Magickal Initiation: Accelerate your spiritual growth & magickal powers

Types of magickal initiation

magickal initiation - tenaga dalamInitiation means to begin. It is basically the start of a more empowered spiritual life. It usually refers to some kind of initiation ritual that gives a strong boost to one’s spiritual progress. Although one can grow spiritually without such a magickal initiation, the enhancement it can give you can be very useful. The clearest measurement I had of the benefit off initiation was when I first received tenaga dalam, a Javanese inner power training. The initiation was said to give a boost equivalent to 2 – 4 years training. This was demonstrable, as after one week of practice one can test the invulnerability by striking oneself with a machete. This was a small-scale initiation which initiates one to a particular practice.

There are also much greater initiations which activate the power of an entire tradition. These generally require preparation and a degree of dedication. One must obviously decide that this particular tradition is going to be one’s life path. In many magickal traditions both types of initiation are an option. There are empowerments for particular powers, and there is the major initiation, involving a kind of symbolic death and rebirth, where one meets the Gods and obtains power.


Vodou initiation

Vodou preparation in Haiti
Vodou Preparation in Haiti

I can give examples in the vodou tradition. There are the smaller initiations, where I install each person’s Lwa met tet (the deity that rules your head) and teach the rituals of your particular deity. This I do in a weekend. Then there is the full initiation called Kanzo, which has to be given in Haiti and takes two weeks. There are three levels of initiation; hounsi, in which you receive your met tet, sur pwen, in which you have 3 lwa, and Asogwe, in which you have 7 lwa. This is the complete initiation, after which you can perform every kind of magick effectively.

I have found that working with a lwa that has chosen you works every time, whereas trying to work with other spirits just doesn’t produce the same results. So, the simple weekend initiation of installing your met tet is a fantastic step to success. Once you have a spirit connected with you, Vodou is highly effective and produces powerful results, fast.


Egyptian initiation

Egyptian image showing cleansing the flesh of evil deitiesThe greatest initiation I have found, however, is the Egyptian initiation. Many of the other traditions have their roots in ancient Egypt. When Egypt was invaded by the Greeks, many of the magicians went overseas, following their visions. Some spread into Africa and became the Berbers. Others went to Java, then to Hawaii, which in their language is pronounced Hava-ee-ee, little Java. I have also seen signs of ancient Egypt within south American traditions. The sacred sites of Egypt are the original portals of power. When you receive the magickal current of the ancient tradition within these sacred places, the power flow is intense and life-changing.

Preparation involves a nine-week devotional period (see my blog “Preparing for initiation”). There are a number of empowerments given within the appropriate temples, then an overnight initiation, in which you are sent into the underworld, and come back empowered. After this the Gods are with you and hear your prayers. This means effective magick.

So what are these magickal powers? There are different powers associated with the different deities. The first and most obvious power is healing. This is mostly done under Isis, Bast and Hathor. Sekhmet is called to destroy negative forces in one’s life. You may have come cross isis seichim and sekhmet seichim. These become a thousand times more powerful through initiation. Horus can destroy obstacles and defeat competition in your life. Hathor can bring love, either through powerful love spells, or attracting your soul mate. Renentet can bring in money. Horus can also give you astral flight. You will find spells and prayers to overcome every possible difficulty in life.

This year I am giving a Vodou Initiation weekend 22nd-23rd September in Devon, UK, and the full Egypt Initiation 6th-13th December in the temples in Egypt.

Sexual Attraction: The do’s and don’ts

sexual attractionI receive many enquiries about whether one can attract one’s life partner in one session, become an irresistible chick-magnet in one empowerment, or go from total failure in love to being the most loved person in the world through one spell. I want to explain why that is not practical and what is actually required to make such changes.


The Pull of Raw Power

First of all, attraction is not a rational process. It comes from our animal instincts. We are genetically programmed to seek the alpha. What this looks like differs in men and women, but it comes down to raw power. You will not be putting out that alpha vibe if your power has been damaged or given away. The first step therefore is to learn to claim your power. (See my free course:Take Back Your Power).

When power has been reclaimed, its first manifestation is through confidence. This is singularly the most important quality for a man. It is the subtle signs of confidence revealed through body language that create the animal attraction. Insecurity is the biggest turn off. Take any positive quality and add insecurity and it becomes a negative. A sexual vibe with insecurity becomes creepy. Intelligence with insecurity becomes nerdy. It is essential to heal insecurity and build confidence. This is most effectively done by taking power back from where it has been lost. Confidence is natural when the solar plexus is fully empowered. Security comes with a healthy base chakra.

The alpha male also has vision. This shows in body language, by a firm upright stance with the gaze focused ahead into the distance. This is another subtle attractive body language. This comes naturally through a healthy adolescence, when we naturally rebel to find our own wills and form our dreams for our futures. A man with no vision has no drive, and so the sexual magnetism is lacking. When our natural rebellion has been crushed, or we missed out on a normal adolescence by being burdened with responsibility too early, this basic drive is missing. This is another case where power needs to be taken back from those who blocked or burdened you, but soul retrieval may also be needed. The soul enters in stages. The adolescent rebellion is when the fiery part enters. In some cases, this may not have come in, as there was no space to accommodate it. When this is brought in, vision, drive and will are established. These are sexy qualities.


Seduction and Confidence

Secondly, seduction is natural and easy, but there is a lot of conditioning that makes it hard, that causes unnatural behaviour that sabotages this simple, natural process. If it wasn’t so easy we wouldn’t be here, as the success of the mating process can’t skip even one generation. So nature has basically made it easy to get laid. The problem is, when people lose touch with the simple responses, their confidence diminishes and the belief that it is hard gets stronger and stronger.

This is something that gets missed in all the dating and pick up artist courses. I have seen many men coming out from the latest course, trying out their new chat-up techniques, and getting slapped down harder each time. If a man’s energy is predatory, it is easily felt by women. The problem is, the more their confidence is knocked down, the harder they try, and the more predatory they become. And yet most people are out there forming relationships without effort. It happens naturally when there is no negative belief in the way.


The Bonding Process

So let’s look at how the process works: First, there is an attraction that has come entirely though body language. The more confident you are, the better. There is a natural filtering process designed to weed out the weaker males, that females of every species do. In humans it is through simple tests; first tests of compliance, then of congruence. The alpha male is not compliant, so when you do everything asked of you, you are failing. Tests of congruence usually involve little digs at your manhood, to see if your confidence is real. If you crumble, you will be seen as weak. If it all passes over your head, you succeed.

Secondly, once you begin to talk, bonding starts superficially. You talk about very superficial things, which leads you to discover simple qualities you share. As bonding naturally deepens you share emotional topics. This may be simple emotional memories about pets you had etc. The sharing of common emotion causes deeper bonding. Note that you can’t bond with a lie. There is no benefit to making up stories, as without real emotion there is no bonding. Trying too hard out of negative belief sabotages this process. At this stage of bonding, one’s mirror neutrons start to work. You start to feel the same feelings as the person you are with. Then sexual feelings start to flow. The bonding process has shifted from being light, to emotionally deep, then lightens up again but becomes flirtatious and sexual. As you get closer, it is natural to fall in love.


What goes wrong?

Now let’s look at what goes wrong. First, lack of confidence weakens the initial attraction. For men, their approach is important. Low confidence means weak approach. Women have problems when their filters are weak. As their self-esteem is low, they don’t do the natural filtering which ensures they get the positive male. Secondly, when one uses artificial chat up lines, there is no emotional bonding.

Thirdly, if one is not comfortable with one’s own sexuality, this will be transferred to the other person through the mirror neurones, so all sexual feelings vanish. Men often complain about women blowing hot and cold, but it’s usually because they are doing it first. They often have sexual motivation when approaching a woman, then close it down when they start talking because they are afraid to show it too soon. This is conveyed to her through the mirror neurones, and she closes off. If you allow your sexuality to flow confidently, but without insensitivity, impatience or neediness, the mirror neurones work for you, not against you.


Steps to Seduction Success

So how do we make the change to the simple successful dynamic? Step one, take your power back. Allow natural confidence to grow. Then we can start enhancing our natural sexual attraction through some tantric empowerments. There are empowerments that create confidence, as well as increase sexual attraction, and Vishakaran empowerments that allow you to attract a specific person. These work naturally with the principles outlined above, so you change your natural flow, and attract your mates confidently and easily.

To make it easier, I have just finished recording a course on sexual healing and relationships, which will take you through building power, removing shame, and several powerful tantric attunements for increasing confidence, magnetism, and for attracting a specific person. I’ll announce its release via my newsletter once it’s available online.

I will also be giving out a few free empowerments with coming newsletters. This will start with a gentle kundalini awakening to bring your energy up to scratch, then the orgasmic touch empowerment.

Karma: momentum and value

Good karma: Bad karma?

Good karma: Bad karma: momentum and healingKarma is often described as action or learning. Another descriptive word I want to add is momentum. Karma is the momentum you have set in motion one way or another, that once started, continues in the same direction. In its simplest form, upward momentum is when you successfully create something, and that success increases your positive expectation, so next time you visualize something your success is increased further. Downward momentum would be when you fail, your expectation is lowered, so future attempts at manifestation lack hope and continue to fail. Upward or downward, momentum tends to build if you continue what you are doing.

The process gets more complex as we understand the generating forces that empower our manifestation. The tools of creation are our desire, imagination and expectation. The generating forces are our value, gratitude, love, intimacy and trust. It is value we most need to understand in relation to karma. When we act in ways that go against our own conscience, we lower our value and therefore diminish our ability to create positive realities. Note that it is our own lack of value that blocks us; not some deity watching over us punishing us for our sins. That’s a rather childish perception which doesn’t fit in with the knowledge that we create our own reality.


The impact of shame

We all have a conscience as part of our individualization. It’s our conscience that tells us what’s right and wrong for us, rather than for everybody. Our principles vary. To some, truth is most important. To others compassion is most important. You build your worth and develop your individual power and destiny by acting according to your own principles. When you go against your own principles you either feel remorse or shame. Remorse is when you have made a mistake. With shame you are the mistake. Once you feel defective you always fail in the same way. So you will have a continuous pattern of the same dysfunctional behaviour creating more and more shame. Shame tends to excuse itself, whereas remorse seeks forgiveness and change. It is all the hidden shame that lowers value and stops us from manifesting our dreams.

To release shame it has to be turned back to remorse. You have to remember your principles and look at where you have failed in them. You then begin a process of redemption that has four stages: recognize, acknowledge, forgive and change. You won’t forgive until you admit you have done something wrong, acknowledge responsibility for it, and be willing to change. It won’t work to admit a mistake then start blaming circumstances. You won’t really forgive if you are not going to change, and you won’t change if you don’t forgive. Shame will keep you failing in the same way. If you look at when you forgive others, it’s usually when you feel safe that the offence won’t be repeated. It’s the same with forgiving self; you have to know you are changing.



Forgiveness is something not adequately dealt with. Everyone tells you to do it, but don’t tell you how. People often deny their emotions rather than truly forgive. Forgiveness is actually a process that has 7 stages: Denial, blame, self-pity, indignation, becoming aware of the pattern how you keep failing in the same way because you feel flawed, stepping out of the pattern, stepping into the resonance of being forgiven.

Accept that all 7 stages are there, then go through each one consciously. Go through the denial, then blame. You will blame others then end up blaming yourself. Feel sorry for yourself for being caught up in this pattern. Feel the indignation; the righteous anger that this all happened in the first place. Once you have gone through the emotions you will then observe the life long pattern: once you feet flawed you always fail in the same way. Then be willing to step out of the pattern. Finally, you return to what you really want; the feeling of living according to your principles. You then feel yourself coming back to love. It’s useful to do a simple ritual of forgiveness and return to love at this stage.


Dynamics of earning value

To build real value, it’s useful to understand the dynamics by which all human beings seek to earn value. There are 4 dynamics, with vastly different levels of value. The lowest dynamic is known as supplicative value. This means continuously trying to get other people’s approval. The second dynamic is combatative value. This means putting other people down in order to make yourself feel better. This level is the cause of much dysfunctional behaviour. It leads to all the dumping of shame and undermining which is at the root of many patterns of abuse. The third dynamic is called competitive value. Here you don’t so much put others down, but always try to look better than them. The highest dynamic of value, which is far higher than the other three, is called cooperative value. You earn value by increasing the value of those around you. If you really want to build value, this is the dynamic you should learn to operate on. Through this your individual strengths can shine.

It is the understanding of value which explains the common understanding of karma, which seems to be about the gains of good behaviour and the negative come back of bad behaviour. You can now step beyond that childish interpretation and be more responsible for creating your own reality. With high value you can create your dreams. With hidden shame you create crap.



I will add a little about gratitude. Gratitude with value produces the alchemy that attracts more of the good things you want. It doesn’t work without value. But once you are building value, gratitude is the next useful ingredient. There are two secrets to understanding gratitude: first, don’t confuse it with complacency. As a child you may have often heard statements like “be grateful for what you’ve got”. This is complacency, usually based on your parent’s lack, when they can’t give you what you want. You can be grateful and still ask for more. Secondly, gratitude is demanded of you by the Gods, but given to you, for your benefit, not theirs. So there is no weight of gratitude. It is a positive feeling of celebration of the generosity of the universe, which works with value to create the powerful upward momentum we call good karma.

Read my other articles on karma.

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Removing Blocks to Success Part 2: Weeding and Cultivating Futures

Co-create your future

Before Newton, the mechanical view of the Universe was unknown, and it has been disproved time and time again. Modern science sees cause in the future (Google Future Causality or Retrocausality for some references). Every experience is a double quantum wave between here and a future. If something doesn’t have a future, it can’t be experienced. This is easier to understand in terms of motivation. Every act is motivated by a future result. For example, the reason you leave home in the morning is to get to work half an hour later.

Our astral environment consists of many futures competing to happen. These possible futures compete for our attention. Attention is the food they need to manifest. Attention is energy; that’s why we talk about “paying” attention. These futures seeking our attention cause us emotional responses that are the cause of much of our behaviour. We see the double quantum wave; we create the future and the future is creating us.



Self-reflection has four components:

  1. attention
  2. intention
  3. action
  4. image

First, we look at what our attention is on, then the intention behind focusing on that thing and feeding it. We then look at our actions around this thing, which reveal our true intention. As an example, suppose I want to improve a difficult relationship. I first note what my attention is on. Is it on the good things, like the love, tenderness and giving, or on the negative, such as arguments, misunderstandings, feelings of neglect etc. The aspect I focus on is what will grow. There is an intention behind making this grow, which is revealed by my action. What do I do when I focus on the difficulty? I might say I want to improve the relationship, but if my action is to shut off from the other person and be alone, it shows my real intention is to be alone. From this I derive my image, which in this case might be a recluse.

Change begins with going through the layers of intention, by asking “why do I want this?”. Rather than intellectualize, feel your way through this. In the above example, I might feel that I want to be alone to find peace. I continue asking the question “why do I want this?” until I have gone as far as I can go. Why do I want peace? It may be to give me the space to discover myself, so I can find my power, so I can create love. When I get to the bottom line, which we shall call the luminous intent, we let a new image arise from it. Now I am no longer a recluse, but a seeker or a lover. This will change what I focus my attention upon, and change the future I am manifesting.

This is just the first step. It is not enough to try not to focus on the negative, as there is already a future trying to draw our attention. We have to actively disengage the future we don’t want. We do this through a process I call weeding and cultivating futures.


Weeding and Cultivating Futures Meditation

I suggest doing the self reflection on paper first. Then further insight can be gained in meditation.  Here is a meditation process that can take you through the entire process of change:  Begin with a few minutes of deep breathing and meditation to get yourself into a relaxed and lucid state. In your mind, you will go to a valley of reflection. See the valley around you, smell the air, hear any natural sounds that are there, feel its temperature etc. Here you meet your Higher Self. Let them come in human form to make it easier to communicate, although you realize they are far more than human. Tell them what you want to change, then start going through the reflection process again, telling them where your attention is etc, as there is magick in the telling. Once you see clearly your luminous intent, walk to the edge of the valley, where there are large gates; the gates of perception. To open them, you have to activate your mind, separate from your brain. You do this by appreciating beauty, appreciating courage, and making choices. Stop to appreciate the courage of admitting your real motivations, the beauty of the journey, and then make a clear choice to manifest the positive future that comes with your luminous intent. The gates swing open.

As you go through the gates, your Higher Self gives you a stick, which you use to trace a circle, clockwise, on the ground in front of you. Into this circle pour all the negative feelings you have when focused on the negative situation. All the frustration, apathy, sadness etc fills the circle. Then step into it and sink, until it seems to cover your head, and you fall out the bottom, into a river. This is the river of time. Begin to float and let the river carry you into the future. Your Higher Self will still be around somewhere. As you float along, watch the river bank change, as you go from day to night, then see the dawn of a new day. At some point the river stops and you stand up. You climb ashore, and see there the negative future, with your future self in a state of sorrow, frustration etc. Now suck the life out of this future, like a vampire. Your future self may fight or beg for mercy, but be merciless and drain it until it vanishes.

As this future fades, the other futures that were getting less attention start to become clearer. See the most positive future, with your future self being happy and successful. Pour into this future all the energy you took from the other possible future. It grows clearer. Then spend a little time just watching this positive scene.

After a moment, your future self will notice you watching them. They put everything on hold and come up to face you.  Begin to synchronize your breathing. As you breath together, your heartbeats gradually synchronize as well. When this happens, then together on a big in-breath, draw together as one; you become them. Now as your future self, go back to living and enjoying this future.

After a few moments, your Higher Self will hand you a stick again. Draw a circle on the ground, and into this circle pour all the positive feelings you experienced in this future. Step into it, sink, fall into the river, now flowing in the other direction, and be carried back to the present, watching day turn to night and then to day again. Climb out of the river, back into the present and exit the meditation.

If you do this self reflection process on a number of different situations, you may find that your luminous intent is always the same. This is very close to discovering your true will, which cannot really be defined, but you touch upon it here. Notice how your energy has totally changed, and how you start moving towards a positive future. Also, blending your energy with that of your Higher Self changes your whole range of possible futures.


We will be exploring other ways to co-create your future as well as working with the Weeding and Cultivating Futures Meditation in Part 3 of my Tethatu Shamanic Healing Training which starts 9-10 September in Devon, UK

See also Removing the Blocks to Magickal Success – Part 1

Iridology, Ego and Egregores

Iris Chart - Aziz Shamanism

Body Electronics Intensive – Day 4 Transcription

Koh Phangan, Thailand – February, 2017

Iridology and Body Electronics

Begins with a talk on iridology.
There are seven zones of the iris.
There is also a frilly band around the pupil about a third of the way out.
When you press points you are also releasing genetic memories. Not just your own thoughts but your parents’ thoughts, your grandparents’ patterns and emotions can come out of you. When you are going through memories and emotions, it’s not always your memory. There are ancestors’ memories, past life memories, entities overlaying them, so there are many over layers apart from your own conscious memories. So when you have a hereditary problem and you press on that, your ancestors’ memories can come out. You can experience emotions that your ancestors have suppressed.

That’s why we are born with problems sometimes – we inherit them. We choose our parents for a reason. They kind of fit with your karma. Your soul is seeking out the right make-up to hold its vibration – the right genetic structure that reflects all your crap. So your genetic memories are going to match your karmic memories in a way.

