  5. Well its my thinking that if you don’t make the effort to connect with the khodam then you become distant to it. There is a point in life, I’ve heard in your 30’s when your angle or khodam moves away or rather you move away unless a conscious effort is made to keep them close. They give themselves freely in childhood and till ‘mid-thirtys.

  6. What about how can.I contact my khodam like I really wanna know because mine. Is from indonesia and I have to recite a mantra in arabic

    1. Thats all there is to it usually, you do mantras every day, and the khodam keeps protecting you. If you are not feeling the khodam, then maybe the empowerment you were given wasn’t strong enough. many people are jumping on the band wagon who don’t have the power to pass this on properly. You should feel a definite difference from having it.

      1. Dear Peter,
        I bought an angelic khodam stone from astral magic website locating in UK
        I have been doing the ritual prayer they sent me but have not seen s definite connection
        with the khodam yet, plz let me know if i am reciting the the right ritual or not.
        prayer is the following.
        Bismillah arrahmaerrahim, Assalamoalekum walekummassalam, salamunqolam minrabberahim, Jibrael, mechael, israfeel, izrael wa jamil malikat, hader hader hader, rewangona aku kango stating the purpose and then Allahuakbar. * 21

  7. I’m suppose to say bismillah irromanirohim,asalamuailaikum,walaikum salam,salamun qulaminrobirrorhim,jibril,mikail,isrofil,isroil.wajamiil malaikat,hadir hadir hadir,rewangono,aku Congo.allahuakbar 21x and then I’m suppose to state my need

  8. I purchased a guardian angelic khodam empowerment from a website last march 2014. How do I test if the power is working?

  9. I purchased and did a guardian angelic khodam empowerment from a website last march 2014. How do I test if the power is working?

  10. what kind of khodam or jinn can teach you,how to evoke spirits and raise energies and teach sorceries.if im not sensitive to the astral levels can i still communicate with a mater khodam.

  11. Hello! Am from Nigeria, I wanted to order for an asmak khodam but could not find Nigeria in the list of countries. Don’t you ship to Nigeria???

  12. I have come across this website during my research on Chakras they have some really good Items to do with Chakras opening Items and Oils what you can use during meditating it help me a lot when I was trying to open my Chakras. hope everyone can benefit from also have some really interesting stuff like Talismans Djinn/Jinn/Khodam Rings magical stuff

  13. I have few questions
    1.Only and only due to the grace of almighty Allah I fall in category of very pious people (I don’t know,may be awliya).
    I see his blessings and miracles with both opened and closed eyes.
    I see lot of muwakkils (I am 100%sure that these are muwakkils).
    Actually they don’t talk to me but I have read they talk to us
    All I wanna ask is can muwakkils talk to us if we request to them? Why are they not talking to me??Can we ask them to pray for us as they are the most pious entity and we humans are sinful?Can they help us in getting our wish fulfilled (only if our wish is halal and of course by the will of Allah)?
    Is it correct?
    2.I somehow know that there are muwakkils inside my body (I know).
    3. My father did Isthakhara few times and each time he saw plenty of people in white dress are offering namaz with jamat.
    I have read that if a person see people dressed in white offering namaz it means a lot of muwakkils are happy with you and want to help you. DOES IT MEAN THEY ARE PRAYING FOR ME?
    No one has talked to me.
    How can I seek help from them?
    Is it safe?
    Is it allowed?

    1. Yes, Muwakkils do talk to you, but youhave to be clairvoyant to hear them. Meditate pateintly and allow yourself to become really quiet so you an better be in tune with them, and you will begin to communicate.

  14. I am told that working with demons has a negative Karmic effect on Life Beyond Life; what about working with Khodams; is there any negative spiritual repercussion in the afterlife?

  15. Hello I am Catholic and I was wondering if you will be going against God’s will by having this I was going to purchase a necklace or bracelet a ring basically I’m wondering if I will still go to heaven? Is this at all going against God? Please let me know and I thank you for your time!

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