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Tantra and Sexual Alchemy

Tantra and Sexual Alchemy - Aziz Shamanism
With Tantra, the intelligent use of sex can liberate vast amounts of power, producing great transformation. Many people fail to achieve this, due to lack of understanding of Alchemy.

Alchemy is a bit like nuclear physics, in that there is either fission or fusion, both of which liberate great power, but of the two, fusion is the stronger. When a couple fails to achieve fusion, they end up feeling more separated after sex. Power is still released through fission, but it is not as powerful, transformative, or satisfying.

What I want to discuss here is the process of alchemical fusion. It involves a certain level of complexity, and if all the steps are present, success is achieved. The process is there in potential in many of life’s processes, but the alchemy is missed because people are not aware of the steps, and therefore cut the process short.

Every Alchemical process has seven steps, but without an evolved awareness, one will nearly always stop at the fourth step, and may even miss the first three steps and just concentrate on the fourth. The steps lead from freedom to restriction, and back to freedom. As a very simple example, take an every day process such as writing a letter.

To start with, you set up the environment; you have a sheet of paper and pen in front of you. At this moment, you have total freedom. Each step brings you into deeper restriction, as you decide who you are writing to, write their name and address, add the content, and then sign it. This is the fourth step, where most people stop. At that point there is most restriction, as it is signed and finished. However, you could continue the process into freedom, by reading the letter, seeing if there is anything you wish to change, making changes according to emotions and inspiration, and finally producing a more satisfying letter, which contains much thought, inspiration and emotion. This is now an alchemical process, which liberates energy and produces transformation.

To apply this process to sexual alchemy, there are also seven stages. These are:

  1. Creating the set and setting.
  2. Sharing ones fantasies.
  3. Acting out the fantasies in foreplay.
  4. Intercourse up to orgasm.
  5. Letting the orgasm spread through the whole body.
  6. Total surrender.
  7. Seeing the other person as different, because of what you have done.

You can see from this that most people stop at stage 4, and some even miss the first 3. No wonder that they don’t achieve the fullness of sexual alchemy with its power and ecstasy. This is an important process, so let’s go into a little more details:

The set and setting

Any preparation you do to create the atmosphere conducive to love making is a good start. It can be as simple as taking a bath before making love, to setting up your love nest, according to fantasy or sacred ritual. This becomes a very personal ritual, but creating the space allows the flow of power.

Sharing fantasy

Imagination is our most potent tool of creation; backed up by desire it can produce miracles. Those who use metaphysics to create their dreams are familiar with focusing the imagination. However, the realm of fantasy is not well understood, as often it distracts one from will, ie what they choose to actually manifest. Fantasy, being in touch with the deepest, uninhibited desires, is the greatest source of power. You probably won’t choose to actually manifest your fantasies; that’s what distinguishes fantasy from goal, but indulging the fantasy liberates great power, while sharpening the tool of the imagination. Such an important tool should be sharpened regularly. I want to digress a little by comparing how this relates to your ideal goal.

An ideal goal is the ultimate perfection you work towards, which you will not achieve in this life, but it stands as a beacon on the inner planes, drawing you towards it with more power, so that all your realistic goals, being aligned to the ideal, manifest much faster. So a sexual fantasy may be the most perfect sexual experience you can imagine, or it may simply be unharnessed lust arising from the depth of your being. Either way, this is the moment of unleashing deep powers. For partners to allow each other this requires a certain security and maturity, to be free from jealousy and fear. Remember that whenever great power is sought, there is fear to overcome. What allows the power is the realisation that this is drawing you together, not coming between you.

Of course, there is all kind of conditioning standing in the way, as sexuality, being such a ready doorway to power, has been attacked consistently by all those who wish to control you. Religious sayings such “you are already committing adultery in your heart” are meant to keep you controlled by fear and false morality. Fantasy

Often involves looking at which acts turn you on, but invariably it will involve fantasies about other people you find particularly hot. Far from pulling you into adultery, used properly this will propel you further in your union. You can actually feed off those who have a very strong sexual power, and let it trigger the hidden depths of the same power within you. Everything you admire is, in the end, a reflection of your shadow. To allow a real flow of power between you, be willing and unafraid to share your hottest fantasies.

Acting out fantasy: foreplay

Having shared your fantasies, you should be getting turned on, and the foreplay starts. Any acts of fantasy you can start performing, but fantasies of others can be brought into pretend games. From this point you need to be sensitive and adaptable, as some of the fantasies may be getting too real, and make either of you uncomfortable. Be guided by what is really turning you on, and gently move away from anything that closes the energy down. The purpose of foreplay is to get you both as passionate as possible, building energy to create an orgasm powerful enough to send you through the following alchemy.

Intercourse, up to the point of orgasm

This is pretty self-explanatory, but remember that the fantasy stage is finished, and now you are uniting in passion. So go for it; build up to the greatest orgasm ever.