In the iris, first of all you get the toxic spots forming. First you have the open lesions open at one end, with fibres all around it. And they can be open on the other end. So you get this gap in the fibres where it’s open. When it gets worse you get a closed lesion. It actually closes both sides.
When it gets worse the closed lesion will go black inside and that’s cancerous. If it starts becoming malignant it will have little tendrils coming out. So a cancer you can see in the iris will be a little black splodge with tendrils reaching out to neighbouring organs.

So the fibre structure breaking down shows there is structural damage in the organ. A closed lesion is considered to be an irreversible lesion. So when it heals it goes in reverse order. First the tendrils vanish, then the darkness comes out, then the closed lesion opens. When it’s healed, you can actually see after a session that the closed lesion is open. After that the body / organ can heal – it carries on repairing by itself.

The closed lesions are the ones to work on first, because they are ‘irreversible’. That’s where you change really deep thought patterns which are holding those things in place. So the opening of a closed lesion is a sign that you have actually completed that pattern. So we are looking for closed lesions because those are the impossible ones. The others are easy, so let’s deal with the impossible first.
When we are looking at repeated patterns, it’s useful to look at the sclera, the white of the eye. When there’s a problem in the iris there is also a corresponding pattern in the white of the eye. So for a lesion here there will be a big vein coming in here. Now what we are looking for is a repeat pattern, which will appear as a closed loop – because veins will split and close again. A closed loop is an accident waiting to happen, because something is repeating itself. If it’s closed it’s going to happen again.

Just as kirlean photography will show something in the aura before it happens, so will the eye in the sclera. You can see a pattern building up. So after the session, even if you see one break in the loop, it means you have broken the pattern. The rest will change more gradually afterwards.
Also veins – what happens first is they hook back at the end. Once it is hooked it is on the mend and will continue retreating and fading away.

So we are looking (at the end of a session) for opening of the loops, hooking of the veins and opening of the closed lesions. Once it’s changed on that level it will carry on healing.(The hook is related to a single vein pointing at an organ. When it hooks you know it’s healing. The closed loops are of two veins. After the session one corner will have opened up.) Though in iridolology these are called irreversible, we call them closed lesions – because they are not irreversible.

Other things that show in the sclera – because in some irises it’s hard to see lesions because there is another pigment layer – you can also see forks. It’s spreading. From one organ to another one.
Because we heal from the inside out, the stomach and intestines come first – naturally, as you’ve got to eat. When a foetus is first forming it starts as a doughnut shape and the little hole becomes the alimentary canal. The first thing that anything has to do is survive. So the feeding mechanism develops before the brain or anything else. So the early stuff will be linked to digestion.

The stomach also holds the central nervous system. A lot of patterns are stored there, which is why diet is important. You’ve got to feed – and if you eat the right nutrition you change the body.
Beliefs formed around feeding – problems people have around diet and food like anorexia and bulimia – are also very important. They are deep problems – and psychology and medicine don’t understand the cause of things like anorexia, how trauma has gone into the nervous system. So sometimes you have to work on the stomach and intestine points. Because when you have cancers forming in the intestines it’s very deep stuff.



Before conception, the soul is looking at the parents and knows what its world is going to be like. What your parents are like when you are conceived is already affecting how you think about life. If you remember Castaneda would call people ‘bored fucks’ if they had low energy, when the conception is low energy they will have low energy all their life. Because at the moment of conception the soul is coming in – that’s its first sense of what life is going to be about. So if the parents are feeling negative, the soul is not going to feel safe. Are these parents supposed to be able to look after me and bring me up? Straightaway it starts thinking these thoughts about how life is going to be, how it’s not safe.

The earliest thoughts of a small child are ‘am I getting enough?’ That’s when ego starts forming. Ego’s job is to take all the information out there and start forming a picture, put things into perspective, to show you the content of your reality. So all the small child is thinking is am I getting enough – enough food, enough love, enough safety: is the world a dangerous place? Those are the earliest thoughts. So when it comes in and its parents are not feeling positive it thinks ‘I’m not safe’.

Safety issues go very deep. Because it’s all held in the stomach and intestines. That’s why when you feel insecure you feel it in the guts. That’s why people shit themselves when they are afraid.
That’s a survival mechanism too. If you see an animal running away from being killed, shitting straight in the face of a predator slows it down. And it frees you up to run faster because you are letting go of the load. So shitting when you are scared is a survival reaction. So because the stomach and intestines hold most of the nervous system, that’s where you are going to have your fear and security issues. That’s why healing these areas is important, as well as diet and nutrients.

Natural foods are as important as supplements. And minerals are extracted from algae, very high in nutrients from natural sources. You should continue beyond the course as you will still be healing. But during the course you need extra nutrients – changing bone structure. People who are holding points also heal – especially the heart, because the heart heals by giving and not receiving. A lot of people think they won’t be able to hold the points so long, but they realise they can and it also builds their self-esteem by giving. They can make a difference and be of help in others.



We all come in here needing value. Quite often you have been told you are no good. You can get rid of that, you can create miracles, even if you are ill. If you think you can’t give, that just encourages the feeling of being no good. And as you release, you encourage the other person to release. And when you allow your own emotions, it helps others release theirs. You are all affecting everybody else. All your consciousnesses combine into an egregore – an egregore is any time more than one person comes together for a purpose a group consciousness is formed, made up of all your consciousnesses together. That group consciousness has its own mind. Even two people in a relationship – if the egregore isn’t there the relationship will fail. So when healing a relationship, you don’t just look at the people you have to look at the entity of the relationship itself.

The egregore in this room – one of transformation – is also supported by the egregore of all the people who have done this work before. We have the energy behind us now of everybody who has ever transformed. Everyone who has worked with Kundalini, who has risen through transformation – thousands of people going back through history. Which makes it easy. By allowing that in and being part of a group, it’s happening.

In the end, giving and receiving are inseparable. The person who is giving is receiving, and the person who is receiving is also giving. You are making a difference to the people holding you.
If you look at the yin and yang symbol you see opposites are inseparable. Those of you who have done Tai Chi and martial arts will know the yielding and the asserting also become one. So when you are pushing, at every moment you are listening, waiting for the moment to respond. Look at water – how it flows. When you look at a river going downwards you can see a ripple appearing to go in the opposite direction. Everything contains its opposite at a more subtle level. One doesn’t exist without the other. There is no giving without receiving.

Some people are good at giving, but don’t look after themselves and can’t receive. It doesn’t help you at giving either. If you need to feel good by giving and you are not able to receive, you can’t help the other person feel good. They might not feel good enough because you are not receiving.
Quite often as a child we get stuck in this thing of ego of not getting enough. And until you are around 8 years old the brain is stuck in thinking everything is about you. So all a small child is thinking is am I getting enough? It doesn’t yet understand that giving is a part of that.

The adolescent ego has moved onto am I good enough? As you are forming a self-image you are concerned about whether you are good enough. The full ego should be saying ‘I am enough’. Your ego is there to show you about the world so your conscience can decide the form and context, the information the ego gives you is based on how old / mature you are in a way. So the young child thinks am I getting enough; the adolescent, am I good enough; the young adult, at around 18 – 21 thinks am I growing / learning fast enough; and later there should come a point where I am enough – when the information the ego is giving you should be accurate. It shows you the picture without putting it into form or context.

Form and context – let me give you an example. Supposing someone is walking into your house, and on the way they knock over a vase or something. The information the ego is showing from the picture is ‘that’s broken’. But the context, based on where the ego is stuck, might be – if it’s the child – be ‘you did that on purpose’. Or ‘he doesn’t like me’. Or, this is a karmic debt, it’s my fault. These are child and adolescent reactions. So the ego takes over if you don’t keep it under control, if you don’t think for yourself.

A lot of these patterns you can see in the stomach and intestines, because that’s the earliest stage of development of a child. Once the Kundalini has risen, you sit in meditation and raise it further. But it is more concentrated with the pointholding, and more intense because we are doing it together. And there is the power of the egregore – because the egregore is formed for one purpose, it’s like a limited consciousness that does just one thing. It’s useful when you want to transform.
Egregores become problems when we are not aware of them. For example, when we are stuck in a group and can’t get away. Because they don’t change. At the end of the day, you want to go away and be an individual again, so you don’t want to be stuck in a group consciousness.

A business, for instance – it has a certain purpose – it has an egregore. And it won’t change. When a group gets together and an egregore takes over, quite often people will do things they wouldn’t do alone. They can create miracles or violence. Without awareness an egregore can be a negative thing. But when there is a common purpose they can be useful, because they do the one thing.

An egregore wants to maintain itself. It tries to survive and feed, and will keep a group going in the direction it wants to go. It can be great for healing, but it can also stifle new ways of doing things, doing the same thing for years and years. So it mustn’t become too fixed. And you have to understand when the egregore is there, so you know which are your choices and which are the egregore’s; it requires boundary. Otherwise you come into a group and you start losing yourself, and start doing what the whole group is doing. An egregore isn’t a problem when you have got boundary.

It’s the same with a relationship. If you enter into a relationship without boundary you lose yourself to the other person. This is one of the main causes of fear of intimacy. You can’t have an intimate relationship without having boundary because you will run away from it. Losing your boundary is like oblivion, it’s worse than death. When you die, you know you are going to move on: but when you lose boundary it’s like you don’t exist anymore. In a relationship, you start doing all the things the other person likes, you forget all the things you used to do, forget even what you like anymore, and you are losing yourself. So if you enter a group without boundary, you lose yourself to the group. And it’s not what we want – we are here to grow and be individuals as well. The group consciousness should be helping us – the egregore of transformation – but at the same time remember who you are.

Fixed ideas from groups can become a huge problem. Once you have an idea from an egregore without boundary you can get stuck in it forever. And you do get some people addicted to healing groups. They spend the whole of their life in healing and have nothing else in their lives. It’s taken over. And you have to remember the purpose – why do you want to do it in the first place? That’s why you have to make lists of what you want and what you don’t want. And also make a list of what you want to manifest. So you always keep your idea of who you are.

If you ever lose a relationship, it’s important to be able to come back to what you want. So it’s good to remember what you want. Get a piece of paper and list 20 things you enjoy doing. The first few are easy – I know you will put sex at the top. But when you get to around 10 you start to think more about things you enjoy you haven’t done for a long time. Doing that will remind you of what you like, you see? It’s good to come back to boundary this way.
Continues with more details about iridology…


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Anger, Guilt, Rage, Shame, Pain: Moving and growing through the layers

Body Electronics Intensive – Day 3 Transcription

Koh Phangan, Thailand – February, 2017


Nutrition and Supplements

Before we talk about the nutritional stuff, I want to talk a bit about neuropeptides. They are what your brain uses (for neurons to communicate) – proteins break down into peptides and into amino acids. And there are also what is known as neuropeptides. They feed the nerves and brains. So if you lack those you are not processing things fast enough.

So apart from your body changing, your brain needs to process it all, it needs neuropeptides. You get those from dark green things, algae and wheatgrass and stuff, so superfood supplements are very good sources of those.

But you have to be careful with supplements. Most supplements contain synthetics. A vitamin C supplement may have 500mg. But for a 500mg vitamin C tablet to come from natural sources it would have to be the size of a golf ball. Also, when I studied kinesiology, we worked with certain companies that knew how to make certain supplements that tested strong. What we found was synthetics always test weak. But if you had enough natural ingredients it would make it test strong.

But people like the high, synthetic dose, even though it doesn’t work. You will get far more actual useful nutrition out of a few berries than you would out of a bottle of tablets. So, natural ingredients are far more useful to the body.

Even synthetics that have a high content, it doesn’t mean you are going to use them. You see vitamin C is not just ascorbic acid. There are actually 47 compounds involved in vitamin C activity. Actual vitamin C is far more complex.

So, we don’t use vitamin supplements as they are always synthetics. Things like supergreens, with natural ingredients, will give you all the vitamins you need, as well as peptides, and those are far more important.


Anger and Guilt

Negative EmotionWhat I want to talk about today is anger and the things which come with it. There are thoughts you put in place where you don’t allow the anger. Think when there’s guilt. Some people don’t know how to deal with guilt. And when you don’t know how to deal with guilt you just turn it into anger. Because guilt is anger you don’t have a right to have.

Suppose I’d been expected to do something for you and didn’t do it, I can’t be angry with you cause I’m the one who did it wrong. But what I’ll feel angry about is that you asked me in the first place, I’ll be angry with myself, angry with you, angry with the situation. And if I don’t feel I have a right to the anger I’m going to feel guilty. So the guilt gets locked in place because it’s anger you feel you don’t have a right to have.

What you have to remember with any emotion is that you have a right to it because it’s only emotion. Emotions are emotions; they don’t have to be logical. If you feel angry, just welcome it.

The same with guilt. When it’s finally allowed, you will find it’s anger. So you only release guilt by letting it go back to the anger that you didn’t feel you had a right to have. Well it doesn’t matter if you had a right to it or not, it’s an emotion. Once you have felt it, it passes. So all the guilt you feel is basically anger.

So the whole concept that there are emotions that you don’t have a right to have has to be released anyway, because emotions are emotions. As human beings we have a whole range of emotions. But those don’t make you what you are.

You’re not a different person when you feel a different emotion one day and another one the next. You can be angry one day, sad the next, and loving the next, and you are still the same person. The emotions don’t make who you are. So any emotion is OK to feel.

That’s an important space to be in when you are healing – any emotion is OK. So if you feel guilty, and it turns to anger, that’s good – that’s how you need to release it.

Anger is one of the ones most difficult to deal with in this world. People don’t like it. And quite often in a chauvinistic world everyone expects women to be more emotional than men but even then it’s not real because it’s not that women are more emotional, they just have permission to cry. But you mix it with some anger and they don’t like it.

When a woman is being emotional they say it’s hormonal, it’s OK, but they don’t take into consideration what’s behind it, which is often anger. Anger is something people don’t like in this world because it makes you assertive. When you are angry and being assertive you can’t be controlled and walked all over.

When someone is saying ‘don’t be angry’ what they are really saying is ‘don’t be assertive, I want to walk all over you.’

So one has to consider the control mechanisms going on. Now usually when you are angry it’s because you are being assertive. You get pushed and pushed and pushed until you get angry and have to do something about it, usually it’s some aggression is what makes you act. So the amount of anger you need depends upon how much your boundaries have been trodden on.

If you assert yourself more easily then the anger doesn’t have to build up so much. But generally anger is there to make you assertive. When you deny it, it turns to guilt because you feel you don’t have the right to do / feel whatever you are doing.

People have these ‘rules’, you see, which are there for control. If you don’t follow the rules they will try to make you feel guilty. Usually these rules are about not allowing you to be yourself, not allowing you to respect your own boundaries, and then when you do it, when you feel angry for the way you have been treated, it turns to guilt because you feel you don’t have the right to be angry.

So when you get into the guilt you start recognising the complicated games that have been going on to stop you from getting angry. And the reason those games are there is because when you are being angry you are being assertive. You’re not being controlled.

So sometimes in this process you will have to use the anger. And now we come to the next part of it, which is rage. Now a lot of people who go into therapy find there’s a kind of rage there that doesn’t burn out … no matter how much you express it. People spend hours punching cushions but it’s still there. You can’t wear it out, it will wear you out first. Quite often it won’t go away because you need it to take your power back.



Rage is there when there is a big loss of power or worth. If somebody has taken your power, or torn down your self-worth, then you are like an animal, backed into a corner. It’s vicious. It wants to taste blood.

So when you are in the rage, that’s the part that wants power, there’s going to be an animal coming out fighting for survival. And the only way it will be satisfied is when you take your power back. So you need to know how to wake up the animal.

I mentioned already how you can draw a circle and take your power back, but when there is a huge power loss that’s often not enough. Sometimes you have lost so much power you haven’t got the power to take it back.

So the rage that has gone inside is what you have to waken, because that’s the animal. The trouble is when it’s been repressed because of society, that rage is turned inwards and it feeds off your energy. So when you are losing energy, and you’re cynical, it’s usually because there’s rage inside. That animal wants to consume energy, and what it’s feeding on now is you. It hasn’t been let out.

So what we do in that situation … think about your rage – if it were an animal, what animal would you think it is? It’s different for each person, but when you feel it you will find there is an animal there.

That animal has been pushed inside. It hasn’t been fed properly. It hasn’t been allowed to act. It wants to look after you, that’s why it came. It’s like a power animal gone wrong.

It might be separate from the power animal you are familiar with because it’s a more vicious one – this one really wants to take your power back. It’s been backed into a corner and it’s ready to taste blood. It won’t be satisfied until it rips someone to shreds.

It’s OK to do it in meditation – you don’t have to kill anyone in the real world – or in the illusion, rather, because this is the illusion. But you have to act in the inner worlds, it’s more powerful there. So you do a meditation, where you release the animal, tear someone to shreds and take your power back. It’s more effective than trying to do it in this world because this is the illusion.

You can talk to someone about the power loss but it isn’t going anywhere, is it? There’s denial and all kinds of justification. So you go into meditation, get your animal out, rip them to shreds and you take it back. You need to use that rage.

So go into meditation – or do it while someone is holding your points and the rage is coming out –  and you go inside and find this animal, tucked away, hidden in its lair, it’s been pushed away – and you see what animal it is and the first thing you do is feed it. If it’s a leopard you might put a big piece of meat out for it. It’ll come out and eat. Watch it. Put some more out for it – until it’s not going to eat you. It has to be pacified or it will eat you – it’s been eating you all this time so you need to feed it something else.

When it’s eaten let it come out so you can talk to it. Look it in the eye and behind the rage you will see a sensitivity and sadness as well. And you start to talk to the animal about why it came, and it will remind you of these big disempowerments. And you will begin to feel why you pushed it away, and how sad the animal is because it couldn’t help you.

And you make an alliance, let it heal and let it protect you, and take it back out into the world, find the people who disempowered you and let the animal loose. It’ll go in, tear them to shreds, leaving bits all over the ground and you can take your power back and the rage is released.

Rage that is denied will simply manifest as low energy and cynicism. Cynicism is not the same as scepticism – you need to be a bit sceptical because there’s so much bullshit around. Cynicism is rage turned inwards because you become hostile to things that might help you. It’s suppressed rage – turned against what you need to get your power back. Some of you might be hostile to the idea of me telling you to do this. That’s the animal acting as well.

Your animal won’t harm anyone in this world unless you want it to. It’s intention that makes a difference. If you intend to do it to release, you release. But if you visualise harming someone just to harm them, that’s a whole different matter.


Growth, Power, Shame and Motivation

A lot of people can’t be bothered to visualise something positive because they don’t think it’s going to work. And they are afraid to visualise violence because they are afraid it’s going to harm somebody. And yet positive thoughts are more powerful than negative thoughts. Why should that be?

The universe will try so support positive thoughts. When you put a positive thought out it wants to manifest. If you send a negative thought into the universe, it attacks it. You need a lot of energy to manifest negative thoughts.

You have to take power back because it isn’t of any use to the other person. Their ego wants power. It’s like combatative value. It doesn’t make you feel better to put anyone else down. The only value that is really useful is cooperative value – that’s real. When you put people down all the time it doesn’t give you power to create better. It makes you feel more powerful – but it’s cheap power. They can’t create with it. It just backs up the ego and doesn’t help them grow.

When people are stuck in ego and can’t get away from it they don’t grow. Power needs to be torn away from them.

Just like with shame, when you give it back – it actually helps the person to grow. A lot of people are afraid to give shame back to somebody because they think it’s not good for them either. But actually it is. Because once they realise it’s their shame they feel it again, and they can work on forgiving it.

