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Magickally Creating Freedom

To understand where creating freedom fits in the growth of consciousness, let’s look at the stages through which consciousness evolves. The Evolution of Consciousness The first quality to develop when we come into this world is perception of the illusion. That’s with the understanding that the physical plane is illusion; a projection of consciousness. Secondly … Continue reading Magickally Creating Freedom

Living an Empowered Life

Listen here to the second half of the talk I gave on the second day of my Body Electronics Ultimate Healing Course in 2015. Part 1 can be found here: Growth through Crisis. This talk covers many areas including: How to live an empowered life Impact vs resonance The process of creation   You can listen to … Continue reading Living an Empowered Life

Growth through Crisis

The following is part transcription, part notes from the first half of the talk I gave on the second day of my Body Electronics Ultimate Healing Course in 2015. Part 2 can be found at Living an Empowered Life. Much of the talk explores the opportunities for growth through crisis. You can listen to the … Continue reading Growth through Crisis

Alignment: Light vs Dark

Light vs Dark and Embracing Your Shadow A question I often hear, when a new seeker is trying to choose a path, is “Is this path entirely love and light?” This is a question that needs some serious consideration. Light vs Dark? The path I teach is one of love and truth; this involves much … Continue reading Alignment: Light vs Dark