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Sexual Energy & the Mystical Shree Yantra

This is Part 2 of my recent article Shamanic Healing and Magick.

Shree Yantra - the divine blueprint and a powerful healer of sexual energyI would like present here an understanding of how deeply the Shree Yantra symbol can heal, and make magickal changes in one’s life. The Shree Yantra represents the divine blueprint of creation. To the uninitiated, it is just an interesting pattern, but having gained the enlightening experience of its working during a Sadhana (ego-transcending spiritual practice) to the Mahavidya Goddess, Tripura Sundari*, it is one of the most wonderful and powerful healing tools I have in my arsenal.

*Tripura Sundari is the power of consciousness. She is one of the 10 facets of the Divine Mother, worshipped in Hinduism as 10 cosmic personalities or Mahavidyas.

The Unfolding of Human Consciousness in the Search for Enlightenment

The culminating meditation of my sadhana to Tripura Sundari had me in a deep trance, observing creation on a very abstract level. I was just over 4 hours in trance in real time, but in meditation it seemed to be eternity. I was watching the passing of the various Yugas, or Aeons, since the beginning, and in the process, understanding the development of various root emotions.

At the beginning of time, it all began with sex, between Shiva and Shakti, creating the universe. It was a dual creation, oscillating between light and dark. Sex is the foundation of our being, as we are all created out of it. Out of the sexual instinct grew family, and the social instinct, then society formed, with mankind moving forward towards enlightenment. However, this could only go so far before the pendulum swings the other way, as enlightenment basically threatens the individual existence, as the ego faces oblivion.

This fear then led mankind into competition, war, and descended into fear, hate, control, and pain. Once again, the threat of death made the pendulum swing towards the light, to form religions to guide man away from conflict, having learned compassion from pain, leading to passion, wisdom and higher intelligence. Then again, too close to enlightenment and it swings back.

This failure creates disappointment, hopelessness, cynicism, and selfishness, leading man into conflict again, but also building lust and desire for power, with separation from Oneness, causing man to explore himself becoming a god. Failure at this trapped the soul in the darkest place yet. Then the pendulum swings towards the light, and there is new hope, as it is going to get better.

The sense of cycles ends the fear of oblivion, and hope deepens. Now spirituality grows with a deep sense of eternity, giving us a glimpse of being god, and a real purpose. When the next pendulum swing happens and this is lost, the only word that sums it up is… WHAT??? It is such a shock that a deep sense of purpose vanishes, when it was just another swing of the pendulum, and there is no purpose after all.

With each swing, new elements are learned, the emotions becoming greater, and the disappointment greater, while at the same time one’s sense of eternity grows. It goes from an OH, NOOOO, to an ecstatic YES!!!, and vanishes time and time again. There is a point when experiencing eternity when nothing matters, as it will all change again, and you wait for the endless cycle to end, when the two opposites finally annihilate each other.

It is when the emotion has been stilled that wisdom comes, and Tripura Sundari gives the Shree Yantra, as an answer to this hopeless cycle. It is basically an energy pattern that takes control of the pendulum swing, and makes something beautiful and eternal out of it.

Orgasm as the Key to Life

The important key is orgasm. Those who have really amazing sex will realize that orgasm contains all these opposite elements: There is lust, power, tension, anger, excitement, hope, wonder, love, closeness to death, and a big NO before the huge YES which takes one into ecstasy, beauty and peace. This experience gives us our first sense of what enlightenment is like.

Tripura Sundari, being the last of the Mahavidyas, perfects the sex that started everything. Lust gives promise of ecstasy if there is surrender. This brings power, beauty, love, wonder, gratitude, oneness and the drive for more. This brings ever greater orgasm, which then continually expands the lust, surrender, love, beauty, etc. This goes higher and higher and never stops. Beyond the physical form, this becomes enlightenment, which is the continual expansion of consciousness to higher and higher levels of power, love and bliss.

Proper healing with the Shree Yantra perfects the sexual energy, which is the root of our life force. This is so damaged by all the shame and negative conditioning from the dark eras when religions had lost their way. A healthy life force is able to sustain amazing orgasm, which strengthens motivation and will to live. Healing the root first then leads to all the higher chakras developing.

The Shree Yantra as a Magnet for Wealth & Abundance

After sexual development, there is social power, which leads to wealth. Abundance depends on one’s animal magnetism and social power. The Shree yantra is renowned for drawing wealth. It also ends the loop of continually falling back into despair and loss, and brings purpose to ones life. When you lose your successes, you are often asked why you are creating that, but it is not always your creation; it is simply the pendulum of creation swinging the other way, because you have not yet taken control. In other words, you are not yet enlightened, so don’t give yourself a hard time. It can all be put right by the intelligent use of the Shree Yantra.

Healing Sexual Energy with the Shree Yantra

It generally requires the enlightenment and understanding of the sadhana to cause these changes, but the beauty of diksha (the passing of power and the seed of enlightenment from master to pupil) is that it can then be passed on to benefit others. I give the healing and empowerment of the Shree yantra to heal the sexual energy at its deepest level, and from there lead the life force to grow to perfection. It restores the body and soul to its perfect structure and takes about an hour to confer. You can find details of the Shree Yantra Empowerment here. I will also be starting the Body Electronics – Ultimate Healing course with this empowerment, to heal from the base and then move upward. Please Contact me if you would like to arrange a diksha or are interested in the Ultimate Healing Course.

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  1. Thank you Peter, This post is truly an inspiration. It has ignited an even deeper passion for the possible within me. A Shree Yantra will soon be auspiciously placed in our love temple.



  2. HI Aziz, I’m very interested to your courses, I have the desire to take A.S.A.P. but I can’t travel unless next November 2013. So I like you give to me know what I can do for the introduction to your course before the attending period. I’m ready to face any fee you charge me. For sure I want to prepare before I come to UK for the class.

    Upon that I have erectile dysfunction and infertility issue since 7 to 9 months now. I need your assistance.
    I had a severe pain originating from my rectum tail bone area that irradiate to my both side like in the cocxofemoral that render my walking very difficult ( tearing pain ). I am taking now some remedies that help me a lot.


    1. Hi. its probably best to start from part 4, when we begin the Shamanic journeying. We can do some distant healing on your problem in the meantime. It would be good to clear such problems before you travel.

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