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Universal Laws and Healing – Day 1 Talk

Peter’s Body Electronics – Ultimate Healing Course is becoming ever-more popular – it runs annually in Devon, UK in July and from time to time in The Netherlands and in Thailand. Please check Calendar for dates and details. At the beginning of each day, Peter gives a talk explaining universal laws, healing on all levels and the … Continue reading Universal Laws and Healing – Day 1 Talk

Miracles Beyond Your Imagination

There has been a lot of research done on the conditions and perceptions that tend to produce miracles. I want to start by defining a miracle. 1) A miracle is beyond what you are willing and capable of imagining. 2) A miracle is amplified coincidence or synchronicity, that you allow to stand out, and has … Continue reading Miracles Beyond Your Imagination

The Importance of Shadow Work

With the modern tendency for light work, shadow work often gets neglected, and yet our shadow contains many important keys to our freedom and growth. Denying it only causes problems, as everything you deny, the shadow will bring to you, seemingly from the outside. This isn’t confined to what we consider bad or negative, as … Continue reading The Importance of Shadow Work