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Aghora Tantrik Empowerments

I am often asked what makes certain empowerments so much more powerful than any others. To explain this I need to explain the path of the Aghora. The Path of the Aghora Aghora is a very serious tantrik path, following Shiva or Kali. I follow Kali. It is a path involving tantra and necromancy, often … Continue reading Aghora Tantrik Empowerments

Cranial Healing & Metaphysical Powers

The Origins of Cranial Healing The deep healing effects that can be produced through cranial healing were first discovered by William Garner Sutherland, an osteopath working in the early to mid 1900’s who was the founder of craniosacral therapy. Sutherland largely experimented on himself to find the effects of subtle changes to the alignment of … Continue reading Cranial Healing & Metaphysical Powers

The Seven Levels of Emotional Healing – Part 2

This article is a continuation of my previous emotional healing article where I explain how different emotions are stored in different endocrine glands in the body and how they can be healed sequentially. Fear The next layer to heal is fear, which is stored in the thymus gland. This is one of the most difficult … Continue reading The Seven Levels of Emotional Healing – Part 2

Iridology and Healing

Having studied in several schools of iridology (eye diagnosis), I want to discuss phenomena that very few will acknowledge in iridology – the healing of so-called irreversible lesions, and constructive fibre structure changes in the iris. Some iridology schools will flat out refuse to even look at the evidence. Traditionally, closed lesions in the fibres … Continue reading Iridology and Healing

The Seven Levels of Emotional Healing: Part 1

In this series of articles I explain how the emotions are stored in the organs of the body – specifically the endocrine glands – and how emotional healing can happen progressively through the levels. Every suppressed experience, thought or emotion is stored as a crystal in every DNA molecule in the body. The body is … Continue reading The Seven Levels of Emotional Healing: Part 1

Truth and Healing vs Deception and Corporate Profit

Truth and healing are two words that go very well together. In this World of corporate lies, mis-information and manipulation, it can be almost impossible to know how to safeguard ones health. I want to make you aware of some very simple scientific and practical laws that can help you cut through a lot of … Continue reading Truth and Healing vs Deception and Corporate Profit

Shamanic Healing and Magick

There is a very good reason for practising shamanic healing and magick together, as the shamanic path of healing is based on a magickal worldview. Shamanism does not separate the different levels of reality, but recognizes the interconnections of all levels. Problems with the physical health often have their cause in suppressed emotional trauma or … Continue reading Shamanic Healing and Magick