Spritual Activism

Spiritual Activism: Principles, Tools and Resources

Before looking at the spiritual activism tools that are needed, we should start by understanding the World we live in, so we can best assess when it’s appropriate to act. 

Corporations and Profits

We live in a capitalist society, so we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that all corporations have profit as their highest priority. As corporations are now so large that none of them are owned outright, but depend on shareholders, if they don’t show high enough profits, their shareholders will pull out and put their money elsewhere, and that corporation is finished. It’s all or nothing. Governments are corporations run for profit. So is the medical industry, the media, religious organisations and everything we learn to rely on. As no corporation wants to see their profits going to another organisation, they are not going to tell you if someone else has a better solution to your problems, so all information they give you is biased. 

As a simple example you can see today, pharmaceutical companies will pressurise everyone to take their product, while covering up the fact that there are better remedies available. In this case, it has become life threatening to listen to the biased information we are being given. The first rule then, is that you can’t believe any corporation, and that includes the government and the media. 

Unless we can change the whole of society and get rid of capitalism, we will always need to discriminate, and do our own research over every important decision we make. If we don’t, we will be bled dry by corporations and lose all our dreams, and in the present circumstances, our lives.

Lies and Deception

So the first thing we need to protect ourselves (and others) from is corporate lies. The first tool I am giving you is the Faerie truth revealing spell:


This spell can be used to remove all the deception around something or someone, so the truth is seen. You will need attunement to this spell for it to work effectively. I will be giving the attunement on my next live Q&A session on Saturday, 2 October, 2021, I will also make an orb of it so anyone can receive it from the replay. To use it, light a candle, focus your attention on where you want truth to be revealed, and recite the spell a few times. You can leave the candle burning, and the spell will keep working. It’s good to get some pillar candles that will burn for several days, and keep the spell going until the lies have been exposed. You can use this spell anytime you see corruption or suspect you are being lied to.

Power Loss

The next problem we need to remedy is power loss. As people give away responsibility to the authorities and hope they will make good decisions for them, they gradually give away their power. Those authorities seek to take more and more power from you to keep you under their control. Their main tools are force, fear, approval, lies and altruism. 

The more the State forces you to do things you don’t want to do, the more power they take from you. As force alone is very difficult to maintain, it has to be backed up by lies and spreading of various fears to make you compliant. Without accurate information, it’s impossible to make the best decisions for your own good. In a state of fear and confusion, you can easily be made to do what the authorities want you to do. People will then go against their own better judgement to gain the approval of their peers. 

Altruism is a distortion of our natural compassion for others. We learn to lay down our lives “for the good of the whole”, when it’s really just for the good of the profit-makers.As we give away our power, we feel helpless and fall into apathy. We no longer have confidence that we can change our reality. When apathy continues, sooner or later it erupts into violence. 

If we are to change our lives, we must first take back our power. The biggest lie we are kept under is that we are powerless. Governments always suppress metaphysical knowledge and alternative spirituality, while using the occult themselves to control everyone. Know that you are all spiritual beings, and have the power to change the World. Take time to consider all the ways power has been taken from you, and spend time taking it all back. You can use a simple visualisation. Imagine drawing a circle around yourself (clockwise), then call to the edge of the circle, one at a time, everyone who has taken power from you. See them holding your power, either as a ball of light or some symbolic form, and reach out and take it back. I deal with this in greater depth in my free course “Take Back Your Power”.

Take Back Your Power I - Free audio course

Parasitical eggregores

Whenever a group of people get together with a common purpose, a group consciousness, called an eggregore, is created, which will then influence the group to further its purpose. It often overrides the individuals, so they all stay focused on the original purpose. This is why people will often do things in a crowd that they wouldn’t do alone. Such eggregores can lead to miracles or mob violence. Since society is so capitalist, it’s easy to understand that corporations will form strong eggregores that are entirely focused on profit, and will override every other consideration. As profit, not service, is their focus, they become more and more parasitical, as their purpose is to take, not to give. The people within those corporations will be influenced to become more and more vampiric. This is how people end up becoming so immoral and soulless.

Destroying the eggregore

When you destroy an eggregore, the people under it are freed to become human again and start thinking for themselves. So when we focus on destroying these parasitical eggregores we are not harming people, but liberating them, so there are no moral issues here. The group will then be reformed, or if it’s too corrupt, will fail in its purpose. 

Destroying large eggregores requires a certain amount of power. There are two methods that I teach. One is through the Dragon Magick course, where you will learn to ride your Dragons out to attack and destroy these eggregores. The other is through an empowerment called Karomah Kabah, which I give free once in a while. I will be doing another one in the next few weeks, once I have a number of people who want it, so if you would like to do it, message me at peter@azizshamanism.com, with Karomah Kabah as the subject.

The initiation will take 4 hours and is done on a Friday night. Once you are initiated, you can focus the power through a prayer, to destroy any evil force. We can then focus together in groups to destroy the most parasitical eggregores.

