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Sexual Attraction: The do’s and don’ts

sexual attractionI receive many enquiries about whether one can attract one’s life partner in one session, become an irresistible chick-magnet in one empowerment, or go from total failure in love to being the most loved person in the world through one spell. I want to explain why that is not practical and what is actually required to make such changes.


The Pull of Raw Power

First of all, attraction is not a rational process. It comes from our animal instincts. We are genetically programmed to seek the alpha. What this looks like differs in men and women, but it comes down to raw power. You will not be putting out that alpha vibe if your power has been damaged or given away. The first step therefore is to learn to claim your power. (See my free course:Take Back Your Power).

When power has been reclaimed, its first manifestation is through confidence. This is singularly the most important quality for a man. It is the subtle signs of confidence revealed through body language that create the animal attraction. Insecurity is the biggest turn off. Take any positive quality and add insecurity and it becomes a negative. A sexual vibe with insecurity becomes creepy. Intelligence with insecurity becomes nerdy. It is essential to heal insecurity and build confidence. This is most effectively done by taking power back from where it has been lost. Confidence is natural when the solar plexus is fully empowered. Security comes with a healthy base chakra.

The alpha male also has vision. This shows in body language, by a firm upright stance with the gaze focused ahead into the distance. This is another subtle attractive body language. This comes naturally through a healthy adolescence, when we naturally rebel to find our own wills and form our dreams for our futures. A man with no vision has no drive, and so the sexual magnetism is lacking. When our natural rebellion has been crushed, or we missed out on a normal adolescence by being burdened with responsibility too early, this basic drive is missing. This is another case where power needs to be taken back from those who blocked or burdened you, but soul retrieval may also be needed. The soul enters in stages. The adolescent rebellion is when the fiery part enters. In some cases, this may not have come in, as there was no space to accommodate it. When this is brought in, vision, drive and will are established. These are sexy qualities.


Seduction and Confidence

Secondly, seduction is natural and easy, but there is a lot of conditioning that makes it hard, that causes unnatural behaviour that sabotages this simple, natural process. If it wasn’t so easy we wouldn’t be here, as the success of the mating process can’t skip even one generation. So nature has basically made it easy to get laid. The problem is, when people lose touch with the simple responses, their confidence diminishes and the belief that it is hard gets stronger and stronger.

This is something that gets missed in all the dating and pick up artist courses. I have seen many men coming out from the latest course, trying out their new chat-up techniques, and getting slapped down harder each time. If a man’s energy is predatory, it is easily felt by women. The problem is, the more their confidence is knocked down, the harder they try, and the more predatory they become. And yet most people are out there forming relationships without effort. It happens naturally when there is no negative belief in the way.


The Bonding Process

So let’s look at how the process works: First, there is an attraction that has come entirely though body language. The more confident you are, the better. There is a natural filtering process designed to weed out the weaker males, that females of every species do. In humans it is through simple tests; first tests of compliance, then of congruence. The alpha male is not compliant, so when you do everything asked of you, you are failing. Tests of congruence usually involve little digs at your manhood, to see if your confidence is real. If you crumble, you will be seen as weak. If it all passes over your head, you succeed.

Secondly, once you begin to talk, bonding starts superficially. You talk about very superficial things, which leads you to discover simple qualities you share. As bonding naturally deepens you share emotional topics. This may be simple emotional memories about pets you had etc. The sharing of common emotion causes deeper bonding. Note that you can’t bond with a lie. There is no benefit to making up stories, as without real emotion there is no bonding. Trying too hard out of negative belief sabotages this process. At this stage of bonding, one’s mirror neutrons start to work. You start to feel the same feelings as the person you are with. Then sexual feelings start to flow. The bonding process has shifted from being light, to emotionally deep, then lightens up again but becomes flirtatious and sexual. As you get closer, it is natural to fall in love.


What goes wrong?

Now let’s look at what goes wrong. First, lack of confidence weakens the initial attraction. For men, their approach is important. Low confidence means weak approach. Women have problems when their filters are weak. As their self-esteem is low, they don’t do the natural filtering which ensures they get the positive male. Secondly, when one uses artificial chat up lines, there is no emotional bonding.

Thirdly, if one is not comfortable with one’s own sexuality, this will be transferred to the other person through the mirror neurones, so all sexual feelings vanish. Men often complain about women blowing hot and cold, but it’s usually because they are doing it first. They often have sexual motivation when approaching a woman, then close it down when they start talking because they are afraid to show it too soon. This is conveyed to her through the mirror neurones, and she closes off. If you allow your sexuality to flow confidently, but without insensitivity, impatience or neediness, the mirror neurones work for you, not against you.


Steps to Seduction Success

So how do we make the change to the simple successful dynamic? Step one, take your power back. Allow natural confidence to grow. Then we can start enhancing our natural sexual attraction through some tantric empowerments. There are empowerments that create confidence, as well as increase sexual attraction, and Vishakaran empowerments that allow you to attract a specific person. These work naturally with the principles outlined above, so you change your natural flow, and attract your mates confidently and easily.

To make it easier, I have just finished recording a course on sexual healing and relationships, which will take you through building power, removing shame, and several powerful tantric attunements for increasing confidence, magnetism, and for attracting a specific person. I’ll announce its release via my newsletter once it’s available online.

I will also be giving out a few free empowerments with coming newsletters. This will start with a gentle kundalini awakening to bring your energy up to scratch, then the orgasmic touch empowerment.

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