Deforestation producing climate change

Take Charge of our Climate

Climate change and rising sea levels

Climate Change

Climate change is becoming one of the most urgent phenomena to deal with. It has been found that even a very small rise in temperature can cause sea levels to rise, endangering many islands and coastlines, adversely affect weather conditions, and tend to make hurricanes more powerful, although fewer in number. The main worry is that scientists are predicting much higher temperature rises in the next few decades. There is much information out there, but I want to summarize the main causes.

1) Deforestation.
2) Power and electricity production.
3) Agriculture.
4) Transport.

It is clear that much of this could be prevented through more respect for the earth, natural energy, alternative fuels etc. The question is how can we ensure this happens? Waiting for the world leaders to deal with it is a dead end. We can hardly expect those who work to crush us to solve our problems. Seriously, it is time for people to take responsibility.

Averting Disaster Shamanically

I wish to remind you of some of Edgar Cayces’ comments on averting disaster. Since he accurately predicted such events as the Stock Market Crash and Great Depression, the rise and fall of Hitler, Americas 1941 entry into the war, the deaths of presidents FDR and JFK and India’s independence from Britain, it might be worth taking him seriously. For the future, he also predicted dramatic changes in coastlines and earth changes in America. The main message I wish to repeat, however, is that human consciousness can change it all. This is the one area that we can all do something about.

Before anyone thinks such things are out of control, you might want to look at archaeoastronomical studies done at Hongshan site in Niuheliang. These studies show clearly the influence of shamanism in averting disaster. Chinese astronomy was all about studying the relationship of the heavens and nature to the security and success of society. Basically, this has been done before. We absolutely can apply shamanism to avert disasters such as climate change.

I have personally noted such changes people have made on a local scale. In Vodou hurricanes are governed by Oya. Remember the hurricane that destroyed New Orleans? From my own involvement in Vodou, I know of people who served Oya diligently and were not harmed. My old friend Dr John Ray, while based on the Island of Raratonga, described how since he started his Body Electronics work on the Island, hurricanes headed for the Island changed direction and missed them. I know of a Cherokee medicine man stopping a tornado in its tracks. Although these things may seem beyond the average person, there is great strength in numbers. If people work together, miracles can be created and disasters averted.

The Need for Emotional Healing

OK, so let’s look at which aspects of consciousness these natural disasters respond to. Starting with hurricanes, Oya is known to purify. Hurricanes come most where purification is needed, emotionally as well as energetically. They tend to tear up the foundations to allow life to start anew. I think this is why the hurricane was averted when John Ray was doing his Body Electronics work. This is a very thorough emotionally cleansing.

Rising Sea levels are a more obvious manifestation of emotions. If you keep denying your emotions, they keep coming back until they completely flood you. Therefore to prevent this, start by welcoming and dealing with all your emotions.

Deforestation producing climate changeThe destruction of our forests begins with the lack of appreciation of beauty. When people no longer value peace and beauty, they get lost in the rat race and only see money. Profit becomes the single motivation, and all natural beauty is sacrificed to it. Without beauty, the will to live diminishes, apathy sets in, and we develop a death wish and begin to die from self-created disease. We can no more live without beauty than we can without the oxygen forests give us. The first step to reversing this trend is to value beauty and make time for it in our lives. This requires us to stay in touch with our souls. Trees are the silent sentinels of our soul connections. Remember to visit forests to refresh your soul, and to meditate with trees.

The gases from unnatural agriculture are basically a result of greed, which is rooted in insecurity. Again, profit is the singular motivation, which leads to high yields supplying greed, while ignoring the natural balance. If everyone started realizing that natural organic foods would supply their nutritional needs, less would be required to feel satisfied; and as well as agriculture taking a positive turn, everyone would be healthy rather than obese. To change this, heal your insecurity. You will find your quality if life improves, and others will follow your example.

Pollution from excessive traffic occurs because people are too busy rushing around to enjoy life. It’s a form of avoidance. It would be far more productive to take a good look at what is in your life that you are trying to avoid, and start building a more meaningful life. This would mean facing your fears, disappointments and limited beliefs.

So the first thing we can all do is to make sure we deal with our emotions. There is a great deal of repressed emotion in the world today, so I would be surprised if this didn’t create disaster. Get involved in your emotional growth. Take some time to release and heal. Embrace your shadow. Once you let go of old emotions you have held on to, much can change for the better in your own life as well as in the world around you.

Cleansing and Protecting the Land

The next step is to take part in cleansing the land. This is easy to do. One simple way is known as “gifting”, which involves planting small orgonite devices in the land, around mobile masts or anywhere there is negative energy, as well as leaving them in sacred sites and power spots to help purify the energy. Orgonite is a simple blend of metal filings in resin, often set around a crystal. It can further be charged with mantras, prayers and positive intent. You can read more about gifting here.

If you don’t get around to making or obtaining orgonite, it’s enough to charge crystals and bury them in ley lines. Herkimer diamonds, citrine and apophylite are most useful, as they never store negative energy, but will always work to transmute it into positive energy. The most powerful prayer I have found for this cleansing work is the Dragon Sutra. You can learn the dragon language on my course Magick-The Faerie and Dragon Path. Otherwise, use whatever prayers or mantras you feel best with, or your own affirmations.

This deals with one problem. A bigger part is preventing deforestation. Apart from protesting, signing petitions etc, it is important to focus our prayers and visualisations on protecting the forests. This is a very positive experience. When you include the trees in your prayers, you begin to feel the oneness of nature. With soulless and corrupt businesses destroying our world, some of us feel the need to block them more aggressively.

Use your Anger & Power to make Positive Change

This doesn’t sit well with everyone, but consider the importance of dealing with your shadow. It is well known amongst those who hypnotise and manipulate people into violent crimes that it is the pacifists who are the easiest to use, as they do not own their aggression. If you don’t own your shadow, apart from this making you ill and causing stagnation of energy in your environment, ask yourself, who is using your shadow if you aren’t?

You will find it a nothing but positive experience when you start directing your anger to make positive change, including stopping the abusers who destroy us and our world. There are many ways you can do this, much can be found in my free ecourse “Take Back your Power”, but I am also offering free initiation into the Karomah Kabah, a very powerful Islamic power that is used to destroy evil. This initiation will take 4 hours. Contact me if you are interested.

If you want to combine your magickal work with political activism (see also my article on Sacred Activism), you could focus on the Climate Summit in New York happening today, 23 September. The Climate Summit is hoping to inject momentum into the Conference in Paris in 2015 where emissions reduction targets will be set. According to the international campaigning organisation Avaaz, “Politicians all over the world cite a lack of public support as a reason not to take bold action against climate change.” So now is the time for every person to do his or her bit to respond to the situation and to also work collectively in bringing about change.

One way you can develop your magickal powers is by joining my Magick Course starting next weekend. I am also intending to make some of this available as distant empowerments.

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