Silver Shree Yantra

The Silver Shree Yantra – Advanced Tantrik Power

Tantric Powers of the Silver Shree Yantra (aka Sri Yantra)

Silver Shree YantraThis is a more advanced level of the Shree Yantra, which enhances the basic power through the lunar qualities of silver, but to explain its power fully, I will need to explain clearly what tantra is.

Tantra is often associated with sexuality, but there is far more to it than that. It utilizes all natural forces to gain power and enlightenment, but its real design is to step out of illusion into Oneness. In tantra this is achieved by honouring the wisdom within the body, and within all life.

Cellular Intelligence vs The Five Senses

Every living cell has a mysterious connection with every other cell. A simple life form such as an amoeba is in communication with other amoeba a long distance away. This same oneness is found throughout all cells, in the human body as well as in the most primitive life forms. Each organic living cell is responding to other cells, all influencing each other in a flow that supports the survival of the whole. Each cell performs a unique task, and each other cell supports and compliments it in some way. Within the body for example, a heart cell will perform a different task than a liver cell, yet each supports the other. Each cell only stores enough food to last about 4 seconds, not needing to hoard, as it is always supported by the flow. So there is no insecurity, fear, competition or separation. The communication is outside the range of the five senses, as these are generated in the brain cortex, not in the cells.

The five senses are a completely different type of communication, as they are an entirely internal process in which the brain takes in information, which is nothing but a range of different waves, and builds up concepts of colour, scent, sound, texture etc. Neurologists have stated that there is no proof anything outside the brain really exists, as the senses are entirely created from within. In fact, this process is no different in dreams than in the waking state. As the world of the five senses is totally personal, it does not share the unity experienced at the cellular level. It makes everyone else separate, and from this separation is created conflict and competition, which leads to greed and violence.

The power of the Moon feeds the intuitive intelligence of the cells. If we ignore this power we get caught in the illusion of the five senses, which allow the limitations of rational thought to control us. Tantra observes the freedom of absolute spiritual power verses the limitations of left brain thinking. All rational thought is created out of a set of limited beliefs by which we measure the limited world our five senses present to us. From very early in life we seek to figure out how the world works, so we can plan and keep control. Our first experiences are used to test possible beliefs, and when events confirm those beliefs, they are stored permanently as a map of how the world works. Unfortunately, this learning process gets controlled through our education, and we take on the beliefs we are taught. In our state of separation, we seek consistency, so we fiercely protect those beliefs whether they are true or not. It seems that in order to survive, we have to maintain control, so we can’t let our view of the world be shattered. All our energy is then spent on protecting a false image. This is the cause of the excessive need for control, which is the cause of all suffering.

Strengthening the Intuition & Releasing Limited Beliefs

The intuitive intelligence works differently. Experiencing life from knowledge of Oneness, we know that the world of the five senses is entirely our creation, and therefore every belief is also our creation. We are limitless, indefinable awareness, which does only three things; creates, experiences then dis-creates. Everything we create can be unmade if we are willing to experience it. This includes every belief and every situation. From this perspective, all beliefs, emotional blocks and limitations can be completely released without complexity. Attempts to change beliefs while still trapped in left brain awareness tend to be long complicated processes that ultimately can’t produce a complete result, as one is still running round in circles within the same limited thinking that creates limited beliefs. This is where we see the first benefit of the power of the silver Shree Yantra; by strengthening our intuitive awareness, we bypass the left brain processes and release all limited beliefs easily.

This is an important prerequisite to physical healing, as the body is created, held together and supported by life energy. Our consciousness can direct that life energy to reshape the body, but this ability tends to get limited by our beliefs. A good example is to observe Chinese Chi Kung masters. The Chinese way of thinking tends to be more right brained, and this certainly manifests in their medicine, which heals through Chi without considering the limited laws we tend to put on physical matter.

A Shaolin monk once demonstrated to me how to reshape the body, when he made someone’s hand longer within seconds by focusing his Chi along the hand. The western mind tends to think of the physical body as solid, and therefore would not consider the possibility of such a feat. All that stops the body from reshaping is all the limited beliefs stored in the energy field. It may not seem important to make someone’s hand longer, but the first healing I did with the silver Shree Yantra was to make someone’s leg slightly longer, as the difference in leg length was constantly throwing off his posture, causing serious problems. Simply making the leg longer was a permanent answer to what could have been a life long problem. Stepping out of limited belief into the free flow of power thereby allows both physical healing and transformation of consciousness.

The free flow of energy allowed by empowerment of the silver Shree Yantra is also quite ecstatic, as the flow affects the amygdala of the brain (the pleasure centre), and also allows greater energy in orgasm, so it is very good for the sexual aspect of tantra. Being a lunar energy, it is most expansive to the female orgasm, but for men, it makes your energy more orgasmic to women.

Healing the Web – Relationships, Ancestors, Dreams & Manifestation

Another healing benefit to understand is healing the Web. Since we are all connected, and the power of the Universe does not recognize separation, the links we have to other people are an important part of our healing. Much of our suffering involves relationships to others, and healing ourselves involves healing these connections between us. The healing power of the silver Shree Yantra flows along the Web, changing those connected to us, healing relationships, changing difficult situations. This Web is multi-dimensional; it not only affects the people around us, but also our dreams, the process by which our dreams seek manifestation, and our ancestors. Problems with our ancestors cause many more problems than most people are aware of. They can cause pain in the body, and mess up various aspects of or lives. All ancient cultures honour ancestors, and have ways of feeding or appeasing them, which doesn’t seem logical to the western mind, but when you consider the multi-dimensional nature of the web, it’s easy to see how we are connected to our ancestors across time and space.

Our dreams are also important to us. In dreams we release tension, heal ourselves mentally and emotionally, and solve the future. A healthy dream life helps produce a healthy life on all levels. The Web has fibres across the dream planes too, so healing the Web restores healthy dreams, which can become more lucid, more intuitive, and more fulfilling. As day dreaming, focused through creative visualization, is a method for creating those dreams in the physical plane, it becomes easy to see the connections between this plane and the dream plane. So as we heal that Web, we also make it easy and natural to manifest our desires. By stepping out of the limited rational mind into the flow of spiritual power, we let go of all the limited beliefs that might hinder our manifestation of desires.

Immunity to EMFs & Mind Control

One more very useful power of the silver Shree Yantra is to make us totally immune to Haarp and other electromagnetic pollution and mind control. The mind control technology that suppresses your free thinking and spirituality only works by the brains tendency to follow frequencies. This very tendency comes from the state of limitation of the left brain, as it is basically part of a survival mechanism that comes with our separated state. Once you step out of separation into Oneness, external forces are no longer real to you. Your brain won’t follow these controlling frequencies no matter how much they turn up the power. There has been a constant struggle between those attempting control and those making orgone devices to block that control, as both sides have been gradually increasing the power of their devices. Once you step into Oneness and external forces are no longer real, the fight ends. This will also make you immune to curses and any form of psychic garbage.

Embracing the Goddess

One last point I would add is that since this is a lunar empowerment, to really work with it you should embrace the Goddess in some form, making Her a regular part of your spirituality. You can then invoke its power in every healing, every meditation, at night to enhance your dreams, and any time you need protection.

I will be introducing the Silver Shree Yantra is empowerment in my Ultimate Healing Course in July, and it will also be available as a distant empowerment.

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