I’ve had people in the past give shame back to their parents and their parents come afterwards, because they suddenly realise they’ve got a problem. Before they were dumping on somebody else they never felt it. And if you don’t feel it you won’t heal it and grow.

So when you take power back and give shame back, it’s not harming the other person it’s helping in their growth too. So don’t think you are being nasty when you take your power back or give your shame back. It’s part of the natural order. And you are giving them a motivation to grow.

A lot of people won’t grow until there is a motivation. There is a big problem in the world today because we all need to grow, but quite often we don’t grow until we’ve got problems. You need something to force you to grow.

This is why you have problems. You see we are all here to grow. If you grow because you want to that’s great. If you don’t, then you have problems to force you. If you need problems to force you to grow then you will always have problems. You’re not growing because you are not good enough – you are growing because you want to grow.

One of the biggest drives in a human being is for the revelation of secrets. Secrets of the self, secrets of life, secrets of the universe. That’s a real drive, because when you go there it gives you a real buzz. But that tends to get lessened when you don’t want to look inside because there is too much shame. You are afraid of what you might see.

So when you start having these burdens of shame, it affects the drive for the revelation of secrets so you stop looking and you don’t want to grow. So people are often afraid of where they might need to look, what they might find. But you are going to find all the horrible stuff so you can heal it. Because it’s all good in the end.

Shame – when you find it – has got to be healed or given back. People are afraid to look because they think they might find something they can’t heal – or can’t forgive. Forgiveness is a big one.

If you find something that’s ‘unforgivable’, you’re stuck, can’t move on – but what do you hold as unforgivable?  Because what you think is unforgivable, from somebody else’s perspective might be nothing.

There are certain reasons why we make it unforgivable, and it’s often down to our own choices. For example, you might have seen your parents do something horrible in their behaviour which hurts you, and you decide you will never do that – you would never be like that. And what happens is you usually take on the behaviour you have been suppressing, you end up like your parents and you can’t forgive yourself because you promised you wouldn’t. Because if you forgive yourself, then you’d have to let your parents off the hook.

So there are complications as to why we can’t forgive things. And once there is something you can’t forgive, you won’t look any more. That’s when the shame becomes a burden and you think you can never change. It makes you stop looking and so you can’t carry on growing until problems force you to grow.

Actually we should be growing because it’s fun – you want to grow because it’s exciting, for the revelation of secrets, it takes you higher, you feel good, you gain power. If you only grow because you have problems, then that’s something you need to heal as well. Because once you actually heal those problems you will be growing because you want to, because it’s fun.

So the healing goes beyond just healing. So you are healing because you are sick. But you got sick because of the shame you pushed away and you stopped growing.

And when anger goes, it turns to guilt if you don’t want it. And it becomes rage that turns inwards, when you can’t find a way to express it. So we also have to allow anger – and all the things that go with it like rage.

What is a worry? You see, worry is future guilt. What you are worried about is that later, maybe tomorrow, there will be something to be angry about, and you won’t be able to forgive it if something goes wrong. Worry is future guilt – it’s future anger you won’t have a right to have.

So when you deal with your anger, you also deal with your guilt and worry – you stop worrying. How many people worry? When you go into it, you will actually realise it’s future guilt.

We can all make mistakes, but we solve them, we fix them, we move on. But worry is where you don’t have a right to the anger you feel about it. So when you deal with guilt, you also deal with worry.


So as we work through the process, and we have gone through the numbness, you start getting to the juicier stuff. After the apathy comes the grief, the fear. Anger is a big one because it’s the most suppressed in this world. When we are angry, we are assertive and change things. You stop people treading all over your boundaries and telling you what to do and controlling you. You stop actually creating the life you want.

So when you start that (expressing anger?) you will have lots of people trying to control you. It’s like when you have a bucket of crabs … one crab tries to climb out and the others pull it back. People are all stuck in the same conditioning, so they want to pull you back again. So when you start to change you will have more people treading on your boundaries. So when you start to be assertive, you want to stay there. And once you have dealt with your rage you are more able to deal with all of it because you have your power back.

The boundary is there to show you where you begin and where you end. That’s what boundary really means – knowing what you want and what you don’t want, what you will tolerate and what you won’t. Once you have drawn that line, that line stays, so people can’t push you around anymore.

If you let people walk all over you, you will have lots of people doing it. And if one day you become assertive, you have lots of people who don’t like it: they’re so used to you being an easy target.

So anger is often one of the most difficult ones to face in society. Because everybody is telling you not to do it.

A lot of people like pressing your buttons, they like making you angry. That’s a power game as well. Some people like to make you angry – but that’s also a power game because you’re out of control. If you are asserting your power using anger, another way people take your power is by controlling that trigger. So some people like to make you angry because it makes them feel more powerful – they’re in control of your emotions.

So being assertive and taking your power back doesn’t mean you are angry all the time, it means you have strong boundaries. Once you rage has been released as an animal it manifests as assertiveness – not necessarily aggression.

So once the animal is released you see it walking ahead of you clearing the way. If you go walking down the street with a tiger in front of you, people tend to move out of the way. You don’t have to be angry anymore. People sense the tiger there, or whatever animal you’ve got – and they won’t tread on those boundaries. It does become automatic, it’s a new energy field – the animal’s come out, it’s no longer suppressed, it’s assertive.

Look how a cat is. They have very good boundaries, so they don’t need to be aggressive, they’re all fluffy, loving, but you do anything they don’t want you to do and the claws come out. Very clear boundaries. They don’t have to wait until they’ve been pushed and pushed and pushed, until they’re angry, they let you know instantly if you are doing something they don’t want. So if you have your animal walking ahead of you people sense it, they think ‘this person has got boundaries and I don’t want to get slashed’.

So when the animal is awakened and the rage has been used to manifest assertiveness. It’s all good stuff.

So this is something to think about when you start getting power stuff coming up in your sessions. If you feel rage, feel low energy, because you have been trodden on, go and find the animal and wake it up, feed it, bring it out, let it take you back to all those people who disempowered you.

During this process, you will often find people who has disempowered you and there’s a real rage – and the rage has to be used. The animal has to be awakened and used, it wants to help you. So sometimes it’s a process of talking to the animal, because you have to understand how you suppressed it and how it feels. It came there to help you and you wouldn’t let it act, you pushed it away. So it’s very happy once you let it our again and it can go and kill somebody.



So after rage, the next thing we get to is pain. Moving up the scale, high up the scale now. Pain is actually a synergy of separation and longing. When you separate from something you long for it with pain.

There are different kinds of pain for different kinds of separation. First you have spiritual pain when you separate from source, from that oneness. Then you have mental pain, where what you separate from is the understanding, the meaning, the wisdom. You have emotional pain when you separate from love and belonging.

Pain is all about control. When you are out of control and you long for control you end up hurting yourself.

So how do you fix that? You end the separation. If you are not separated anymore you’re not longing any more, are you? That separation began with separation from source, and when you move up the scale and end up in oneness you end all pain. You feel it physically, because all physical pain is a manifestation of something else going on. Any time you had an accident is when you felt out of control. But out of control is an illusion – if you create your own reality how can you be out of control? You’re creating it. When you come back to that, the out of control feeling vanishes. And when you go into the feeling of being out of control and realise you are also creating that, you’re not out of control anymore.

But you don’t have time to do that when you are in the middle of something, in the middle of a problem. But when you go through pain, when you go through physical traumas in your point holding, through the memories, there will be a point where you actually recognise the lack of control that was in your life at that time. When you go through injuries and things, there may be a lot of layers to go through, you might have to open your mind many times, and each time you hit a deeper layer.

First there’s the physical trauma of how it felt, the panic and everything that went with it, the pain. Then you remember that when this happened these other things were going on in my life, this is the emotional situation. I’ve seen some pretty complicated ones. One woman I was working on who was in a wheelchair had broken her back – and – this is a big thing to forget – when she broke her back she was climbing out of a window because her boyfriend was trying to break her door down with an axe. It only came up after a few sessions when she restored the memory.

We can suppress things very deep when we get stuck on one layer of the trauma. But it actually might have many layers. So with physical injuries there’s always an out-of-control situation. There’s emotions around it, too, there are fears and things. And it’s when you go through those that it actually heals. Sometimes a person goes through a physical injury, but the body still isn’t fixed. But as you go through more layers the body carries on healing. And the Kundalini finally rises and melts those blockages away, all the calcifications, when they’ve gone through all the layers. Because it’s the control issue they are releasing.

That’s what it comes down to – the physical body is an illusion after all. When you are changing inside, the physical body is changing as you get to the cause. So when you get to the out-of-control issue that caused the accident, that’s when the body finally heals.

It’s not enough to go through the pain of the injury. In cases where there has been paralysis and so on, the Kundalini has to rise to transmute that. That will actually break down the calcifications in the bones and the spine and regrow the nerves. But that only happens when there has been a change in consciousness.

So releasing pain is one level of consciousness, but the change isn’t complete until you release the control issue behind it. And the control issue is an illusion, because you create everything, so you’re not out of control. You begin to see the thought patterns that created that.

So how many people have got physical injuries to deal with? So, when we get to those, you are going to go through the pain. We hold the painful points on the side of the injury. Somewhere around the injury there’s calcification of bone, there are a lot of changes in the body.

When you get to the thyroid gland you are ready to deal with calcification, because the thyroid deals with calcification in the body. It’s controlled by something in the parathyroid called thyrocalcitonine. That’s what you need to release to break down extra calcium.

Things like arthritis are also to do with calcification. There is anger in the body, causing the bones to calcify more. So where there’s an injury, you go beyond the anger into the pain. So when the thyroid is working the body is ready to decalcify. That’s when the body can heal the injury, so you are going to move up the scale. So we clear the glands first, then you can also work on the injury.

Arthritis and rheumatism are all unexpressed anger, rage and guilt. Now an injury is a situation where you are out-of-control, but arthritis builds up in the body everywhere – it’s not to do with any particular injury. The anger is stored in the thyroid, and there are control issues there as well. Because when you are really angry what you want is control. Angry people tell everybody else what to do. They’re bossy. They try to control things because they feel out of control.

Also anger when it’s suppressed does have this powerlessness, it makes people look for cheap power, which is why they get so controlling. When you are not in control of your own life you try to control people around you. It’s cheap power.

All the thyroid problems are power issues. The anger is not being used properly. It’s not shaping your destiny any more. So when you really go into the thyroid and work with it you’ve got these powerlessness issues.

So, again, we don’t say any emotion is wrong. If somebody has got control issues we don’t say ‘stop doing that’ – we say ‘feel it’. Feel the need for control. Then you need to feel what’s underneath it – the fear of being out of control? The fear that you are out of control and you are trying to hide it? You have to get to that juicy stuff to actually heal it.

Behind the control issues there are other feelings, you see. So you have to feel it – welcome the need to control – till you get to what’s behind it. The fear. The weakness. The lack of motivation.

Quite often we use negatives to motivate ourselves. Guilt can be a big motivator. Some people get up and go to work in the morning because they would feel guilty if they didn’t. They feel they ought to be doing something or they feel guilty.

Then you end up having a conscience that’s based on guilt. Because society loves to control you through guilt. And they call this conscience.

But conscience, when it’s healthy, should not be based on guilt. It should be based on dignity, which is quite different. The reason I don’t do a particular behaviour is not because it makes me feel guilty but because I am better than that. The reason I get up in the morning is because I have got something worth doing in the day. When society robs you of your dignity they use guilt to control you.

We should look at conscience as well in this process – what motivates you. What keeps you in your boundaries. And you will soon realise there is a huge difference between dignity and guilt. With a conscience based on dignity, you will realise that you get up because it makes you feel good and everyone else feel good. That’s to do with the Cooperative Value.

So when you get to these control issues, recognise the type of value you are working with there as well, recognise what’s beneath it and you release the original cause of it, which can be lack of worth where you’ve been robbed of it, or powerless, thinking you can’t do anything – which goes back to when you were powerless cause someone was controlling you.

When we were children our parents were in control – we weren’t. So we all know what it is like to be powerless. And later in life you don’t want to feel that any more. And sometimes it keeps coming up. And this is where it gets complicated because we start having dual creations and dual identities where everything exists with its opposite and you can’t have one without the other.

For instance, if I feel powerless and I decide I want to do something about it, and I don’t want to feel powerless again I keep working to make myself feel more powerful. And the power is there because I felt powerless. And later when I try to be powerful the powerlessness keeps showing up. I’ll be doing really well and something else makes me feel powerless – it won’t go away. So the more I go into the power, the more I feel the other side, because they were both created together. And this is often at the root of the most difficult problems people can’t release. One has to expand into the whole duality of the feeling of it.

Now when you get a really complicated pattern that won’t go away there’s usually layers to it. Because that duality got covered in so many layers, because every time you tried to heal one side the other side keeps turning up – it works almost like the emergency lighting that comes on when the power fails. Just as you solve one problem, something else switches on, it won’t go away.

There are many types of duality here – powerless and being powerful is a common example, because we all went through powerlessness as a child because we weren’t in control, and a lot of people spend a lot of time trying to be in control after that in a very unbalanced way.

This is also why people create melodrama. You may notice that when you start trying to change your reality along come all kinds of disasters that you can’t control. Who’s creating those things? This is where the ego tries to do something that you are not in control of. This is an example of how these dualities work. If you feel powerless and start working on how to be powerful, the powerlessness will turn up somewhere.

And when you start believing it, that’s when you start losing your path. You will notice when you wake up to all the New Age stuff about how to create yourself and all that, and you go out to create the best stuff and something is going to go wrong, you can’t control it, it’s a bit of a paradox isn’t it?

People tell you you are in control, and then talk about the changes that are going to come – all the threats of war and destruction and everything else that is going on. That’s the ego playing its little melodrama games. Because you don’t quite believe you are in control.

You create it all. These feelings you had of being out of control as a child, these will just vanish if you go in there and feel them. And quite often they are stuck in these dualities. So you can’t just discreate one half because it’s now a dual creation. So in this case when you expand into it, at the bottom you are going to feel both – both powerless and being powerful. Feel them both and discreate that duality.

What will happen many times over your lifetime is you start to discreate this powerlessness and you have many layers coming up. Times when you don’t know, times when things are unknown. When we don’t know we often make conclusions about the unknown. People say ‘I don’t know why this is happening – it must be from my past life.’ And they act from that point of view even though it’s not real.

What you are going to realise is also that ‘I don’t know’ is also a creation. So experience that one. Simply experience not knowing. When you welcome that you get to the next layer. Every known is separated by an unknown because there are layers.

You feel like you don’t know why, accept that feeling – you don’t know. Then you go further and further back. And at the bottom of these difficult creations you find this duality. Two things that are opposite, one is back the other up all the time, creating the other one, because you didn’t deal with it in the first place.

So one can observe how many times you do this in life, when there’s a problem, you create something that opposes it. Funnily enough, affirmations work the same way. And how many people do those? If I am feeling weak and say ‘I’m strong, I’m strong, I’m strong’  I haven’t discreated feeling weak. And now I have got a dual creation.  And I will feel strong till the weakness turns up.

So affirmations are not useful unless you discreate the problem first. You are creating dualities. That’s something to think about.

To discreate you must expand into it, you must experience it. When you welcome something you expand it until you have finished feeling it and it goes away, it’s done. It’s gone forever. You don’t need to make affirmations to oppose it.

When you make an affirmation and there is a problem there you’re making a dual creation, which will have layers and be hard to deal with later on. You reverse this process when you start expanding into things and feeling them.

You see people doing this in therapy too. They start to feel something, then they start making affirmations before it’s finished. They won’t go the extra mile and finish it. They want to quickly put something positive in place – people are so afraid of the negative. But actually nothing is really negative, it’s just an emotion. The judgement’s your only problem. It’s OK to feel grief, it’s OK to feel hate and anger – don’t make them go away. We’re too quick to want to replace it with something positive.

But actually any emotion you suppress becomes a negative. A lot of people get ill because they suppress love – but is love a negative emotion? Anything that is expressed is positive. Anything that is denied becomes a negative.

Anger makes you assertive – fear is there to avoid things that are going to harm you. When you are in fear you have adrenaline going, puts you in a fight-or-flight mechanism which puts you in peak performance. You’re going to run faster or fight harder. Fear can also mean ‘Friendly Energy Announcing Risk’. It’s useful stuff. It’s there for a reason.

None of these emotions are bad. Don’t make them go away. Don’t try to replace them with something that is going to make a dual creation. Everything you feel, just feel it. And when you’ve felt it, it’s finished.

And then you can find something else to fear. Every time something is threatening your boundaries, it can make you assert yourself. None of these emotions are wrong. So don’t try and make them go away. If you feel weak, look at it. If you feel jealous, look at it. None of these things are actually wrong. So don’t try and replace it with a positive, because it’s not a negative in the first place.

The creation of dualities is a big part of the problem we are in. And this is where the root of pain, because we are creating the duality that this pain is somewhere I don’t want to be. You’re saying I wasn’t this, but not that half. Then you are in pain.

So as we go up the scale, and we get to the pain, this is where we are creating the dualities. So stop thinking half of it is wrong. So don’t be tempted to make an affirmation when you find a negative thought. You have to finish discreating what you don’t want. When you look at it, it wasn’t a negative in the first place, it was just a feeling.

You see the beliefs we create don’t come from the situation. They come from the meaning we give to them. So long as you are judging, you create limiting beliefs, because you think something is wrong and you can’t deal with it in some way. You think it has to go away because you haven’t got the mechanism to deal with it properly.

So we are not looking at affirmations or beliefs – they vanish when you go deep into the cause and embrace the situation and experience the feeling. Beliefs can be useful if they are expansive – but most beliefs are limiting when we look at them. If there’s no belief there is just openness – you actually can do anything. You are not looking at limitations of any kind.

You often create beliefs inside other beliefs. People keep saying I can do this say they think they can’t. If there’s no concept of belief in the first place, then you can explore and create. So we are not trying to create positive beliefs with affirmations, when we release all the limitations, all the feelings that have been suppressed, there is freedom left because you become creator. You are faced with the vastness of the universe and you realise this is all illusion. Therefore, you don’t even need to create with your thoughts – you will just be doing it.

So although it seems complicated, it’s getting simpler as well. Because all the complications come from how we create our problems, the simplicity is what’s healing it – feeling, welcoming, expand into it and discreate it. Just realise in that process there’s layers. You create these dualities and give layers to it.

So what you do when you are going into a problem which seems impossible because you have been there a million times, you simply keep expanding into what you’ve got now, and when you get to an unknown, just accept ‘I don’t know’. Embrace that, too. And the next layer will come. And you can go from unknowns to unknowns because there are many layers. And at the bottom you get to its duality, where you set one thing up against another. And when you embrace that duality, it all goes. You ended the difficult problem that would never go away.

Now we talked about pains in the body that manifest from injuries. How many people have pains in the body that are not due to an injury? It’s not always an injury, is it? Many things cause pain to the body. And there’s many ways you can describe it in terms of energy, like in acupuncture where it is called stagnant chi, and becomes painful. Well, first there’s stagnation, it’s not flowing. Why is it not flowing? It’s fears and control issues again.

Not letting it flow. It’s like how we relate to life – not letting it flow because we want to control things. The painful energy in the body has several causes. It can come in with unconsciousness, because ghosts in the body create pain. But there is also psychic control – there’s too much mind control going on. The body is trying to say ‘I don’t like this. There’s something in me, and this energy is not mine.’ It can be ghosts, or people trying to control you – and I am afraid in life there is a lot of control out there. Even electro-magnetic. A lot of the mobile towers have this technology added to it to put out these thoughts to make you behave in a certain way. So there are a lot of energies in the body which are not yours.

