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Tulpas and Orbs of Life

What they are A Tulpa is a Tibetan concept but is much like the western idea of egregores, artificial elementals and servitors. It is basically an artificially created but intelligent being, that is given power to perform a particular task. Whenever a lot of energy is focused into one desire, it will begin to develop … Continue reading Tulpas and Orbs of Life

Personal Power: 5 Steps to reclaim it

Many of you will have downloaded my free course “Take Back Your Power”. I want to add some pertinent details here to help understand personal power and describe 5 steps to reclaim it. Personal power can mean many things. It is our power to create our reality, most often demonstrated in our health, social status, … Continue reading Personal Power: 5 Steps to reclaim it

Shamanic Healing in Devon

The wildness of the Devon countryside is perfect for invoking the powers of the Ancient British traditions for shamanic healing. With its old trees, clear rivers, rocky Tors, wild herbs, Dragons and portals to other realms, it is the perfect place to gather power and learn about shamanic healing and magick. The British tradition of … Continue reading Shamanic Healing in Devon