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The Science of Safety & Magickal Protection

The Need for Safety The Indonesian magickal arts known as the Science of Safety are little known, apart from the invulnerability empowerments known as Tenaga Dalam. This art is designed to make one invulnerable to knife attacks and other sharp weapons, but this is only a small part of what is known as safety sciences. … Continue reading The Science of Safety & Magickal Protection

Legendary Magickal Powers – How real are they?

If you have ever read through old grimoires (textbooks of magick), you will have found some amazing claims for magickal powers resulting from long spiritual disciplines, such as flying long distances, manifesting money out of nowhere, making a purse that is always magickally filled with cash etc. Some you would either dismiss as fantasy, or … Continue reading Legendary Magickal Powers – How real are they?

Radiation Immunity and Protection

With the increase in nuclear reactor leaks (particularly at Fukushima in Japan), as well as the overwhelming presence of microwaves, ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) waves and HAARP in the atmosphere, not surprisingly people are becoming concerned about the dangers to their health. Actually, there are a number of radiation immunity and protection solutions already available. … Continue reading Radiation Immunity and Protection