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Karma: momentum and value

Good karma: Bad karma? Karma is often described as action or learning. Another descriptive word I want to add is momentum. Karma is the momentum you have set in motion one way or another, that once started, continues in the same direction. In its simplest form, upward momentum is when you successfully create something, and … Continue reading Karma: momentum and value

Growth through Crisis

The following is part transcription, part notes from the first half of the talk I gave on the second day of my Body Electronics Ultimate Healing Course in 2015. Part 2 can be found at Living an Empowered Life. Much of the talk explores the opportunities for growth through crisis. You can listen to the … Continue reading Growth through Crisis

Healing Shame – The Hidden Root of Auto-Immune Disease

The Devastating Effects of Shame The metaphysical cause of all immune problems is fear and shame. These emotions tend to be stored in the thymus gland. The problem is that shame is often so hidden one seldom knows just how much is there. It gets masked in dysfunctional behaviour which is accepted as normal. A … Continue reading Healing Shame – The Hidden Root of Auto-Immune Disease