To digress a moment again: what actually happens at orgasm, is that your soul shoots up through your crown to unite with your higher self. It is usually momentarily, coming back into your body in an instant, but its what gives you the high. We are going to build upon this to create much greater ecstasy, power and enlightenment.

Letting the orgasm spread through the whole body

This is easier, the better the orgasm was. All you need do is allow the beautiful sensations to spread, as you hold each other. They spread from the genitals, through the whole body. If the orgasm isn’t going right to your fingers and toes, it’s not yet complete.

Total surrender

At the height of bliss, it can go even higher by surrendering. The deeper and more complete the surrender, the higher you soar into bliss. You may be surrendering to love, to bliss, to God/Goddess/All that is, to magick. Magick is a very important point, though many people can’t acknowledge what it really is. How often have you heard “the magick has gone out of our relationship”? Everyone seeks this magick, without knowing what it is. It is that mystery, the calling to oneness, the power and beauty of alchemy. It isn’t just sex people want: you can pay for that, but that doesn’t have the magick. Well, you don’t have to leave that magick to fate: this is how to pursue it, seduce it and master it. So allow that magick, as you surrender.

Seeing the other person as different

A powerful alchemical process such as this changes you. Nothing is really there until it is observed, so it is important, as the final step, to observe, acknowledge, and appreciate the change. This is done silently. When you look at your partner, and know that this alchemy has produced transformation, you can see a difference in them, although you cannot define it. On seeing the change, the alchemy completes itself, in a way that cannot be described. The power is grounded, your energy is high, and you feel fantastic.

Allowing yourself to be changed is very vulnerable, and also beautiful. You don’t know exactly how you will change, but because the energy is so high, you trust that the transformation will be entirely positive. Avoid confusing vulnerability with being open to damage. You are not being vulnerable to abuse, you are being vulnerable to love, beauty, ecstasy, divinity, and your own power. What you allow yourself to be vulnerable to is what will change you. To be vulnerable to love is to change because you are loved. In these last two stages, you allow vulnerability and change. Finally, see your partner as having transformed, and let the magick happen.


This process is not too complex for anyone to follow, but there can be issues that need healing before you can really let go into it, so lets take a look at the pre-requisites, ie which issues have to be healed to allow tantric alchemy.

First of all, anger at either the same sex, or the opposite sex. People can carry both kinds of anger. There are men who are angry towards men, for example, because of abusive behaviour they have observed. If you are angry towards the opposite sex, you will punish your partner in bed. If you are angry with the same sex, you will punish yourself in bed. (This applies to a heterosexual relationship. For homosexual relationships, obviously only anger towards the same sex is an issue).

Secondly, if you still have any unresolved emotions with a previous partner, then energetically that person is still in bed with you, between you and your present partner. The past needs to be healed, so you can move into a greater future. To fully heal such issues, you might consider taking my Ultimate Healing course. This is not about Tantra, but will heal you of all these issues faster than anything.

Apart from dealing with the past, the other stumbling block is about letting go to orgasm, and particularly to the surrender and vulnerability that this alchemy requires. This is linked to some very deep instincts, which I have mentioned in my article on the Shree yantra. Empowerment of this yantra can heal this issue.

My way of passing on this tantric knowledge is not so much by direct instruction, as this is a very private area, and the process doesn’t need any more elaboration. So I give you this knowledge, and offer empowerments and healing that enables you to make this work perfectly. Here are the courses and empowerments I offer for this purpose.

The Ultimate Healing Course. This is simply a very powerful healing course that will clear up all your blockages in the shortest time possible, empowering you to move into the future of your creation with courage, power and enthusiasm.

Shree Yantra empowerment. This is an hour long empowerment that aligns the conflictual elements of your being and moves you towards perfection, starting with the perfection of sex. It will sort out the surrender issues.

Kamadev empowerment. This is designed to attract lovers, and to increase your sexual magnetism. After all, the biggest obstacle of all is not having a partner. This empowerment can be used to attract a new love, as well as to build your charisma so that you are able to excite your partner.

Candali. This is a series of empowerments that build up tantric power and raise kundalini in safe stages. It gives further powers of seduction as well as healing and enlightenment, and the exercises can be done with a partner to raise kundalini together. This builds up the raw power that will make sure all your tantric practices are powerful.

Spirit conjurations. There are some powerful spirit allies, that when bonded with you, can pass on great tantric ability. The first of these are the Lamia, half-serpent, half woman beings, who are the forerunners to the succubi. Potentially dangerous, but I would only conjure a highly evolved Lamia that is a master of sexual alchemy, that would stimulate and feed the sexual energy, as it benefits from the power unleashed in this alchemy. Don’t worry, there is a limitless amount of power unleashed, so it will not take anything from you. The other spirit is the Vetala, another powerful tantric spirit, aligned to Kali. I have not offered these before, but check out my djinn and devata section, and I can custom conjure other spirits according to your needs. I only recommend such spirits after one has completed the Candali empowerments, as you need a good grounding in tantric power.

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