These often come out of the unconscious as well. They will trigger the anger, because something inside you knows that there is something that is abusing it, trying to control it. And this ends up as pain. And when you are in pain you are out of control. Sometimes you don’t even know you are out of control because you don’t know what’s controlling you.

So we are going to work on points. Sometimes it’s good to work on meridian points because pain runs along certain meridians and it’s not just in the area where the pain is felt. Sometimes you have to work on the whole meridian. And out of that will come lots of unconscious forces. Cold winds coming off – which are the ghosts and the control mechanisms, the implants, and also the situations in which you feel powerless because you set up these dualities.

So there are injuries and there are all the pains that are stuck in the body but you don’t know where they are from, the unknown. Usually when you think about the unknown you are creating conclusions about the unknown. You have all kinds of ideas about why it hurts, don’t you?


Question: implants?

There are crystal implants put in to control your thinking. There are so many around now, smaller than the tip of needle. The technology for them is patented with some of the Japanese companies, little microchips, implanted into people all the time to control your thinking. There are companies making these chips. They spray the atmosphere with chemtrails, you breathe it in, it’s in the body, and with HAARP, they’re causing waves to affect the structure. And people have these chips growing in the body.

Luckily there are simple things to understand about how it works. You see the mind control they actually put out is on the frequency of a submissive monkey brain. They found with monkeys, three ones being dominant, being bullying, and there are others being submissive. And they take the vibration of that brain and put it out in these waves to make us submissive and obedient.

The thing to remember is we are not monkeys. A lot of people are like monkeys because they do things automatically. As soon as you think of yourself not being a monkey, you are actually growing, these things don’t fit any more, they’re not the right resonance.

And the implants will burn out anyway because they don’t fit in your energy field any more as you reclaim all your power for yourself.

Q: Where in the body are these implants

All over. Some of these self-assembling ones will attach to the nervous system so they are all over the nerves. So your whole nervous system is set to obey the leader rather than listen to yourself. And this explains the tendency people have – rather than trust themselves they are going to trust the people in charge.

Q: How do the ‘dominant monkeys’ among us maintain immunity?

In many species, there’s an alpha which is the dominant one. But the human race is more complex than that – we can all be leaders. We can all take things in a certain direction that inspires others, so we can all be leaders. It’s not about competing any more. So we can all be ‘alphas’. If work on that dynamic, those things don’t touch us anymore, because we are not monkeys.

Now everybody is looking for somebody else to take responsibility and be the leader. Then they are in that resonance. If you are responsible and creating your own reality you are immune. Responsibility is a big key here. You see people have a leader because they don’t want to be responsible.

Being responsible for your own creation means also trusting yourself rather than trusting others. All trust starts with self-trust. Otherwise how can you know if somebody else is trustworthy? You can’t go trusting indiscriminately. That’s where you get conned cause you don’t know if they are really trustworthy.

But quite often you learn to trust a leader – big mistake. Because the leader is the one who has taught you to trust them.

We have to understand what trust really is though, because the problem here is people don’t know how to really trust. In most New Age thinking people are telling you to trust, but they aren’t telling you how. Or what trust really is.

To understand trust, we have to look at things that pretend to be trust and know the difference. When you are trusting the one in charge, the leader, what you are really saying is you want to trust but you don’t want to be responsible. If it goes wrong, it’s their fault and not mine. The fault and blame thing comes in again. If you create it and it goes wrong it’s all your responsibility. So people get caught up in fault and blame which is not what responsibility is about.

It’s about the ability to respond. If I do something wrong, rather than blame someone, it means I can respond and do things differently, fix it, explore it and find how I can create it better. There’s no point in guilt or shame or saying I’ve done it wrong, I’m no good. Responsibility is not fault or blame, it’s the ability to respond.

If you trust somebody else to do it and they get it wrong it’s their fault. All the blame goes on them, I’m free. So although you might feel free of the guilt, you’ve lost your power. So what people often call trust is simply avoidance of responsibility. Trusting the one in charge, trusting someone else to do the job.

It can also be manipulation. If I say, I trusted someone else to do the job, they got it wrong, I’m giving it to you now, you’re not going to let me down are you? That’s trying to guilt you – ‘you’d better not let me down’. It’s manipulation.

All these things pretend to be trust, but there are little games going on. What trust really requires – it requires intuition, it requires competence, it requires responsibility, and it requires knowing what a trust situation is. In what situations do you need to trust?

If you’ve got the answer there’s no trust involved – there’s certainty. With trust there is uncertainty, which is why you have to trust.

In a trust situation there is always a positive and negative outcome – and you don’t know which it’s going to be until the future. The next important thing to realise is that the negative is more negative than the positive is positive – but you genuinely expect the positive. That’s what trust is about.

You can say ‘I’ll buy a lottery ticket and I know I am going to win.’ Well the negative is that I lose one pound – and the positive is I gain millions – so that’s not a trust situation. You’re not really trusting when you buy a lottery ticket.

But if I want to tell you all my secrets because I want to get it off my chest, and I am trusting you won’t tell somebody else – the positive is you don’t tell anybody. The negative is you tell everybody else, my secrets out, I get embarrassed. The negative is more negative than the positive is positive. That’s a trust issue. If I genuinely expect the positive then it’s trust, if I don’t then it’s not trust.

If I have trusted you to do something before and you have let me down, it’s probably not really trust. That’s more overloading responsibility, passing the blame and all that, those games.

A trust situation has three criteria – there can be a positive or negative outcome, the negative is more negative than the positive is positive and you genuinely expect the positive. That’s trust.

It’s going to involve intuition, it’s going to involve competence – you don’t trust somebody who’s not good at their job, do you? And you have to trust your own ability to trust other people’s competence – so it starts with self-trust. So often when somebody is putting somebody else in charge it’s not really trust.

New Age people can twist this saying you’ve got to trust me, you’ve got to learn how to trust. But you can’t trust somebody who is going to rip you off, after your money or something. Trust yourself first. Then you can trust your ability to trust other people.

To trust yourself you have got to be responsible. If it goes wrong it’s nobody else’s fault but yours. But it’s not a fault – it’s a learning. If it didn’t work this time you work out how to fix it. That’s responsibility, it’s not the same as blame.

So where were we?

When there’s pain in the body there’s control issues going on. It can be hidden in trust issues, it can be hidden in manipulative games, it can be hidden in dualities because you wanted control. So these are the kinds of things you are going to face in the process as you go over these pains. There might be layers to it – you go through pain, there’s control issues behind it, dualities at the bottom of it.

So keep welcoming a go through those layers. Physical pain – you welcome that. Begin to be aware that you were out of control. How many people have had a problem in their life that won’t go away? It’s quite common. Everything else goes OK in your life but that one doesn’t. Stuck problems that never seem to be fixed. That’s because of all the layers. And at the bottom there’s a duality.

And welcome not knowing. That’s a creation, too. Don’t look for an answer – there isn’t one. A lot of people ask questions which don’t really need to be asked. And giving an answer doesn’t really help. And for stupid questions there are only stupid answers.

So if you are going through something and there’s no answer, welcome that. Don’t know what’s happening? Welcome that. I don’t know why I’ve got this problem – welcome that. Go through the layers – there is a reason underneath you get to.

This need to know is a big problem. That’s a duality as well: I don’t know so I need to know. Some people want to know everything because they don’t know something. It might have started in childhood when you didn’t know something and you felt really lost so you want to try and know everything. All the great scientists started out that way. When I was a kid I wanted to be a scientist. It was only when I got to university I found the reason why and didn’t have to know everything anyway. Then I stopped being a scientist.

You can go for a long time when you hold these dualities. Sometimes something positive can come out of it – but you can’t know everything.

So it’s OK to say ‘I don’t know’. It’s part of the mystery of life. When you accept not knowing you get to the next layer. Remember not knowing and the situation and the creation of not knowing and all the emotions there were and you start getting somewhere. So you have to go into the emotion of not knowing. Trying to fill that space with an answer is avoiding the feeling.

What does it feel like not to know? Sometimes that’s painful itself. At school you got hit for not knowing. There are times in life when it causes pain not to know. That’s why people seek answers. Not knowing is painful. So go into that pain and feel it, release it, feel what it’s like not to know. There is a release in not knowing. Then you move onto the next layer. Many of the layers are conclusions you’ve made that are not true. Your thoughts might be the cause of the problem, because you didn’t know. So you are going to go through all the unknowns and all the conclusions you made about the unknowns.

If I’ve been having this problem all my life and nothing’s worked, and I keep thinking about what it might be, I might start expanding there until I get to the unknown … if I think the problem is there because I’ve got ‘bad karma’ from a past life or somebody’s cursing me, I might feel that and then feel suddenly ‘I don’t know’. That’s the next layer. And after I go into that I will find another layer, and it wasn’t really what I thought it was. And you go through all the layers to early childhood where you formed that first duality. When there was something you wanted and you tried to make the opposite. You felt weak so you needed to be strong. You didn’t know so you needed to know. You felt in lack so you wanted to be rich. There are many dualities which both exist at the bottom of our problems. And they won’t go away until we actually discreate the duality.

It’s no different to what we have been doing – it’s just more layers. You welcome, expand until you feel the whole thing and then you let it go. It’s just a longer process because you find layers to expand.

So there’s a problem in your life, and you feel the anger and frustration, and you expand to the end, it falls apart, all it means know is it goes on a bit longer. Because after that one, suddenly there’s an unknown and then there is something else. Then another unknown and something else. And eventually there will be a dual creation – there was this AND this. So you keep expanding till you get there – till the last thing is gone and it’s all discreated. Then that serious problem is gone in your life.

There can be pains too when you have ‘incurable’ problems – not because they are incurable, but because they are ‘unforgivable’ if you look at the cause or because there are more layers to it. And the problems been there a long time because there are these conclusions made about the unknowns.

The pains in the body which are not to do with an injury are control issues. They can be entities. There can be outside forces here. The times you have given power away to others.

The root of having those things in the body that are not yours is that you got stuck in this pattern. You gave away your power to others, you gave away responsibility and therefore the blame. You trust people in charge because if things go wrong it’s their fault not yours and they have to fix it. They never do, so why do you bother?

Blaming, when you look at it, doesn’t get you anywhere. If you see the cause of your problems as somebody else hurting you, you have to wait for them to stop. If it’s you, then you can stop. Suppose you have a problem to fix – your ex-wife hates you, your boss won’t give you a reference, your parents have disowned you – are you going to ask them to fix your problems? What hope have you got? It’s far more useful if it’s you creating the problem, then you can fix it. Cause the other person isn’t going to do it.

So it’s not useful at all to put responsibility outside of yourself. And this is what we all learn to do in society because somebody has to be in charge. And we have to obey them, therefore we have to trust the one in charge. And we get in the habit of looking outside of ourselves for someone to take responsibility.

So when you let go of the need to put responsibility outside of yourself, you will get to a lot of these pains. Because it comes down to you creating it. You’re not trusting anybody else. You’re taking responsibility yourself. You’re not giving away power, you’re not letting stuff come in to control you. That’s when all the cold winds come out, all the implants, the control mechanisms and everything.

So when there is pain you’re going to work on those painful points, and work through these layers to expand into these dualities. So if there’s a pain or a pattern and it’s been there a long time, there are many layers that won’t go away and duality at the bottom of it. They do go away when you get there. Even the ones you have had all your life.

These things will come up in the pointholding. You experience the layers and expand them until you reach the edge and you are not in it any more. You realise that this is my creation, and it’s gone emotionally, and your life changes too. You can do this as a conscious process on anything you like. It sounds a bit abstract, but when you come to the practice there’s the expanding, the disassociation then there’s allowing it to discreate itself.

Sometimes there is labelling as well. You reach a point of disassociation where you label without judgement. You’re on the edge of it and no longer emotionally involved. If you are judging you are still in the emotion. If I define this thing as a big pile of shit, I’m still in the emotion about it. Or I can give it a label to describe it – oh, it’s a dysfunctional relationship. And now I have stepped outside, I see it’s my creation and I can discreate it. So we go through emotions to get to that point where we can label it without judgement. That’s the point of disassociation. And after you have gone through all the layers and come to the bottom of it there’s the duality to define – oh, I’ve got a dual creation between weak and strong. Discreate it. That’s the final part of it.

Or there is the health thing. A lot of people spend all their lives trying to be healthy – doing the right things, eating the right foods – but there’s a duality: every time they are healthy suddenly a sickness turns up. The duality is the need to be healthy because they’re unhealthy. The ‘unhealthy’ creates a duality – as a child you were ill, and you didn’t want to be ill again, so create the duality there.

Persistent problems tend to have a duality at the bottom of them. When you understand that it gets easy. A problem that was there all your life suddenly goes. Gone for good. When you get used to the process it’s easy – first you expand, feel the edge, discreate.


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Entities and Demons, Habits, Trauma and Change

Body Electronics Intensive – Day 2 Transcription

Koh Phangan, Thailand – February, 2017

entities and demons

Entities and Demons

So we are going to start talking about entities – the stuff that gets into your aura when it’s open. Now we’re not so much into casting entities out, because if you do and there’s still a hole something else will fill the space. One thing to realise is if there’s a hole in the aura, something is going to fill it.

So the root of it all is unconsciousness. Any time you’ve been under anaesthetic, been drunk, been knocked out, lost control, it leaves a gap in consciousness, which then leaves a gap in the aura. And if the aura’s got holes, whatever is around will dill that.

The kinds of entities that get in those holes can be various different kinds. First of all there are simple thought forms. If you have any strong thought or idea which is backed up in emotion, it creates a ‘thought form’ which will act like a living thing and it only does that because it feeds off emotions. S if your aura is open and a thought form gets in then the thought will become ‘part of you’.

To give an example of how that might work. Supposing somebody down the road is having a really bad day and is thinking of murdering his wife, he’s angry. Now you might be angry with your wife and if you get drunk and your aura is open, a thought form will be attracted by resonance, your problems get worse and one day you go home and murder your wife.

So once you take on a thought form that’s floating around it becomes part of you because your auras open. So thought forms act like entities themselves because the thought becomes a living thing and wants to maintain itself.

You also get various spirits of people who have died and even pets that have died. If you love somebody and are attached to them and can’t let them go, their spirit is drawn into your aura. I’ve worked with people attached to pets – cats and dogs – they wouldn’t let go of – but you can feel them and smell them coming out.

Then you get other strange entities which are neither human nor animal. Things from other dimensions. And there are also things we create ourselves. You see, as we push beliefs deeper into unconscious, the part which is animalistic, in that part of the unconscious everything becomes a personality.

Suppose you’ve got a belief and you push it deeper. That belief will then become a law. Your belief exists in the subconscious and when it goes to the unconscious it becomes a law. Beliefs you know how to break, but laws can’t be broken. If you push it even deeper into the animalistic part of the unconscious it becomes a living thing that follows you around, like a conscious being, always tripping you up doing damage.

It’s more intelligent than a thought form. It’s gone deep into the system. It involves more suppression basically. The thought form might be the first thing you are aware of. If you push it deeper because you don’t want to own those thoughts or feel them you push them down to the unconscious. When we resist certain feelings you tend to push them deeper all the time.

Take a simple feeling like jealousy. Now jealousy is actually showing you where your negative beliefs lie. It gives you opportunities to work on those.

We all know we can create anything, right? If you’re saying you are jealous of something someone else has got, you are saying you can’t create anything but that. So I’ve got that particular negative thought.

So instead of recognising it and working on it, we push it deeper inside and therefore that belief becomes stronger – what I can’t have, what it is I’m jealous of. So push it away altogether and it goes into the unconscious and becomes a law. So when I do try to get that thing I will sabotage myself and get punished for it.

If you the push that deeper and it becomes a demon then there’s a demon following me around making sure I never get whatever it is I’m jealous of. It will actually trip me up and make sure everything goes wrong. It’s like having a hostile intelligent being following you around sabotaging everything.

It doesn’t stop there though, it can go deeper. It can go to a more plant-like level of the unconscious. It spreads through the system growing new demons like the fruits of a vine or a tree. So you might have something sabotaging you here, and out pops something else sabotaging you somewhere else. It’s spreading like a plant. That’s how the subconscious gets more complex as it goes deeper. So the more you suppress things, the deeper into the system it goes and does more damage. It goes from a belief to a law, to demon to a demon vine or tree.

Pain is a particular phenomenon that feeds these trees. You when you suppress pain in one area it pops up in a completely different area. Or you suppress emotional pain and you end up feeling it physically. Or a mental pain – push it and it pops up somewhere else. It starts spreading – so if you end up having different kinds of pain because of the first pain you suppressed. So when you push things deep they have a tendency to spread somewhere else, growing new fruits as it were.

So it starts with a simple emotion, and the more you push it down, don’t want to feel it, the bigger a problem we create. Because we push it down to the unconscious. It should be the other way round … we should make things conscious so we can change things and work with them. The idea with all our thoughts is not to make any judgements, but to use them in the right way.

Let’s talk about judgement. As an adult, when you are being mature spiritually, you don’t get to absolutes. What you want to do is look at how things work and decide if you want that effect.

Just as with pointholding you don’t stop because it’s hurting, obviously when you are changing and growing you don’t want to stop the process. So you don’t make judgements. It doesn’t help the healing. It doesn’t fit with what we are doing.

It’s about having a mature perspective. So every emotion, everything you do, you can examine it, see what it does, and see if that’s what you want to do. See how things work. To get the effect you want.

So when you push things down because you don’t want to look at them they enter the unconscious and operate automatically. If there’s something you don’t like and you make it unconscious you are making it happen automatically, creating problems. The more you push them down the more they happen. The things we don’t like are what we push down.. and those are the things we manifest.

So there is a process for entities, because the belief, when it’s pushed down, will become a living thing. It goes from belief to law, and then becomes a demon.

And the (nature of the) demon depends on the thought pattern you suppressed. if you suppress hate, and push it deep down, there’s a demon following you around hating everything. It will sabotage all your relationships and so on.

It’s natural to hate some things isn’t it. You hate things that are not good for you and you don’t want them in your life. You don’t have to accept everything in your life, you’ve got choices here. If you know you hate something you choose to not have it in your life. But it doesn’t do any good to sit there hating it if you are not changing it.

So the purpose of the emotion, of everything you feel, is to make you look at what you want. They are all pointers to creating the life you want. You see. when we first came out of ‘the source’, there was no judgement because you hadn’t experienced anything yet. Pure awareness was playing a game without judgement.

So when things happen that you don’t ‘like’ – we have to start questioning why have I created this? Well, it’s simply because pure awareness plays any game without judgement. It didn’t know what it was like till it tried it.

What happens when people start questioning, when they think they’ve done something wrong, they create all kinds of beliefs around it.  If you suddenly hurt yourself and think I shouldn’t have done that, the reasons you give it can create further problems. People have all kinds of ready-made answers like Karma, karmic debt from the past or being struck down by God … but if you have those beliefs you create more problems.

If you hurt yourself, and someone says, what did you do that for? And you say, I’ve grown through that. So I start hurting myself so I can grow. Or you can just say – oh, I didn’t know what it was like till I tried it. I don’t like that, I won’t do it again.

So we create these beliefs, built around experiences we won’t allow to be what they are – just experiences.