Controlling eggregores

Parasitical eggregores need to be destroyed, but what about the eggregores formed from the groups of frustrated people gathering in crowds? Rather than resorting to mob violence in the fight against corruption, a group could achieve far more by being more focused so you can help them by sending messages into the eggregore. It’s of no avail trying to talk to any of the individuals, but when you can give direction to the eggregore, the whole crowd follows suit. This takes quite a strong mind, but for those who want to develop their power, level 3 of Candali gives the tantrick power of mohin (mind control). 

Candali is a system of building the kundalini in safe stages to obtain Siddhi’s (spiritual powers). In this initiation you will learn mantras of mind control as well as mantras that can heal epidemics and dissipate mob violence. To use this power on an eggregore, you just have to think about the group energy overshadowing the whole group and tell it what to do. It may help to give the eggregore a form that you can visualise. In this case you should have a plan. When you see an angry crowd gathering, think of how they can most effectively direct their efforts to get the change they want, then tell the eggregore to do it. At the same time you can disperse the eggregores of police violence.

Psionics and Protection

Spiritual activism and Psionics

Psionics is the use of subtle energies, often with frequency generating devices, to produce action at a distance. It’s a bit like having a radio that can tap into the human mind to program it. It’s heavily used by the CIA, police and government departments. Many people who make a stand against what’s wrong in the world find themselves being targeted, but don’t really understand how. It doesn’t kill, but negative programs can be sent to create weakness, poor health, conflict, stress and failure. Those trying to do good in the world are often victim of these problems. Luckily you can learn to counter these attacks with just a little knowledge of psionics. 

I produced my psionics range for this purpose. I have spent much time developing it to make sure it can overcome and neutralise all the psionics being used against you, and I also do it much cheaper so everyone can protect themselves. My psionics package includes a simple course so you can use the powerful instruments very quickly. You will learn to find and neutralise all attacks, and can also use psionics to weaken and neutralise corrupt groups that attack you, using the etheric weapons. This will back up the Karomah kabah or Dragon magick very well, and it’s much easier to use.

Another option which may be of interest in terms of protecting yourself is my online Psychic Protection course or my shorter Psychic Self Defence course (also available in German).


Understanding Shadow is another important aspect to understand in life generally and particularly when involved in activism. I cover this in my earlier article Sacred Activism: A Shamanic Perspective. If you would like to learn more about the shadow, see my Darkness Course or the Ultimate Healing Course.

Co-creating the Life/World you wish to see

In addition to fighting against and protecting yourself and your community from the many forms of attack which we are currently experiencing, it is also crucial to create the way of life, resources and circumstances that you DO wish to experience. Part of the reason that the Dark Forces are successful in promoting their agenda is that they are very focused on what they want to create. If we react with fear or anger or even just put all our energy into resisting their agenda, we end up energising it and putting ourselves in a depleted and vulnerable state. 

The most powerful way to create what we wish is to co-create – whether that is with God/Goddess, your Higher Self or magickal beings such as Dragons, Faeries and Dark Elves – see my series of online/home-study courses Magick: The Faerie and Dragon Path Series

See also my blog articles in the Manifestation and Abundance category.

The importance of Community

Live Q&A Calls

Having the support of your community is more important than ever in challenging times such as these. You may be fortunate enough to already have access to a face to face community who share your views and values. Over the last 18 months, I have been offering monthly Live Questions and Answers Calls, generally on the first weekend of the month at 10am UK time.

The Saturday Public Calls are open to everyone with the chance to submit questions in advance and watch the recording if you are unable to attend live. Here’s a recent one on Darkness and Shadow which sacred activists may find particularly relevant. Enroll free to access previous recordings.

The Sunday Magick Student Calls are where I have been building my community of students – these calls tend to go deeper and are available to those who have purchased one of my online courses. See here for recent topics.

I also have an Aziz Shamanism Magick Students MeWe online community group for students of my more in-depth courses where students can share experiences and ask questions. Naturally, questions arise in this group around how to deal with the current global situation.

Magick Students MeWe Group

I recently launched my Magickal Membership programme for those wishing to join monthly online workshops teaching practical magick.

Magickal Membership Workshops

Additional Resources for Spiritual Activism

Check out the Sacred Activism category on my blog. You may also find these articles of particular interest:

 I have given you a lot to think about, but don’t get overwhelmed. Start with my free course, “Take Back Your Power” and start taking back power until you feel more confident to change your life, then you can start exploring the other tools in your own time. And if you want to act, the Karomah Kabah initiation is free, so contact me at peter@azizshamanism.com so I can let you know details..

I spoke more about Sacred Activism in my Live Q&A call last October – you can watch the replay here. You may need to enrol (free) in my ‘Public Questions & Answers with Peter’ course to access this and other replays.

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