But when creation wants to explore what being a human being is, it wants to explore it to its breaking point. There’s a point where it breaks. Think about a time when you felt broken or incurable.  What you have to remember is that what broke wasn’t you. It was your creation.

You have an experience of you which isn’t you because you are complete awareness – and once you see how it goes, you’ve reached its limit, well, that’s its limit. You’ve explored it now.

When you remember this isn’t me, this is my creation – you’re not broken. Because what is pure can’t be broken. We all have some point where we feel broken, you can’t go any further. That’s simply an exploration of how far you can go. You’ve found out. But what broke wasn’t you.

The important thing here is to remember not to identify with the emotions. The same thing will happen when you get to the demons. They’re your creation.

A lot of people will use the phenomena as an excuse to put responsibility outside themselves. But they’re your creation, your thoughts, your emotions, pushed deep down into the unconscious. So if a demon comes up, you discreate it in the same way as anything else.

First of all, when you find a demon in the unconsciousness, it’s just like a cold wind leaving you. It just has to be processed mentally, as it were. Your demon might have various thoughts going on. But you don’t have to entertain those thoughts because they’re not yours anymore. This being is just created from thoughts. To discreate the being you just have to experience the original pattern that created it. It might be jealousy that’s pushed down deep, or hatred, or some other pattern that you’ve suppressed. When that comes out from the unconscious you feel numb and floaty, and a cold wind comes out. That’s the demon releasing.

You can’t analyse something that deep down mentally – it doesn’t come out that way. So, demons do not need to be analysed.

The problem is with people so much in the mental world these days they try to analyse all these traumas psychologically. But the demon is actually an entity – get it out and it’s gone. You don’t have to worry about it anymore.

You can understand why you created it. It was simply out of judgement and not being able to experience things.

Entities will come up for everyone at some point, especially when working on unconsciousness. You feel it because there’s this cold wind coming up. Don’t worry about it.

Because we are working with Kundalini energy, it transmutes everything. If it’s a thought form, it will just break down. If it’s a living being or an elemental, it needs to evolve and it will go where it needs to go. As we are evolving, our entities evolve too, going where they need to go. And we don’t have to worry about where that is, they don’t belong in us, that’s all you need to know.

Habits, too, are entities. Anything you keep repeating, it will become unconscious, automatic. There is then an energy inside you that keeps doing that. This is why it’s so hard to break them. You can try to break habits mentally, and think about them, try to be logical but it often doesn’t change anything – that too is an energy form, a living thing.

So you will also find out that a lot of these demons are simply habits. When the demon goes, the habit is gone. Many of these demons are basically compulsions that make you do something, make you keep repeating a pattern.

Traumas are repeated in the same way. When you have a trauma going on, all the emotions create a thought form. You don’t want to feel those things and push them down, and they get stronger and stronger as they go into the unconscious. So each trauma happens again and again and again because that’s a demon that’s feeding. So where there is a demon going on you find the same trauma happening again and again in your life. It wants to feed. It wants to return to the same emotions.

So sometimes a demon will come up while remembering a trauma, or, rather, a whole series of traumas. You may notice in your life that there are certain things that keep happening, aren’t there? Some people are unlucky with love, some unlucky with business, whatever it is, same thing keeps going wrong for them. That’s the repeated trauma which becomes a demon. When that goes, everything stops going wrong. Because it is an event which repeats itself. It’s a repetitive energy. It’s habit. Traumas are a kind of habit, though you’re not doing it unconsciously. It’s happening by itself, keeps repeating.

So, when you have dealt with demons you have come out of the unconscious. When you receiving healing you go through an unconscious patch, it doesn’t just happen on the gonad level, it can happen any time where there’s a demon. Because some of these ones you’ve pushed down deep, they’re not just on that first level. Because they’re linked to certain traumas you’ve pushed deep in the unconscious. You may be going through some trauma in your life and it’s repeated trauma, you will go through an unconscious patch and a cold wind comes out. When the demon is gone that trauma will stop happening. Your life changes.

It will actually show in the sclera – that’s the white part of the eye – as a closed loop. Closed loops can also mean something that’s going to happen but hasn’t happened yet. So we are going to look at the eyes / iridology a bit.

NOTE: for this part will just mention any points of interest, as this part is visually described in the handouts.

  • Veins point to the organs . glands that may need attention
  • Veins can indicate a pattern not yet created
  • Illnesses and injury will show in the aura before they manifest in the body (3 days before) – so they’re not really accidents: you’re creating them
  • Pregnancy shows in the aura 6 weeks before conception

Sometimes it’s hard to see why you keep creating the same trauma. You can go through years of analysis but these patterns happen unconsciously. The same with habits. You can have psychotherapy for habits, but often nothing changes. It’s a compulsion that doesn’t have a logical cause. It’s an energy that compels you.

If you think about it, controlling habits is a kind of co-dependency. You’ve got this thing messing your life up and you try to control it and it tries to control you. Controlling habits is also a form of suppression. What you are doing is feeding it. What you really need to do with this habit that you don’t want to follow is to feel the feeling of it.

When you get to addictions, addictions form first of all because there is something missing that you want. So there is a craving. That will begin early in childhood, when you are not held enough. When a mother holds a baby, her heartbeat entrains the baby’s heartbeat with its strength. It’s actually physically important. It’s not just emotional need – when you’re not held as a child your heart doesn’t get strength. So part of us is alert, something is missing, there’s something it’s looking for. And it’s all connected to craving.

At first, you don’t know what you are craving. But what it is is you want to be held. When you are not getting that, you start seeking anything else that will fill that space. So all craving has underneath it that need to be held.

So many of the automatic processes, the habits and things you are trying to break, have this underlying feeling of an emptiness, a lack. And that’s something you need to feel. When you feel a craving, rather than just go into it unconsciously, feel the feeling. When you feel the craving energy, you can feel the lack, feel the emptiness. So you have to welcome the emptiness when holding points. So when we are channelling energy it’s going where it’s needed. So the only way to fill that space is to give the heart the energy it didn’t get. If you weren’t held enough as a child, holding points will fill that space. So at first you will feel the emptiness, and then it fills up.

So rather than trying to control habits, go into the feeling behind it. The next time you want to indulge in addiction, stop and feel it. What does it feel like? Go into that feeling of emptiness, the feeling of not being loved enough or held enough.

The unconscious habits – the addictions, the demons – all work in a similar way. When you return to the original feeling and allow it, it’s all coming out and changing.

Most animals are born ready to get up and do stuff. The reason a baby dreams so much is because its brain is still developing. It’s not ready. It needs to be held and protected. It hasn’t got its own aura yet. Well, its aura isn’t sealed, it has no boundaries, it’s open. If you leave a baby alone, and it’s not being held, and there are entities around it’s vulnerable – and it doesn’t fit in the body anymore, and it needs your aura – it takes until around 3 years after birth for its aura to be complete. So the first 3 years it needs to be close to its parents. And through the person holding the child its heartbeat is being entrained. It doesn’t mean you have to hold it all the time, but enough for the heart to gain strength.

Addictions will usually emerge when working on heart points, because that’s where addiction starts. It will be heart and hypothalamus, and if you work with both together you will get the craving out. And just by holding points you will bring energy in. We will also be raising Kundalini energy to deal with blockages, but just putting some human love and energy into it is enough to do it. Because all we wanted at first was to be held. And holding points is providing the same energy.

A lot of these patterns start very early in childhood – although we can still create demons at any time in life when we suppress things deep enough. First of all these ‘laws’ form – because you want to make sense of the chaos. Suppose as a little child you are not getting what you need, and you see other kids getting what they need, because your parents are poor or something, or they have problems, can’t support themselves, and you see everybody else getting support, getting good things … you might make a law here: OK, I’m here to serve. I’m here to work. I don’t get the same as everybody else. That becomes a law.

So you might just get on with life. And, later in life, you try to change, but the law is operating the same, you don’t get the same as everybody else. You start punishing yourself. It all goes wrong. So, originally you made that law to make sense of the chaos, because life’s too painful …

Pointholding brings these laws and demons to the surface, you can feel it. As you release unconsciousness you go numb, you ‘reclosing holes, so everything gets squeezed out. That’s when you get the cold wind coming out. When you come to the deeper ones, as you go through the layers, as you release, move from unconsciousness to apathy and so on, you get to the point where you have these traumas coming from that demon. And you see a thought pattern here, here and here, then you come to the emotion and the cold wind comes out and the demon goes.

Some questions followed to which Peter emphasised that  demons are NOT traumas: they are suppressed thought forms and patterns that take on their own existence.

While we create them, they have their own separate existence once created. The deeper we push these thought forms, the more the gain intelligence. They become living things whose job is to do whatever they were created for – repeating those patterns of jealousy, sabotage, hate and so on. Traumas have emotions around them, but when those emotions are pushed into the animalistic state they become personified. At that level everything has personality. At that level you can speak to yourself, as ‘they’ all exist as separate consciousnesses.

This reminds me of another type of shadow work. In this process we acknowledge certain ‘parts’ of ourselves that no longer serve us. For example, if there is a part of us that is intimidated by beauty, we meditate on this and look behind it to see what emotion is attached to it, and why it was formed. It may be that in our teenage years this entity / thought form was created to protect us from rejection and embarrassment / shame. We can then acknowledge and appreciate the entity’s service, thanking it for being so diligent. Then we can tell it that we no longer need it, and would appreciate it if it lets us handle things from here on. We can then release it.

This example is actually a personal one I just resolved. I now feel fully comfortable around stunningly beautiful women (you are all that, I know, but we men can judge some to be unapproachable).

For all of us, those entities / thought forms will be different. It may be a saboteur which stops you taking on challenges to protect you from failure, or anything that you created that no longer serves you. So while the entity is a suppressed emotion, it’s worth considering that it also may have, in its own one-dimensional mind, a noble purpose of sorts – to protect us from emotions we were at the time of its creation unwilling or unable to fully allow ourselves to experience.

When someone is holding your points then, and a thought pattern comes up, let’s remember to thank it for being such a hard-working entity before we say bye!)

When you go deep into the unconscious you can also talk to your organs. They’ve all got consciousness – because they do a certain job. They can’t talk about much – because they exist just to do what they do. But you can actually talk to them like living things. If you underworld journey you can meet them as personifications.

The trouble with people who look at memory and DNA is they forget it’s all created by consciousness. When a scientist studies DNA, they look at DNA as a cause. But DNA is not really a cause, because consciousness is changing it. Yet people like to talk about DNA as if it’s very deep and causing anything – but we change our DNA all the time with our thoughts.

Consciousness is not in the body. The body is a manifestation of the consciousness. We have an aura first and that creates the body – the body does not create the aura. (QUESTION: seems to contradict slightly the point that a baby has no aura.) If it did, when you died, the aura would fade away gradually. What happens is the aura goes first and then you die. You can see an injury in the aura three days before it happens. The aura precedes the body. Consciousness affects the cells, it affects the DNA. The memory isn’t really in the cells – it’s just a manifestation of it.

Science is looking at physicality all the time, it’s not looking at the spiritual dimension. When you look at how it all works it becomes obvious that consciousness creates everything. Everything is only there because you expect it to be there.

Question: If I die, what happens to my demons?

Peter: You take them with you and have them in the next life, too. So it’s better to get rid of them now!

Question: If we don’t sort things out, are we ‘sent back’ to earth again?

Peter: It’s not that simple. Remember we create laws. Nothing is fixed until we fix it. We are simply pure awareness that’s created a universe to go and explore. Now when you first explore it you’re not limited in time and space. Your higher self experiences all your lifetimes at once. You create a reality and go into it, and experience it all. You are the piece that experiences this part of time and space. From the higher self’s point of view, it’s not past, present or future – you experience it all at once. You experience things in linear time, but it’s not necessarily ‘in’ linear time … because your next life could be in ‘the past’. When you’re ‘outside’ choosing where to go next, you’re not in linear time anymore.

It’s like when you go to the cinema, a multiplex where there are many screens at once. But you only see one film at a time. But you choose which one you want to see next. And when you want, you can pop out of that one and go see the next one. You can do it in any order you like, it’s up to you.

And you also tend to go with people you know, don’t you? With your friends. That’s why we often come back each lifetime with the same friends. And it’s all your choosing, really.

There are no real laws apart from the ones we make, so we don’t have to be fixed on any ideas. The whole thing is to understand how we create and how we discreate. So you have to allow the experience to surface, you have to feel it and let it go. When it comes to entities they come out as cold winds. They’re attached to your thoughts – but you don’t have to experience the whole demon. You experience the trauma, or the thoughts that created it. When the cold wind comes out it might be much bigger than your actual thoughts. But you will actually look at the cause, not the demon, and the emotions that went into it.

Question: So it seems we inherit karma from our previous lives, but do we also inherit ancestral karma?

Peter: We’ll get onto that next. When you are really young, before your aura is formed, there are ancestral spirits not moving on getting into the body. Because they are looking for an anchor.

When we die – we don’t just move on. You see there are different levels of where the soul can go, different bodies. And some souls don’t know how to move on and get stuck here on earth. There’s the bit which moves on, and there’s also the bit that stays in the family. They’re the ancestral spirits. And if they were facing certain patterns, they pass these patterns on, because they are around you all the time. In many cultures, it’s normal to feed ancestors so they can carry on working for you. because they should be looking after you. That’s what a good ancestor should do.

However if there have been problems in the family – child abuse and so on – that leaves the ancestor causing problems. We don’t want them. So the ones that are not being fed and being neglected are not wanted – but they are still looking for a body. So when you are young, your aura’s open and they get in.

Now you can actually see where they are stored in the body. Because in those first three years when a child has no aura, that’s also when the large intestines develop. That’s where the automatic nervous system is stored, in the lining of the bowel. You find the bowel is forming in those early years, so all the problems with the bowel will be from very early. Quite often allergies are things we pick up from there. They come from ancestral spirits. That’s something a doctor won’t tell you! You’ve got bad ancestors. It’s not always rational because you can’t see what you’ve done physically to cause an allergy. But when the ancestral spirit has left the body, that’s when allergies vanish.

Allergies actually start in the bowel as well, because they are caused by absorbing particles that haven’t been broken down. The bowel has filters. And you only absorb what has fully been broken down to be used as nutrients. And some things are not fully broken down. The filters stop us absorbing stuff the body is not ready to use. So all allergies actually begin in the bowel and these are caused by ancestors.

It’s interesting how the intestine fits with the aura, how the body and soul work together. Think about when the first cells divide – one cell, then two, then four, then eight. The next layer, in order to have a complete shell, would have to have 18 cells. But there are only 16. So as the cells continue to divide, those two gaps form holes in the middle. That hole is what eventually what becomes your alimentary canal.

And the aura looks like that as well, a tube of energy coming up inside the aura. So it’s all formed in the same way as the body is forming. The intestines are very much linked to the aura. And all the stuff that gets in there early in life, it’s also affecting the intestines.

We can look at how each organ works symbolically. The stomach handles overwhelm. It digests things, and it also helps you digest experiences. And if you are overwhelmed and can’t take it all in the stomach holds all the stress.

There are certain times you are more prone to that – for example, when you reach puberty. because then all those hormones come rushing in, things you didn’t feel before. And you are getting more responsibility, you’re going to high school, you have pressure to pass exams and so on, you get overwhelmed. And quite often a lot of our problems go back to that time.

So there are certain times in your life when you are predisposed to these things. But it can also happen any time you feel overwhelmed.

The liver is to do with breaking and rebuilding. Any time there was something in your life that was broken or lost, and you haven’t got the courage to rebuild and start again, that’s when your liver kicks off. It’s all about power issues – it’s difficult to rebuild if you haven’t got power. If people are robbing you of your power you can’t rebuild. This happens all the time. When you see people bullying and controlling, taking your power.

So there’s a few things we are going to do in this process of releasing entities and things, and at the same time become aware of how people take power from you and how you pick up their shame. You can release shame for what you have done and the shame’s gone: but other people give their shame to you and take your power.

There are different ways that people take power and you have to recognise them all. Force is the obvious one – people have always done that: the big one telling the smaller one what to do, taking your power. If that doesn’t work, the next level of control is fear. Fear of being beaten up some more. Once you get used to giving into fear, other fears can be used, even something illusory, like when the church makes up stories that if you didn’t do what you’re told you will go to hell and straightaway they don’t need to use any force any more – it’s easy, isn’t it? Give away your power and, if you don’t do what they say, you’re going to be hurt in some way.

Then there is image manipulation. They create an image of how you ought to be, and anything other than that is wrong. And that’s also creating this feeling of being not good enough. So people have these standards of how you ought to be. And quite often it’s based in chauvinism – where the masculine is seen as straight and the feminine is seen as curved. If somebody is curved or ‘bent’ it is seen as if something is wrong with them. But it’s ‘good’ to be straight, an ‘upstanding citizen’. So they create images of how you ought to be. And if you don’t do that, you’re wrong, so you are controlled through image manipulation.

Lies control you as well, because you haven’t got the information you need to make the best decisions for yourself.

Altruism can also be a form of manipulation. We have altruism simply because we have compassion. We have sensitivity to other people, we care about people. What altruism does is it says you have to give up everything. It’s nonsense because you don’t benefit, it’s the rich who benefit. So altruism is another form of taking your power. A lot of people get into giving to others and not giving to themselves. It gets so bad that if they were to benefit they’d feel so guilty it wouldn’t be worth it. If everybody wants to give to others rather than themselves, nobody’s going to receive.

So these are all different ways power’s been taken from you.

Question: Please define altruism

Peter: Altruism means where you give up your own needs for something else, something bigger than you. To a degree there’s some truth in it because you have compassion for others. And, yes, sometimes you put someone else’s needs first because they are in more need than you, because you have compassion. But it gets twisted when you are told to put your needs last, that ‘your country’ needs you, that you mustn’t think of yourself. That’s altruism. When you look at it it doesn’t work. There’s just a few people – those who manipulate you – who take all the benefit.

Question: But when you help others, at the end of the day it comes back to you …

Peter: Well that’s the other thing. We all give and receive. But altruism is when we put our own needs aside for someone else. And then nobody benefits because nobody wants to receive. It’s only the people at the top manipulating and taking everything. Like dying for your country. The country never asked you to die, did it? A few rich people did. That’s altruism – it’s a tool of control. It gets you to do stuff you wouldn’t do otherwise – for somebody else. It’s taking away your ability to actually create your own life.

So when you start looking at your life – see how many times you’ve been lied to, how many times you’ve been bullied – how many times you’ve taken on a negative image – how many times you have acted out of altruism – you will see the loss of power in your life. And it all needs to be taken back.

So sometimes when you are going through your interactions and your memories and you are giving back shame, stop and take your power back. There is a simple process.

In your mind, take a stick and draw a circle clockwise around yourself. Have the person come to the edge of the circle, but they can’t cross the line. And you see them holding your power and you simply reach out and take it all back. Because you’ve made this magic circle, truth will prevail, so you will get it back, however much they fight. So when you lose power, just take it back that way.

You will find in when you process any situations where you’ve given your power away or it’s been taken from you … you also give power away to reality. Because if I am saying this person can create me harm I am simply giving my power away to them. So people you are feeling jealous of also take your power. It’s not that they’ve stolen it, but you’ve given it away. So there’s many places you will find in this process where there is energy that has to be taken back. This is the shame that has to be given back. There’s an energy thing going on here as well as the emotions. With energy, demons, entities, it’s far more an energy thing than an emotional thing. It will affect you emotionally and mentally too.

Even emotions are based on your personal power. Your solar plexus is all about personal power. It’s also about emotion – it where you connect to others. So if people take your power from there you lose the ability to connect and have responsibility and get on in life. If you lose power you don’t succeed – because everything you do is to do with your connection to others. If you want to get rich for instance – it comes through people, doesn’t it? It doesn’t come from the sky. It due to your interaction with people, your business relationships and so on. Everything is about connection to people.

So the solar plexus chakra is about interpersonal emotions and personal power. When your power is taken from there you don’t have a sense of power when dealing with people. You don’t interact with them in a balanced way.

When your power is low you see value in a supplicative way. It means you are always seeking approval which makes your power low again. If you need people’s approval then you are doing what they want.

There are basically 4 ways human beings express value. We all want value, don’t we, as we go through life? The lowest form is Supplicative Value. That’s sucking up to people and looking for approval, doing things that will make them approve of you. It gives you some value but it’s very low.

The next level is called Combatitive Value. That’s where you put everybody else down to make yourself feel better. Usually people in Supplicative Value who are breaking out go onto that stage. They get tired of sucking up to people and start putting them down.

The next type is Competitive Value. You don’t put other people down, but you try to do better.

The highest level, which is way above all the others, is Cooperative Value. When you raise other people’s value as well as your own you feel much better about yourself. That’s the highest form of value.

Now when your power has been taken away you are going to be stuck down there in Supplicative Value. And as long as you are seeking approval you stay down there. So how do you break out of it? You take your power back. And you will find you can watch yourself go up the scale. They’re not evenly spaced – you’ve got three down here, and one’s way up there. So you want to get to Cooperative Value.

So values have to be broken, and there’s an entity related to that too. Giving power away to others can be a habit. So when you release this you might feel another cold wind coming up. That’s the entity of giving your power away.

So a lot of these things interacting are quite complex. But it doesn’t matter. Follow the basic steps (of pointholding), feel the cold winds coming out and they’re all going. Because the energy you are receiving, raising energy, reminds you of what is called the Divine Blueprint – of how you were before you had any problems. There’s a memory in here, in the cells, in the spirit, of how you ought to be. And it’s all perfect.

There is this divine blueprint we are all aligned to. As you rise up the scale you give back shame, you take back power, go through your patterns, release entities as well. It’s not too difficult.

It’s good to recognise what they are – recognising these problems, where they come from.

What else do you do when you have trouble in your life, you keep having heartbreaks, things keep going wrong? When there are habits you want to get rid of? Change is not done consciously, by control. You can’t see change either. You can see its effects after it’s happened, notice it afterwards.

Change isn’t something you force or copy. Somebody might say, I don’t want to be a victim anymore. I want to be a nice person. So what do nice people do? What do they say? How do they behave? I’ll copy that. So you start smiling at everybody – and at the end of the day you go ‘I was smiling all day and nobody even noticed’. And then you fall back to the old pattern again. You can’t change by effort and by copying and controlling. It’s not done that way.

To change something one has to go to its root.

So how do you change? Change is an art not a science. Although you develop your skill at it it comes from the subconscious. So when we talk about the art of change, let’s look at a few things about change so you know what it’s like.

First of all – you can’t see change in any way. You can only see the effects after it’s happened.

The second thing to say about change is that all change begins in the future. You see, cause isn’t really in the past. You don’t do something because of the past, you do something because of the future you are moving towards. The reason I got up an hour ago was to get here an hour later. The past didn’t make me get up this morning – it’s always motivated by the future.

If you have an idea of what you are becoming, that will be what creates the change now. So change is created in the future.

All change in the past is actually future change of perception of the past. That takes a bit to get your head around, doesn’t it. Nothing really changes in the past. Just your future perception of the past changes.

Another thing about change is it comes from the subconscious and the heart. You may have skill at it – but it comes from the subconscious. So you are going to find its power there. And when you do that you do it with unconditional love for yourself. Then it changes automatically.

You can’t change with control. You can’t change by copying habits, changing routines or rituals. You allow change to be natural, because change is natural. everything is growing and evolving all the time, isn’t it? It should do, but people get stuck because they create problems. As soon as we try to control things we stop growing. But we have this Divine Blueprint, and we are growing towards it. So an important thing about change is to heal, or it stops you from changing. That’s the real thing to do.

You can be healed of all that stops you from changing and growing. That’s the real work. You are healing what stops you from changing rather than forcing change. You allow yourself to change naturally.

The difference here is that you don’t want to control how you are changing. You know you’re improving, you’re changing for the better but you need love to change, don’t you? A lot of people want to change but won’t let love in because they lose control. So when you are in the flow there is no holding on or controlling. Control comes out of lack of trust – these are just beliefs because of past creations. remember everything you created in the past was just to see what it was like, to see how far you could take it before you break. But if your past was horrible, you don’t want to let go and surrender, you don’t allow things to change you. But when you love you change. And that’s why it’s vulnerable.

What happens when you don’t let love in? You grow through pain.

Love is at the top – the next emotion down is pain. Both have high energies. When you are in pain, you’re alive, aren’t you? Apathy and boredom are really down there, when you feel them, you’re dead. But when there is pain you feel alive. and people bond through pain. people get close through pain.

In World War 2, in the torture chambers, the victims and the torturers got really close. So when the war ended, both the victims and the torturers had to go through therapy. They had become too attached to each other. Through the pain they bonded closely.

This is one reason for child abuse, when someone doesn’t know how to get close through love but can only get close through pain. You see it also in abusive relationships – if you can’t let love in you will bond through pain.

Pain is easy because you are in control. You know what it is like. ‘I’ve been through a lot of pain, I can handle that – give me some more.’

But when loves comes in you are going to change, and you are vulnerable and you lose control.

So you see it’s a big step here. To let go of your pain and build your love. It makes you vulnerable.

But actually, you grow far more through love than you do through pain. You can grow through pain – and a lot of people have started doing that and become stuck in it because they don’t understand it’s their creation. It’s like we are all playing around, growing through love and joy, and suddenly somebody hurts themself and the others say ‘what have you done that for?’ And he says, ‘I’ve grown through that.’ So he grows through pain.

But realise that you can actually grow more elegantly and faster through love. and you don’t need to do that anymore. What happens then is you really grow because you’re vulnerable, because you’re changing, something beyond you is changing. And when you go into it, every cell in your body knows this. Because every living thing is connected. An amoeba can be in touch with an amoeba a mile away. But when we trust in the 5 senses rather than the body, we are separated. But this is very illusory, because what the brain gathers through the 5 senses is totally self-created inside. All you have got is these waves coming in, and the brain interprets it as a certain picture. It’s not really seeing the wholeness any more. Yet from that (non-body) point of view everything IS you, it’s the same life force.

So the love which connects you all is way beyond you – it’s not you, you are part of it. And what really happens when you meet another living thing, and you touch it, smell it, my cells tell the flower we are all the same. when you smell a flower the awareness is rising to the surface from the depths. To experience itself. In oneness and joy.

So as you let go of the senses you start to connect to life. That’s part of the process of letting love in. Because you are more than just you. You are not separate from anything. Just by being yourself, by being natural, just like an animal, you feel everything else. When you feel every plant around you it is you because all cells are the same. The same intelligence.

And cells don’t hold onto things out of mistrust. the cells in the body for instance – each cell goes through your bloodstream, only holding enough nutrients to last 4 seconds. There’s no hoarding. they don’t need security. There’s no lack of supply, it doesn’t run out. everything in the body supports everything else, there’s no going alone. So all these things are separation, things that the brain creates.

And it is found, for instance, that in dreams the process is exactly the same as when you are awake. So the image is entirely created by the brain. And neurologists will tell you there’s no proof anything outside your brain actually exists. Your brain is creating these images from what the senses are telling it. It’s very limited. When you actually come out of the 5 senses there is knowledge of the whole universe there. And there’s no trickery, there’s no hoarding, there’s no fear, there’s just flow.

So the whole process of holding points, then, we work with Kundalini, passing through all the cells, bring us to a higher state of oneness with the universe. So you can observe the fears and the emotions and welcome them and let them go – they’re just emotions. And these emotions you hang onto and identify with are just limitations. And after you’ve identified with the unconsciousness, the apathy, and the different states, as you open to love you step into your power. And it’s at that point you can create anything you want.

But in the meantime, in the unconscious, you’ve got these demons creating it for you, creating stuff you don’t want. And you made them do that. Now don’t punish yourself for that. It’s not about punishing! Of course, you can forgive yourself for it. It’s just recognising that, if I created this, I can discreate it. and that’s the power you should be in – to be responsible. there was a time when we ran away from responsibility – because that’s when you are a little child there’s neither blame nor fault until your parents come in and say ‘who is responsible for this mess?’ and you don’t want to be punished so you say ‘not me’. They don’t come in and say ‘who’s responsible for this tidiness?’ So we start to run away from responsibility as if it’s something bad.

Now responsibility means the ability to respond. it means you CAN do something about it. So think about that one. why people run away from responsibility when actually we CAN do anything. And be aware that, yes, you created all this, it was you, and you can discreate it. You have all the power within you already. All you have to do is change within you, get rid of all these little blocks inside, all the patterns that got stuck in there.

During the process of actually letting go of all the things you’ve identified with, that’s what’s holding them in place, is the emotions. You can feel each emotion, and it passes, because it isn’t you. If there’s a problem it isn’t you. Identity isn’t you either. We identify with things. The various masks you wear. That could be a father, or a lover, or a fireman or any job, any position, they’re all masks. You are simply pure awareness. And that’s indestructible. It can create anything. So to be creating more efficiently you’ve got to be that pure awareness and not identify with any of these things. And as you go through each emotion and release it, release from the body, release from consciousness, without limitation you will be able to visualise things and they will happen – you can create anything. There’s no power greater than you are – it’s all your creation.

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Body Electonics Intensive – Day 1 Transcription

At the start of each day of my popular 1 or 2-week Body Electronics Ultimate Healing Intensive, I give a talk before we start the point-holding session exchanges. What follows is a transcript of the first day’s talk of the Intensive in Thailand in February 2017. An audio recording of the first day’s talk in 2015 can be found here – the content is similar. Check out the upcoming courses in The Netherlands and the UK this summer.


We are going to start with the basics of how this all works.

We are basically working with a combination of mind and body where thought patterns are crystallized in the body. To start with let’s look at the creation myth.

In the beginning the Goddess blew a bubble of her love. This bubble was pretty small for the Goddess – about 300 billion light years across. That’s how big they say the universe is anyway. And into that bubble she breathed her life.

Now it’s interesting how science has discovered that the universe is a spherical hologram. You know with a hologram, if you shine a beam of light onto it, it creates a three-dimensional image. A spherical hologram is like a bubble. You shine a light into it and it refracts all over the place and creates a complex world inside it – out of light. So the whole universe is like that – it’s a bubble about 300 billion light years across, light enters into it, refracts everywhere, creates a refraction pattern and you’ve got a whole universe created. This creates an interference pattern of light.

Physics has shown for a long time that nothing is really solid – it’s just vibrations, energy. For example, this (table) isn’t solid. If it wasn’t for the energy field of moving particles you would fall right through it. To give you an understanding of how empty it all is, if all the electrons were collapsed into the nuclei of the atoms in the whole world, the world would be one centimetre across. That should give you an idea of how much space there is.

Then they found that wasn’t solid either. Because that nucleus consisted of protons and neutrons with space between them. And those are not solid either. They consist of quarks with space between. And those are not solid either. They consist of neutrinos. Then they found the space between also consisted of neutrinos, but vibrating at a different rate. The difference between a substance and a nothing is the rate of vibration of the neutrino.

So scientists were trying to explore why a neutron becomes an electron one moment, and positron one moment and nothing the next, and they found they always became what you expected them to become. So really, they are agreeing with what the mystics were saying all the way along, it’s all an illusion created by our expectation, by our consciousness.

Science can give us an image of how it works through the wave pattern duality model – particles only exist when they are observed, first it’s all energy, all waves. If we look at the way the universe exists as a wave pattern, everything within that is also a reflection of another wave pattern – like our bodies have an aura, it’s like a bubble – an interference pattern of our consciousness, of our energies, creates the body. It’s like our whole life, our existence, is a standing wave pattern., creating all these different waves, which are our different thoughts.

Now when you change any wave the whole wave pattern collapses and produces a new wave pattern. So, one doesn’t have to understand every single wave within that. If you know how resonance works – you change one wave, you change the whole pattern.

DNA strandSo it’s this wave pattern that then creates our body. We need to know a little bit about how that affects the DNA, as that is going to affect the way we will work. DNA is a focussed manifestation of the wave – it’s a coil – it goes down seven times and the coil comes up seven times. It’s a double coil.

Because the wave goes down one coil and up the other the resultant energy field has no direction. It’s going both ways at once.  It’s what we call a scalar wave. It’s an information package with no direction. So every thought, every feeling we have creates this little scalar wave in every single DNA coil in the body.

Now what happens when we experience things consciously the first part of that wave goes through the corpus collossum between the two hemispheres of the brain. The corpus collossum is in the shape of a moebius strip. It’s a strip that twists back on itself. So in between (the two sides of) your brain you’ve got this piece of paper – so any wave going round there goes through a 180-degree phase change which means it’s going to cancel out the wave stored in the DNA coils.

So everything exists as a wave within the DNA until you experience it fully. Our DNA is full of these waves of any thoughts or thought patterns and emotional experiences you haven’t consciously experienced. Everything we have suppressed is still in the DNA in every single cell of the body. So cutting a bit of the body off doesn’t get rid of it because it’s in every single cell. So, say, a person has a diseased organ and you cut that organ off, the pattern of that disease is still in every single DNA molecule in the body. So they will create the problem somewhere else because the body is acting as a hologram trying to reproduce according to those patterns.

So our thought patterns, emotions, everything we suppress exists first as a wave in the DNA and will start forming a chip, a crystal. The crystal is made out of a melamine protein complex which it draws out of the body, it creates a little crystal inside the DNA. Therefore all our thoughts actually become crystallized, little crystals of stored memory. And these crystals start playing with the function of the DNA. Therefore they affect the body and how it develops, which is why you get diseases. Every disease is a change in the energy pattern first which then manifest as crystals in the DNA which then change the function of the body and its structure.

So let’s look at how emotions get stored in layers. Now the seven coils of DNA can be seen as seven layers of suppression which fit with different emotions. When you experience anything with enthusiasm the life force is 100% present. Enthusiasm, when you break it down, means ‘God in you’. ‘Ent’ was an old name for God, so enthusiasm means you are fully present and the life force is fully present. Anything less than enthusiasm means you’re not fully there.

The first level of suppression is pain. Pain is there when things are other than you want them to be. You judge things as ‘I like this / I don’t like that’.  You’re pushing half of reality away. So pain itself is the first level of suppression. So when you are in paid you start to crystallise the DNA because you don’t want to feel that pain.  That gets pushed inside and goes to the first level of the coil of DNA, which also corresponds to the heart chakra and the pituitary gland.

If you push it down a bit further you suppress pain and you get angry – because you want things to change. When you suppress the anger it goes to the thyroid gland, and the next coil of the DNA.

When you get tired of anger you go into fear because you think things are not going to change. Fear goes to the thymus gland.

When you suppress the fear, you go into the victim stage, where you are just worried about how things are going to happen, to continue, so you’re in this kind of grieving pattern of feeling a victim and that gets stored in the pancreas and adrenal gland.

When you suppress the grief, you go into apathy. You just can’t be bothered, everything’s too much, you don’t want to deal with it anymore – and that goes to the spleen.

When you suppress that you go into unconsciousness and you aren’t even aware of the problem anymore. And that goes to the gonads (reproductive organs), the lowest part.

So we are suppressing things in that order. From enthusiasm into pain, then anger, then fear, then grief, then apathy and then unconsciousness, getting more and more crystallised in our DNA.

So what we are going to heal is from the bottom upwards. So the first thing you will experience during healing is unconsciousness. Any time you’ve been knocked out, numbed out, taken drugs, anaesthetics – you go numb – you’ll experience that as it comes out in the body because you feel numb in the body and feel floaty and distant in the mind. That’s good, cause you have to get it out.

A lot of people are too keen to get to the ‘juicier’ emotions – they want their anger out and to get their fear out. But actually the first thing that happens is you go numb. Then you get the apathy. Actually those ‘low’ emotions are more debilitating than the ‘higher’ ones. The problem is, people don’t know how to deal with apathy and depression because it’s depressing to deal with. You go to a therapist with anger and they get some juice out of it – you find you anger and express it. When you get there depressed they get depressed with you and they can’t help you with it. So the first thing is to feel it. And we feel it with enthusiasm.

You see, with enthusiasm being the top of the scale, it tends to bring all the emotions up. When we experience enthusiasm, you produce a kind of hormone-like substance in the body which starts dissolving those crystals. So, not only do you go through memories, you do so enthusiastically.

So, when you’re numb, you feel enthusiastic about being numb. When you’re in apathy you feel that enthusiastically. What does that mean? When you’re feeling depressed you’re going ‘oh I’m depressed, I feel terrible’ – put some enthusiasm into how it feels. Because that’s what raises up the scale to go to the next emotion. So, whatever you feel, you simply feel it enthusiastically.

Now to do that you first have to start to learn how to welcome emotions by not identifying with them. There are two basic reasons why we suppress emotions. First of all judgement, and secondly identification.

When you judge things, you stop feeling them, and that’s why you push them down. If the idea of being angry is bad, you push it down. If you think ‘don’t be afraid, it’s weak’ you push that inside, and so on. Stop crying, you’re being weak – push that inside. So we have all these judgements about emotions and we push them inside.

What stops us from releasing also is identification. If you think you are the emotion you no longer have a place to release it. A person will often say, for example, instead of feeling angry ‘I’m an angry person’. It becomes who you are. When you’re in that position, you’re not in a position where you can actually release it. Because when you release an emotion you know it’s not ‘you’. But there’s a boundary ‘ ‘this is me, this is an emotion, the emotion doesn’t make any difference to who I am’. I am no different when I am angry to when I am fearful or loving or anything, I’m still the same person. As human beings we can feel anything, we can feel one thing one moment and something else the next – it doesn’t change you. So we don’t want to say I’m an angry person, or I’m a coward or a fearful person or whatever. It’s something you are feeling, not who you are.

So once you recognise it’s a feeling, you allow yourself to feel it. As soon as you stop identifying and judging you find that any feeling is just a feeling and it’s OK – you feel it – and when you start this you find it’s OK to feel anything. So, if you are feeling afraid, say ‘right, I’ll feel this fear’. Feeling angry? Great, I’ll feel this anger. Feeling depressed? Right, I’ll feel this depression. You welcome it, and, as you welcome it, it’s already changing.

Do you have a pen or anything that you can grip tight? (Demonstrates how, when holding a pen tightly, it’s hard to tell where the hand ends and the object begins. When loosening the grip, we recognise how the ‘pen’ is not part of the hand but can be released.)

It’s the same thing with the emotions. If you hang on tightly thinking ‘this is me’ you don’t let it go. Once you relax and say ‘OK. I’ll just feel this emotion’ and welcome it, it’s not you anymore. You can watch it as something separate from you, and you feel it and then it passes. You let it go. Now some feelings take longer than others to let go of – that’s why there’s no hurry. You can feel anything as long as you want to until it passes by itself. Because when you start to welcome the emotion it already starts to change.

Can you think of an emotion you felt recently? Whether it’s uncomfortable or not. And just go back to the memory. And do the same exercise with that – you let it go by letting it be there. So if you welcome that emotion you find it already starting to change.

That’s the first thing to understand in healing – whatever you feel you are simply going to welcome it in this way. As you welcome it, it comes and it goes. Then the next emotion comes up, you go up the scale, you are always feeling something. So when you finish feeling numb you go to apathetic. When you finish feeling apathy you go to the grief. After the grief, you get to the fear. After the fear, you get to the anger. And after the anger you get to the pain. Then you get back to total enthusiasm.

So there’s no hurry. You can hold each emotion for as long as it’s there. Cause you can have loads of stuff stacked up at each level. And as you release that emotion, the body will start to heat up and burn because you are breaking down those chemicals in the body that form crystals.

So this describes the Kundalini experience, because it gets hot. When you are pressing points your fingers are going to start burning. Sometimes you can get blisters on your fingers. If you don’t resist the burning you won’t blister. Because when you resist you’re blocking healing. If you feel the pain enthusiastically there’s no blistering. So even when it’s burning you welcome that.

It probably won’t burn too much to begin with but will probably increase through the week as you move up the scale. When you’re feeling numb, all you feel is numbness. It might feel a bit hot but you don’t feel it so much when it’s numb.

So on the first day, if you’re feeling numb and you’re falling asleep it’s OK.  That’s reaching the lower levels, the unconsciousness. Then we get to the other emotions later on.

Going through layer by layer makes it much easier. When we try too quickly to go into the full trauma quite often you’re resisting and you can’t get there. And people often wonder why they can’t get to the emotions – well. You’ve got to go through the numbness first. There’s a scale of suppression – so the first thing you are going to feel is the numbness. When you feel unconscious you feel numb in the body, floaty in the mind – that’s exactly what you are meant to feel. Don’t try and feel anything else. Whatever you are feeling now is what you welcome. When you’ve felt that. Then you move up.

Now this is a chemical process, too, which is why nutrition is important. You’re breaking down crystals in which those emotions are stored. Once those crystals break down it frees up the rest of the body to change. The body heals from inside out. We usually start with the glandular system cause that’s where these emotions are stored. And each of those glands affects other organs, muscles and bones and everything, so as you change those patterns the whole body starts to change – it goes through a healing crisis. It lets out all these old toxins and starts rearranging itself.

Because the body is changing fast you need extra nutrients. First you need minerals because you are actually changing structure. Also, you need enzymes, because those are the catalysts for every change in the body.

The enzymes basically come in three types.  There are food enzymes, digestive enzymes and metabolic enzymes. Digestive enzymes and metabolic enzymes are produced in the body. Food enzymes come in raw food. When you cook food, you destroy enzymes because they break down at about 118 degrees Fahrenheit – not very hot at all. If you cook food you destroy all the enzymes – that’s why we need to go to raw foods and fresh juices and enzyme supplements.

Enzymes are the catalysts for everything in the body.  Also, they pre-digest the food. When you chew food there’s also much less work for the digestive organs to do.  Because the body has limited capacity to produce enzymes, it has to produce more digestive enzymes because you are lacking food enzymes. It has less of the ability to produce metabolic enzymes you need to heal the body. Therefore the high enzyme diet lets the body heal much faster. So that’s why we have raw foods and enzymes and minerals.

If you are going to go through a lot of healing you need more of them.  What you will find in the pointholding is, if you’re running out of minerals, the heat goes down.  When you’re holding points you’re releasing emotion, it’s getting hot, burning.  And after it’s finished burning it pulses for a while and then it stops.  If you’re run out of minerals the heat goes down, it’s pulsing and burning between, not getting anything very intensely, it’s running out of energy.  Because the body requires enzymes and minerals to change.

We also need enzymes and minerals to release those emotions. This being a chemical process as well. So the mind and the body are not separate in this way. You won’t get the full release without proper nutrition.

So, we’ve gone through the scale of emotions that are stored in the glandular system. And we trigger this with certain points in the body. Because the crystals store emotions – you know how you have a crystal in a lighter and when you press it you get a spark coming out of it? The same thing happens in the body – you press on it and then energy starts flowing out of it. So the reflex points in the body are also linked to the crystals in the glands, and the points are crystallised, too. It’s a bit different how the reflex points crystals are crystallised – the actually for Uric Acid crystals. But when you press those it’s the same energy pattern – the same thought patterns are stored there, which triggers the release in the glandular system. So when you are working with reflex points on the feet, the ones which are blocked tend to hurt. So you find painful spots and you push. Push where it’s painful, then you lovingly endure the pain. When you welcome that then the emotion comes out.

It’s about welcoming really – if it hurts, welcome that. Don’t give them too much pain, obviously, but give them as much as they can lovingly endure. If they are screaming and jumping up, you know you are pressing too hard.  If they are not feeling any pain you know you are not pushing hard enough. But you can usually handle a little more pain that you think you can. Because you’re bringing the enthusiasm in – that’s the important point, the enthusiasm. If we start with enthusiasm, the energy is high – so whatever you feel, feel enthusiastically.

And all the people holding your points, they also enthusiastically help you. So if someone seems to be suffering, you don’t get sympathetic cause that encourages them to wallow. You say ‘That’s wonderful! Really feel that!’ Enthusiasm is what gets them higher – whatever you’re feeling, it’s great. So you need enthusiasm for whatever you’re feeling, that’s part of the process. So feel it fully, and all the people holding your points should feel enthusiastic. Not wallowing in it, and not being too sympathetic. You can have empathy, yes, and compassion, but not any sympathy. And someone used to say, ‘sympathy’ is in the dictionary between ‘shit’ and ‘syphilis’. So no sympathy. When you are being sympathetic to a person you are encouraging them to stay wallowing in that emotion and not welcoming and changing.

Enthusiasm also comes from the understanding that everyone is a creator. We are all creating our own life, our thoughts and emotions so you also have an understanding of how you created that problem. I don’t always say this straight away because people might not understand, it might not go down very well. When somebody is suffering it’s not (polite?) to say ‘you created that’. It’s a case of understanding, ‘well, this is a great creator then – they created that problem in great detail with their thoughts’. By understanding the creator it helps to keep the enthusiasm towards them. It’s the attitude towards the person that’s important. If you see them as a victim, and are being sympathetic to those emotions, they will still stay on that level. If you see them as a God, and are looking with wonder at how well they’ve created their reality and their problems …

So, something to remember when you go through your problems. You don’t have to remember exactly how you created it, but you will learn along the way as you watch how your thoughts crystallise and create things. Our thoughts and emotions are all part of what’s creating reality. And there will be more on that as we go along through the week so you know exactly what you’re creating. But you will learn along the way that it is all your creation.

So, it’s also about creating. A lot of people come, not because of physical illness, but because they want to create their reality better. You’ve created problems in your life. Things going wrong in your relationships, with money, and anything else that goes wrong. And when you see your thoughts create that, that’s often more important for some people. So some people come to heal their illness, and some people come because they want to create their reality better. Deal with the problems you’ve created all your life.

And as your thought patterns change, reality changes. Now to understand energy again, it’s not the same as impact, which is how you measure physical things. In Newtonian physics, we can see it’s like billiard balls knocking each other along, cause leading to effect. Now with quantum mechanics these days we see it’s not all about impact it’s about energy. Waves don’t knock each other along. There’s no impact, there’s only resonance. When waves come together they create a new wave, which changes the other two waves. Everything is changing as waves blend, there’s no force. So it’s not about forcing things to happen.

To understand resonance, right now this very room is filled with all the love your higher self has for you and all the love the Goddess has for you. Your present resonance is simple how much of that love you are feeling. You can’t force the Goddess to love you more because the Goddess already loves you totally. So there’s no force involved. When you change, your whole reality changes. Because you allow yourself to receive more from the universe. And as your resonance changes and there’s more love coming in your whole range of possible futures changes. Because you’re creating on a higher level.

So the first thing is to understand is that you are the love of the universe in. It’s not difficult to do because there’s love everywhere. You have to let it in. You decide to love and there it is.

If you get depressed it’s OK too – you’re supposed to feel that. When you start putting love in, the other emotions come up. The numbness, the apathy, the grief, and so on. So while your pressing points, if you feel someone getting depressed and falling asleep that’s fine. Welcome it. And after it starts wearing off, remember to be enthusiastic about it.

So when someone is feeling depressed, go ‘Wonderful! Feel that!’ That’s how you be enthusiastic about it. You just really go into the apathy and feel it fully – it’s an emotion like any other emotion. When you see it in this way, emotions are just emotions, they’re not who you are: it makes no difference what you’re feeling really. If you feel anything, it’s OK. If you feel pain there, feel some anger there, feel some fear there – welcome it: it passes like everything else. It’s not difficult.

You’re not alone in this healing. Everyone’s energy is rising, even when you’re holding points. The person who is holding can also go through release. It’s not a case of healing one person and then healing someone else – when you are holding points you are also doing your own healing. It doesn’t help the other person if your are holding back emotions, because if you’re holding back emotions they will do the same. If you are releasing your emotions it will encourage them to release. All you have to do is welcome it.

You don’t have to scream and shout, but you can if you want to. But that’s not what release is. A lot of people think you have to scream to get emotions out, but you don’t, cause sometimes you scream too much and you’re not actually feeling the emotion. You’re too busy with the distraction. You have to welcome the emotion, that’s the important thing. Sometimes it’s hard to handle big grief coming out so you cry and it’s fine. Try not to have judgement of anything.

You see, judgement is what holds things in place. The first important thing is to have no judgement. However somebody’s feeling, there’s no judgement whatsoever. Whatever they’ve done. Whatever they feel, there is no judgement. It’s wonderful. We’re all God.

The thing is, this life force, this universal energy, or God, or whatever you want to call it, it experiences its whole creation. Therefore it can experience ugly there, it can experience beauty there. It’s still the same life force experiencing itself in different ways. So there are no ‘better thans’ – there’s no right and wrong here. Whether you’re in pain or fear or anger, it’s the same universal consciousness exploring different states.

So whatever you are – whatever you’re feeling – you’re still divine. So there’s no judgement on anything. So take that away first, and put some enthusiasm in and feel it. And the body will heat up, the points will heat up, and sometimes the person holding points might be in a lot more pain than the person being done. One person might be in numbness and the other might feel their points burning, while the other one is falling asleep. They make think there’s nothing happening, but the person holding points knows there is because their fingers are burning.

Remember when you first go through numbness you might not think anything is happening, but that is actually part of the process. You will be numb, then in apathy – the other emotions come up later. If the points are burning you know it’s working. Welcome that change. We will check the iris and you will see the lesions have changed.

We’re watching the change by using Iridology. Because all the different organs all show lesions. So we press the points where there are problems in the body and we can see them healing. So we will cover that as we go along as well, showing you how to find different things in the iris.

What we are going to do now is show you how to find some of the basic points.

After the burning, when it pulses, the pulse settles to 72 beats per minute. This is not your pulse or the other person’s pulse, it’s the energy, it’s a universal blueprint defining when it becomes whole, how it should be. All our cells have this memory of how you ought to be before you had any kind of problems, and the body will restructure itself by this kind of blueprint. And that happens while it’s pulsing. You get the breakdown first and then the rebuilding. So it’s not done until the pulsing stops. So you get the emotional release and then the pulsing, and you can just lie there quietly waiting for the pulsing to finish.

So a session can go on for a few hours.

During the week, we will be raising the Kundalini gently with Candali empowerments, in safe stages, so each time it’s going to get stronger. So it doesn’t blow your head off or anything. And we will get full burning by the end of it when it goes up the spine and into the head and everywhere and the body regenerates. It’s not just the body that’s changing as I pointed out, it’s changing consciousness. You will be able to create your reality more consciously.

So there are all these blocks in there affecting what we create. Now we all come in from pure awareness and create reality, and we experience it, and when we are finished with it, it goes again. We discreate it.

The trouble is, all the things we haven’t finished with are stuck inside there. They begin to reassert themselves every time you create something new. That’s why when you visualise something, you want to create something all these things start arising – they usually manifest as doubt. It tells you things haven’t worked before and that’s why it’s coming up now. So when you try to create anything all these past memories and past creations that you’ve had, how they worked before or how they didn’t work, are what’s blocking you. They manifest as emotions first or doubt. Or come up in the anger and the fear that it’s not going to work or grief about why it didn’t work and all those things, they’ll come out, too.

If you look at your emotions they’re tied to situations in some way. You were sad because something went wrong. Because love was lost or you didn’t get what you wanted, or disappointment. These are all to do with your creation as well. If you ever thought you want to create something, do it wrong before because you had wrong beliefs or something, we build more and more emotion around those problems. So therefore, all your emotional blocks are also creating how you affect your reality.

When you are totally clear, you have a thought and it just manifests – very quickly. And the important thing is to learn how to discreate the stuff you don’t want. Because creation itself is easy itself is easy. How long do you think it actually takes to manifest something by doing a visualisation?

How long do you have to visualise something for it to manifest? Thirty-three seconds. Because that’s how long it takes for the neurons in the brain to fire, before it comes to a peak – the message has gone then. If you visualise something for 33 seconds it should manifest.

If you have to do it longer you are actually working against problems. If to manifest something you think you’ve got to visualise something 5 hours a day, what kind of beliefs are you holding? So you get rid of the negativity first. Then the manifestation becomes quick and easy. When the blocks are gone, visualise for 33 seconds and it’s going to happen quite quickly.

But it’s limited by your beliefs. Your beliefs can change gradually. But if you create momentum, and you create your expectation, you get greater expectation to manifest something next time. And things get better and better and better.

So if you say, ‘tomorrow I will create a million pounds’  it might be outside of your expectation. Try as I might, I can’t get myself to believe it. So we work on the beliefs first. All the beliefs are things that were formed in the past. So as you release past memories you are also releasing past creation, which has its own level of expectation.

What actually corrects is our desire, imagination and expectation. Desire and imagination are easy, we’ve already got those. We are all born with imagination. A­nd as we start imagining things we start to desire things.

The difficult one to maintain is expectation. I can visualise it, but do I really expect it? The expectation is what we have got to build up. If I expect a million pounds I can then create it.  If I expect 100,000 pounds, then that’s all I create. So you visualise in stages according to how your expectation grows. So as I gain greater creation and manifest more things, my expectation grows and I create more and more and more. So it’s going to be a gradual process of raising up – we’re not going to jump from zero to a million. There’ll be stages in-between.

So what I am saying is visualisation to creation is quick and easy – if it takes a long time it’s your beliefs that are in the way. Rather than visualise three hours a day, let go of the negatives and visualise just 33 seconds. Because a lot of people that will visualise for hours are still in the same belief pattern, and the need to visualise for hours is revealing. What are they really going to create with those thought patterns, with those beliefs.

So maybe make a list of all the things you want to create. It’s all about creation – what we are here to do – create dreams. Make a list of all you want and spend 33 seconds a day visualising it. And gradually these things manifest.

But of course, in that process you will have lots of doubts coming up. So what you do is release those doubts. Which means you are going to spend more time discreating than creating. Because creation is easy. So if I spend 33 seconds visualising what I want to create and doubts are arising, I’ve got to go into that doubt first. So welcome the doubt and when it’s gone, tomorrow when I visualise, ‘yes, it’s going to happen’. So release that doubt.

So every time you visualise it’s going to trigger those old memories, those doubts, as past creations reassert themselves. If you take it back to the simplicity of us being creators, pure awareness does three things: it creates, it experiences and it discreates. Because we haven’t finished experiencing things we can’t discreate and it gets stuck there. Every time you create something new, these old ones reassert themselves. Simple.

So we will welcome them, feel them, and when you’ve finished feeling them you let them go – discreation. Discreation isn’t something you force. I am not saying destroy – I am saying allow it to discreate itself. When you’ve finished feeling it, it fades away cause there’s no more energy left.

What will happen when you feel anything is that there is an expansion in that situation. You don’t just feel one emotion at a time really, lots of people try to focus on one emotion but in any situation that you want to break down in life and want to get rid of you will feel emotions changing. One minute you will feel angry and then you feel frustrated then you feel tired then you feel fed up then you feel hopeless – and you will change around because they are all part of that same situation. And as you expand you feel one and then the other, until you feel the whole lot. So welcome the expansion of emotions.

Then you get to a point where you get to the edge of that creation where you are not inside it any more. You’ve felt it all and you look at the whole picture. And you realise this is entirely my creation. The energy has gone, you watch it dissipating, and it’s gone. So the process of releasing is also the process of discreating the realities you don’t want. When you go through grief in the past you will find it’s tied to something in your present that’s triggering it. It hasn’t gone away because you haven’t finished with it. You might have past pains and they keep happening. You might have a past loss of love and your present relationship looks like it will go the same way. The pains being triggered again.

So within each situation, when you go into emotion there’s a whole situation you expand into. And maybe not just one memory, but many that are similar, maybe many times you’ve been in heartbreak and as you expand into that pattern you feel all of them, and all the emotions around it: the anger, the frustrations, the loss, the crying, the giving up and the hopelessness. When you’ve felt it all, you’ve reached the edge of it, you step out of it: you’ve seen the whole thing. And you realise,  ‘this isn’t me. This is my creation.’ Now when you are in it you identified, you were stuck in those emotions. When you have expanded through it, seen the edge of the whole thing: that’s when the pain goes.

When it’s gone from that level it never comes back. Your life changes. You let it go and you can visualise something better in the future, you can create what you want.  So it’s good when you are doing this work to also remember what you want to create. Because you are actually releasing your ability as a creator. Healing isn’t just about treating a disease, it’s about healing your life, getting back to being a God – evolving into what we really can be.

We can create all our dreams. At the same time those dreams become less important because we realise this world is an illusion. We can change our lives. If it’s a dream it can be anything you want.

The things that you make real are the things that you won’t change. You find some people are good at manifesting some things but not others. Because some things are too real for them. Some people can manifest little things like a parking space in the right spot. But when they’ve got a real problem it doesn’t work. It will often be their health, it could be their job or their money, it could be their relationship. Whatever you make real is the thing you have the most difficulty changing. If you’re life is all an illusion, it should be easy to change. It’s a bit like being a little child and playing pretend games – have some more tea, here’s some more cake. You can have as much nothing as you want. And don’t get jealous of someone who’s got more nothing than you.

Life’s like that – you can create it all. But if you make it real, you get emotions stuck in place, and you can’t change it any more. So as you release different emotions that also form attachment, you recognise more and more that this is all illusion. And everything you feel that’s happened is simply because you are dreaming it.

So, then. What you focus on changes as well because you are less attached to ‘real’ things. You can still have them – because they are the icing on the cake. But it actually makes no difference if you live in poverty or wealth when it’s not real. If I say my spirituality depends on me not having it, I’m making it very real. So you can see how that doesn’t work. It doesn’t help you to be poor. It doesn’t make you more spiritual. Just like being rich doesn’t make you more spiritual. Some people think if you haven’t got the money you’re not ready for this. But that’s also an illusion. None of these things are a measure of who you are and if they are not real you can change them.

So having things is fun. Just like a child playing pretend games, you can have as much nothing as you want. But that’s not what’s real. What’s going to become more real is the love you will be finding inside, your power, your spirituality and the higher levels of enthusiasm you feel for life – that’s consciousness, that’s real. It’s material things that are not real.

The body changes also more easily when it’s not real. It’s interesting how you can limit the healing by holding onto things too much. Many years ago, I treated someone with arthritis – he had arthritis all over his body but mainly in his wrists for some reason – and the arthritis healed everywhere, but not in his wrists. He said ‘It’s not working. My wrists are still not working and that’s what I came for.’ So his wrists never actually got better, because that was the bit he was focused on. So what you put your mind on and make important, that’s what you get stuck on. When someone focuses on the physical problems alone they often forget to deal with the emotions behind them. It’s not going to change until you do.

There are many different forms of healing, and through pointholding, pressing acupressure points, while thinking ‘I’ve got a physical problem so I need to do this’ – that’s the wrong attitude. Because pointholding is about changing consciousness. When you change consciousness, the body follows. The points you are pressing release emotions. They trigger memories. If you relive the memory, then the body heals. But you can make anything physical too important if you give it the wrong attention.

So it’s good to know if you want to heal something you have to go to the emotional level, not just the physical. And if you are worried about something, go into the worry, that’s OK. Don’t make it too real and think ‘this is not working’. But it’s also OK to go into the apathy and think ‘Nothing is going to work’ – that’s a level of emotion, too. With apathy, you think nothing is going to work – it’s been there forever and is never going to change and that’s OK, welcome that. But you have to go through the emotion.

When you really feel the apathy enthusiastically, it’s changing, it’s not the same as believing it. You can welcome something without identifying it. You don’t make it real. Like when you are feeling angry, it doesn’t mean you are going to hit somebody.

You can be pressing points and person who is releasing anger might project it onto you. ‘You’re making me angry because you are pressing my points.’  Doesn’t mean you have to hit them.  It’s your anger. If you start projecting, anyway, it’s going to get silly – because it’s not you they’re angry with.

You can help by expressing verbally. When someone is going through pain you can say ‘that’s wonderful.’ But what’s more important is the attitude with which you hold someone, that also changes them. That’s why we have this attitude that they are a God. So there’s a sense of, a kind of appreciation there. So what actually makes the illusion real is seriousness. Appreciation is the answer to seriousness.

If someone is expressing all these problems I’m thinking ‘Wow – you created that so well.’ And as you say it that attitude is already loosening what’s holding onto them. So a person can talk to you about their problems, but if you are listening to them in a certain way they are already changing, because of appreciation.

You’re not giving sympathy and ‘believing’ those problems, you’re thinking ‘This is a God. You’ve created these things in great detail.’ When you have that attitude all you can hold is appreciation and enthusiasm. So the appreciation and enthusiasm come from seeing the person as God and not as limitation.

Question: will we just feel emotions, or will we remember specific things?

Different emotions also have different levels of memory. When you’re in numbness you just feel numb, you don’t know what’s in there. When you get to the grief you the feeling that something happened, but you don’t quite know what. When you’re in fear there’s more memory, because you remember what kind of things you’re afraid of.  Anger gives you a bit more complete memory because if you are angry with a person you know exactly what they did.

It’s not one-sided though. When you go to pain, you see both sides of the picture. It’s not one-sided anymore. Memory gets more complete as you go up the scale.

You don’t have to talk about what you are remembering – it’s up to you. Sometimes a person is too quiet so it’s a good idea to talk to them about what they are feeling to get things moving. On the other hand, if someone’s too noise they’re not actually feeling. So you’ve got to find a balance in-between. The important thing is to feel. And however that affects your actions, that’s OK. If you need to express yourself, or if you don’t – either way it’s OK, as long as you’re feeling.

And remember, as people process things your attitude is changing them. So, instead of ‘poor you’, say ‘wonderful, feel that!’ people can take their problems too seriously, and it’s seriousness that holds the illusion together. I’m not saying be silly about it – it’s not appropriate to laugh at them!  But you should be encouraging them by being enthusiastic. Obviously, what you say matters, but more important is the attitude inside, seeing them as God. The create it and they can change it. People come here to be healed fist. You can talk metaphysics later.

Metaphysics is part of the process, but not at the beginning. But the right attitude has to be there. The important thing is that inside yourself you are seeing them as a creator. You know they are a divine being that creates everything. It’s the appreciation that’s important.

They are as much the healer as you are. They create their own reality.  However, let’s look at what that means in terms of responsibility. Quite often New Age people don’t understand responsibility. They  say ‘it’s not my fault, it’s yours’.  That’s like if someone punches you in the nose and then says, ‘you create your own reality’. Of course there’s impact. But also, how you deal with the impact matters emotionally. Saying ‘it’s your problem’ is apathy. But if you see a problem and are in a state of enthusiasm you create an opportunity to participate in the solution. That’s when you are participating. When you are being enthusiastic and are participating, just by being enthusiastic, you’re becoming part of the solution. You’re raising their vibration, helping them.

Enthusiasm is not passive. It’s an energy. It changes things. Love isn’t just passive. You see, love doesn’t do anything unless it’s combined with will. Anyone who does magick knows that love and will are bound together. Love without will isn’t going to do anything, is it? Will is where you say I am loving you in a particular way right now. So it has to be active. And the energy you’re putting out there – enthusiasm – is like love in action, because your energy is healing them. You’re pressing points instead of sitting back and saying ‘yeah, I love you.’

So, it’s good to understand love then, isn’t it? Because a lot of people say they love you, but they are not actually showing that love. You often see it among New Age people, where they tell you some ‘home truths’ saying ‘this is for your own good’ and then they say they love you and that makes it OK. It doesn’t make it OK, though, does it?

What is love, what does it do? It creates value, it creates pleasure, it creates a sense of being known, it creates a sense of becoming more, it elevates your presence – if you’re not feeling those things it’s not love. And tearing down somebody’s self-worth and saying, ‘I love you’ is not love. It’s not the words that matter, it’s our whole understanding of it.

In pointholding the thing is to understand how to lovingly endure the pain. Because if you are open to love you don’t mind if it hurts. When you are low in enthusiasm you can’t stand the pain. When your energy’s higher you don’t mind it hurting so much. You’re not actually hurting them – you’re triggering the pain they’ve got inside them. It’s hurting so much because there’s crystals there.

Of course, if you press hard on any point it’s going to hurt, but that’s not healing. So you prod around different points and where one hurts, that’s where you’re holding. Just enough to make it hurt. Not too hard. But you are going to maintain pressure for a couple of hours, so if it’s too hard you won’t be able to hold on. There’s quite a firm pressure to maintain, because you’ve got to keep that pain in that point.

We will change though, because when the emotions start flying out we forget the pain and go into something else. It hurts at first, but the pain soon passes and you feel all the numbness and the apathy and grief and all the different emotions coming out, and you go through the memories. Then it all goes and it doesn’t hurt anymore.

So, you have to remember what love does. It gives pleasure, safety, value, a sense of being known, celebration, a sense of becoming more … the thing about love is it changes you, it makes you more. It doesn’t say don’t change, it doesn’t say you have to change, it says I love you as you are but through my love I make you more. Because when you love you change, you grow. This is why people have a problem with love. A lot of people have problems with intimacy because love changes them. They don’t have control. They know how to deal with the rubbish in their lives and all the difficult emotions, but when it comes to love they close off. A lot of people in relationships, when it gets too intimate, they shut off. Love changes you. It also brings out the shame, and quite often you close off because you don’t want the other to see your shame.

Shame is a tricky one to deal with, and we’ll talk about that more during the week. But when shame is felt, that’s often one of the most difficult ones. People numb out most under shame. When you’re in shame you produce endorphins more than 200 times stronger than morphine – because shame is really difficult to feel. So quite often people hide that away and when you get close to someone you are afraid they are going to see bits of you you don’t like, bits you’re ashamed of. That’s when you close off.

Shame is a big blockage to the flow of love. So therefore it’s the first thing to get flushed out. So when you’re pressing points and feeling unworthy and all kinds of other stuff, go feel that, too. It will pass when you’ve felt it.

Sometimes, your shame’s been given to you by someone else and it has to be given back. And the reason why many people practice abusive behaviour is they don’t want to feel their shame so get someone else to feel it for them. When someone’s tearing you down, you feel bad, and quite often they go away and they’ve given their shame to you. And that kind of shame is very difficult to forgive because you haven’t done anything.

There’s nothing to forgive. You give it back to whoever gave it to you. So when you go through shame and realise somebody’s dumped this on you, squeeze it out and give it back. And it’s not difficult to do because shame is an energy that’s been passed on and can be squeezed out .

As a little exercise, can you think of a time that shame’s been dumped on you?  Somebody shamed you in some way, put you down, made you feel bad about yourself. Close your eyes and go back there for a moment. Feel where that hits you in the body. You will feel it in some part of the body somewhere.

Now imagine you’ve got a sack and begin to squeeze it out of the body, pushing through the pores, into the sack. It feels a bit like pushing a hard-boiled egg through a sieve. So when you squeeze that back you can give it back to them and say ‘this is your shame – I’m not carrying it for you anymore’. And it will go. Only the person who created it can forgive it. If you haven’t created it there’s nothing to forgive. So sometimes if you are feeling shame it has to be given back to the person who created it.

So let me show you a few points to be getting on with.

The first one is often the STO. This point triggers the nerve supply – so you can feel everything else. Sometimes when a person is numbing out the nerve supply withdraws and it’s hard to feel any points. Sometimes a person presses reflex points, nothing hurts and they think they are healthy. But they just can’t feel. After you’ve done this point they can feel everything else.

It doesn’t mean you’re healthy if you don’t feel pain. If you look at the lesions in the iris it will tell you where it should hurt. So if you press the STO, it allows the body to feel. And then we can start moving up the scale of emotions from numbness and so on. So this is often the first point that triggers it all.

(Explains some of the other key points for pressing.)

Relationship Magick: What’s Blocking Your Intimate Relating?

Relationship MagickRelationship Magick is probably the most complex topic to deal with, as it is not just about love spells, but the complex blockages people tend to put in the way. There are so many reasons why one may not feel ready for a relationship, although he/she may crave one. I want to go over these blockages one by one, and offer solutions.

Paradoxical problems

Although this can apply to many different needs, it always seems to come up when looking for a relationship. Basically, one has conflicting needs which seem to take them in opposite directions. An example with relationships, is that you may desire the company, intimacy and love, but fear losing personal space and independence. Such paradoxes are resolved when you realize that both parts of yourself actually want the same thing but have a different understanding of how it should be achieved. I will take you through an example as I describe this solution:

Put both your hands in front of you, palm up, and imagine two small versions of yourself standing upon them. On the left is the you that avoids a relationship, on your right hand is the you that wants a relationship. Speak to them both, and listen to them give their reasons. For example, the right hand you may speak of wanting companionship, intimacy, sex, love etc. The left hand you may speak of loss of personal space and time to follow other pursuits.

You then ask them to explain further why they desire these things. The right you may speak of inner harmony and growth. The left you may end up saying the same. So you see that whether you are in a relationship or not, you are seeking a particular kind of happiness. You then ask each side what they need to work with the other. Whatever they ask, you are going to give them in meditation. Then you get the two to talk together, to discuss how a relationship is going to work, giving you intimacy as well as maintaining your boundaries, while encouraging harmony and growth. You then put your hands together and see the two joining into one

This is a very simple example you may be able to work with. We will go into it more deeply in my upcoming course Relationships & Love Magick.


Fear of intimacy

There are two main reasons we avoid intimacy: Shame and weak boundaries. When you have inner shame, you don’t want people to see it, because you fear they won’t like you. So you allow yourself to get so close, then shut off before they see who you really are. I have already written a post on shame which you can use to free yourself from this – see Healing Shame – The Hidden Root of Auto-immune Disease.

On the other hand, if your boundaries are weak, you fear losing yourself in a relationship. What you fear is oblivion. This is greater than the fear of death, as when you die you still continue in some form, but when you lose your boundaries it’s as if you won’t exist. To overcome this, take time to re-define your boundaries. List all the things you enjoy, so that even if you don’t do them for a while, you still know what you like. The problem many people have when entering a relationship is that they spend so much time with the other person they no longer do the things they used to enjoy. It is important to maintain one’s boundaries when entering a relationship, or else you will start to sabotage the intimacy.


The relationship to one’s mother

Our relationship to our parents gives us our first expectations about some important parts of life. The bread-winner, usually the father, gives us our view of how easy or difficult it is to make money. The mother gives us our first sense of love. The level of love we experienced from our mothers sets our expectations about the love we will receive later. So if you didn’t get much love as a child, guess what? you don’t really expect love later. You may seek it, but your level of expectation has a greater influence on what you receive than desire alone.

If you don’t expect to be loved, you probably give too much and don’t get much back, and this will make your partner feel unworthy or rejected because they can’t give back to you, unless, of course, you get stuck with a taker who will totally drain your resources and then leave you and move on. To heal this, we need to encounter the mother in meditation, with the presence of certain archetypes: The Old Man and Old Woman Jungian archetypes, and the animus and anima. Here the mother can be forgiven and released and a deeper sense of love gained.


Power loss

In all relationships, there is a touch of the primordial. We are attracted by the raw animal magnetism, as well as some genetic programming. If we lose power to others, our magnetism goes down, and the opposite sex is less attracted to us. You often see this in the good person who gives too much, gets drained, and then is abandoned by their partner. This most often happens within a relationship, as if one gives power away to the other, they become less attractive. The more their partner distances themselves, the more they try to please them to win back their love, thus giving away more power and making the problem worse. If you find this happening, stop and take back your power. This will straight away change the dynamic in the relationship.

See Take Back Your Power free ecourse.


Mating: The genetic imperative

The next important point I would like to make is different for men and women. When men fail to find a mate, it’s their approach that is weak (see Feeling Comfortable with your Sexuality below). When women have problems with relationships, it’s because their filters are weak. To explain; as I mentioned above, there is a strong primordial element in mating. Women are genetically programmed to seek the alpha male. Every species has a way of testing the males. For example, flies do something called bumping. The females bump into the males to see how strong and stable they are. Humans also have tests, but are more sophisticated.

When a woman meets a man, she puts him through two layers of testing. The first tests are known as tests of compliance. Alpha men are not compliant. When the women ask the men to do something, if he obeys he shows himself to be weak. This doesn’t mean the man has to be rude and ignore her requests. A strong man will play with her rather than simply obey.

The second kind of test is the test of congruence. She will make all kinds of digs at his confidence and his manhood, which will expose any weaknesses. For a man to succeed, he must not let any of this bother him. For a woman to find and keep a worthy mate, she should not feel guilty about this behaviour. It is not being cruel, it is natural. Otherwise she will get stuck with a weak male who doesn’t fulfil her.


Feeling comfortable with your sexuality

Mirror NeuronsThe last important issue I will cover is being comfortable with one’s sexuality. This is particularly relevant for men. Often a man will feel strong sexual urges when approaching a woman, but then shut them away and make polite small talk. As we have mirror neurons, the other person tends to reciprocate what we are feeling. If we shut our sexuality away, the other person feels this, and there is no chemistry between you. The reason women seem to blow hot and cold is because the man is doing it first. Successful seduction requires the right level of sexual tension in the atmosphere. This is all down to feeling comfortable with one’s sexuality. This goes back to healing shame.


Once these basics are taken care of, magick can do the rest. There are a few empowerments I will be giving on my course, which are also available on-line. There will be a Kamadev empowerment, which builds confidence and sexual magnetism, and can also be used to attract a specific person. There will also be an erotic Javanese magick empowerment which strengthens one’s sexual energy and magnetism. This empowerment will also flush out and clear all blockages to love and sexuality. Then there will be a Vodou ritual, invoking the deity Erzulie Freda for love.


Relationship Magick – Taking it further

Check out my new course Relationships & Love Magick on 19-20 November in Devon, UK.

The Tantric path can be a powerful exploration, also helpful in healing relationships. My Tantra offerings include:

Sexual Healing Workshop in The Netherlands in January

Tantric Empowerments which can be given remotely, see Aghora Empowerments

My articles on Tantric Healing.

Living an Empowered Life

God VibrationListen here to the second half of the talk I gave on the second day of my Body Electronics Ultimate Healing Course in 2015. Part 1 can be found here: Growth through Crisis. This talk covers many areas including:

  • How to live an empowered life
  • Impact vs resonance
  • The process of creation


You can listen to the talk here (65 mins):


D0wnload the talk here.
Below are some brief notes which may help if you wish to re-listen to specific parts of the talk:


Empowered Life

Being an adult – do we need permission?

Empowerment measured by 2 things – permission & authority – only need our own permission, not a child anymore. We are author of our own life.

Not empowered if blaming others or not taking responsibility for our impact – as not in control of my life – still defective patterns so feel shame.

Need to be emotionally adult.

How does a child get stuck?

If child doesn’t get what it wants – digs in heels and get stuck. Child seeks perfect Love.

Easiest thing is to go back in meditation and give your child what it needs – perfect love in whatever form. Then child will let you grow up.

Adolescent needs to be right –wants perfect understanding – will never give in – will die for cause – martyrhood.

Martyrhood – misunderstood, unappreciated and overburdened.

Why do we do things if they’re unappreciated – because of silent & righteous anger – we’re trying to punish someone – e.g. God – he’ll be punished in the future

God doesn’t reward when good and punish when bad – we are all God.

Deserving is a false issue.

The reality you create is a product of your willingness to have it – don’t need to deserve it, just willing.

Don’t need to be good – bad people can create too!

Idea of good and bad takes us away from conscience – when we feel something is bad we don’t do it again.

Stop being a martyr – find who you want to punish, then forgive the anger.

Anger hides:

Guilt is anger you don’t have a right to have

Worry is future guilt

People worry about the government – they worry because they will feel guilty later if didn’t do anything about the situation. It’s usually the emotions that will bother you, not what actually happens

It’s always you, not others, who is creating your future.


Impact vs Resonance

Standing waveMeasure the world by Resonance not impact

17.50 How resonance works – many waves combining to produce standing wave pattern. Need to know what resonance to change in order to produce our desired standing wave pattern.

The futures that we pay attention to are the ones that grow.

Our current resonance is created by all the various futures we are projecting via double quantum waves. To understand which ones, we are focussing on, need to do self-reflection to find our underlying intention.

24.10 Self-reflection – 4 components – Attention, Intention, Action, Image

Go through convoluted layers to find what you really want.

29.30 Learn how to forgive our own shame and heal our anger so doesn’t turn to guilt.

Healing is more than just not being sick.

To heal a serious disease, you need to want to live – to live an empowered life – constantly creating what you want.

32.00 pattern with breast cancer – Thyroid low because of low expectation so we run more on adrenaline and dump oestrogen into fatty breast tissues. Lost your vision, expect life to be crap.


Process of creation

3 basic tools of creation – desire, imagination and expectation

Need to discreate thoughts that we will fail.

Practice creating – have short and long term goals aligned.

Ideal goals don’t actually happen but give inspiration.

36.30 – Process of creation

Come from source into limited 3D reality – we create space, then time – as a cushion and also to have fun

[Can grow through pain but more elegant to grow through love and joy.]

Then create past to create a backdrop to experience, create present as a playground and a future to create motivation.

To deal with this we create an ego to deal with the information – it creates a picture of it. Problem comes when ego is out of control, and the creation tools start to take over.

Stages of the ego

Future needs to motivate us

Resonance & Impact

46.34 Double slit experiment – nothing is there til you’ve observed it – it hasn’t happened

Newtonian physics is incorrect

Only difference between something and nothing is the vibrationary rate of the neutrino.

Matter behaves as you expect it to.

52.06 – Mind is misused – it’s real purpose is to act as a searchlight to reveal your potential

Matter is the curvature of time and space

People change the past to create the future they want

Time is non-linear –  Your next lifetime could be in the past!


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